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After my talk with Eltia, I spent a pleasant time chatting with Fara.

When I heard about her daily routine, I could not hide my surprise at how busy she was.

Fara looked at me and said with a smile, "

"I've gotten used to it.

Besides, there are times when it's more fun than you might think."

"Still, I think it's great.


Fara was very knowledgeable about the culture, etiquette, and history of both the Renalute and the Empire.

I can do a lot of things now that I have my memories back from my previous life.

Fara has absorbed a lot of things without any background and already speaks and acts as well as an adult.

I felt that she was a true genius.

I had a peaceful time for the first time in a long time.

It was tough even before I came to Renalute from Bardia, but it was even tougher after I got here.

Norris, Rutherford, and others had been in a state of fury, I think.

Thinking of these things, I enjoyed chatting with Fara.

After a while, a soldier outside the room called out to me.

"Excuse me, sir.

There is a knight from the Bardia knighthood, Miss Deanna, here to see you.


"Yes, please.


Fara let Deanna through as soon as she heard that she was there.

When Deanna entered the room, she was replaced by Nels.

When Nels switched places with her, he said in a voice only Deanna could hear:

'Did you properly enjoy your date with Rubens"


haha, Nels.

I don't like that about you."

Nels smiled and bowed to us and left the room first.

I smiled at Deanna and said, "

'Welcome back, how was it"

I smiled at her and left the room before she could leave.

I'm not very impressed," Deanna muttered in dismay at my comment.

I felt like I was misunderstood.

I told her with a dubious look on my face.

"I was asking about the castle town and souvenirs."

, "Oh,......⁉ I'm sorry.

The castle town is a very nice place , and I have also delivered the souvenirs for Nanalee and Meldie to the guest house.

Please check it later."

Deanna was unusually shaken .

Both Fara and I watched her with a smile on our faces.

Fara was asking about how Deanna and Rubens had met and the environment in which they had grown up as childhood friends.

Deanna flinched a little at such a Fara, but spoke politely, a little shyly.

The peaceful time of the past few days passed.

After spending time with Fara and the others,  I returned to the guest house.

When   I returned, Zack told me that my father wanted to see me, and I quickly moved to the room where he was.

I knocked on the door, and after receiving an answer, I went into the room and said to my father,

" Father, you wanted to see me"

"You've come back.

Sit down and let's talk."

I sat down on the sofa, facing him across the desk.

He looked at me and said,

We've done everything we need to do diplomatically ," .

If there is nothing else, I will talk to His Majesty Elias and return to home tomorrow or the day after tomorrow.

So, Rid, what about your plans Do you still need something here"


I was lost in thought, wondering if I had forgotten anything.

I think I've done what I need to do, such as the marriage with Farah and the lute grass.

If anything go wrong, Chris has set up a business channel, so we'll be able to handle it.

I nodded and said to my father,


I've done everything I wanted to to here "

" I will tell you something else first.

I am going to go to the capital as soon as WE return to Bardia.

I'm sure it will be fine, but it will be: troublesome if the nobles in the imperial capital make a fuss."

The nobles of the Imperial City, huh

I am grateful in a way because I met Fara thanks to them, right

After he had finished, I suddenly remembered and said,

"Father, I am sorry.

I don't think there is any problem, but this time, I would like to bring into the Bardia territory an engineers whom I intend to hire in the future."


That's new news to me.

Tell me how it happened."

I explained about the dwarfs , Ellen and Alex.

Father listened with interest.

Then he grinned.

 "Well done, Rid.

engineers are coveted in every domain.

We will definitely bring then to

our territory.

Tell him that I promise to support them as much as I can."

" Yes, thank you."

Father had a big smile on his face about the engineer.

Chris also said that they rarely left their own country.

Perhaps my father was also looking for them.

Then the meeting between my father and I continued for a while.


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