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Tomorrow was Friday.

Su Yunluo called the principal to ask for a leave of absence, plus a two-day weekend, which was three long days.

She didn’t have much stuff, which was enough to move.


After taking a shower, Su Yunluo went online to search for rentals.

After looking for almost an hour, she was lucky to find a one-bedroom apartment.

She immediately called the landlady and arranged to see the house tomorrow around 10:00.


At 10:00 the next day, Su Yunluo went to see the apartment along with the landlord.

The  middle-aged woman enthusiastically introduced the house to her, “Look, Miss Su, this house is facing south, the light is excellent, the furnishings and everything are complete, and the community’s security is well done.”


Su Yunluo carefully looked at the house.

The environment was indeed good.

And not far from the neighborhood were shopping malls.

It would be very convenient to buy things, and three stations by subway are not far from her place of work.

Although the rent was a little more expensive, it was still affordable.


So, Su Yunluo and the landlord signed a one-year rental contract and paid another month’s rent, and the landlord gave her the keys to the house.


After the house was settled, Su Yunluo began to move.

She returned to where she used to live and threw all the things that must be thrown away.

As for the things that the scumbag gave her, they were all valuables.

For her, she thought they should be sent out, but he should not receive them back.

Su Yunluo simply sold them all and made a small profit.


Although she didn’t have much stuff, it took Su Yunluo an entire weekend to complete the move.

Looking at the house filled with her things, Su Yunluo felt it was not bad, but she felt something was missing.

After thinking about it, she hadn’t decorated the house yet.


Su Yunluo went to the shopping street, collected some small and cute decorations, bought wallpapers, then spent another afternoon decorating the house.

She focused on her room and finally felt satisfied.


As Su Yunluo expected, Zou Jin found where she used to live not long after she moved.

Although he did not come to her this time, he tried to contact her privately.

Yet each call always disconnected, making it even more challenging to get through later.


Zou Jin realized that he had been blocked by Su Yunluo, but he didn’t give up and ran to the place she rented.

She squatted downstairs for several nights without seeing her.

Zou Jin hurriedly ran upstairs but learned from her neighbor that Su Yunluo had moved out some time ago.


Zou Jin was very discouraged, and he didn’t expect Su Yunluo, who was always weak, to move away to avoid him.

In desperation, Zou Jin had to leave temporarily and then think of ways to win her back.


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