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Rebirth of the Best Businesswoman at School Chapter 30

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Chapter 30: Pay the Bill and Close the Case!

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Jian Ai signed the document, and they had settled the matter.

However, no one knew what agreement Jian Ai and Li Qiang had reached in the interrogation room and how much financial compensation Li Qiang had given her.

Because of this incident, Teacher Li was afraid that Jian Ai would be upset, so she gave her a day off and told her to go back and readjust herself. Today was coincidentally Friday. Including the two days on the weekend, Jian Ai could rest for three days.

When they got home, the family of three sat down on the sofa in the living room.

On the way back, Wang Yunmei and Jian Yu were not in a hurry to ask what conditions Jian Ai had negotiated with Li Qiang. However, seeing Jian Ais relaxed appearance, the two of them had a rough estimate in their hearts. It seemed that Li Qiangs offer was not low.

Jian Ai had no intention of keeping them in suspense. As her mother and brother watched, Jian Ai took a check out of her school uniform pocket and slapped it on the table.

“What is this”

Jian Yu had never seen a check before. Seeing his sister take out a piece of paper, he was stunned for a moment before asking.

Jian Ai smiled. “A check!”

Wang Yunmei picked up the check. When she saw the row of zeros on it, she felt her brain buzz and instantly lost the ability to react.

This was… one hundred thousand

Or… a million

“Mom” Jian Yu called out. He didnt know what his mothers expression meant.

“Xiao Ai, he… he gave you a million yuan” Wang Yunmei was so shocked that her lips were trembling. Luckily, she was holding a check in her hand. If she saw a million yuan in cash, she would probably faint on the spot.

“How much is it One… one million” Jian Yu exclaimed. His handsome face was full of disbelief as he looked at his mother and then at his sister.

Jian Ai was the only one who was calm and composed. She calmly smiled and said, “He offered a hundred thousand yuan, but I didnt agree. I want this one million yuan.”

Wang Yunmei and Jian Yu were speechless. They looked at each other and then at Jian Ai. They didnt know where Jian Ai got the courage to ask for a million dollars from someone she had never met before.

The most shocking thing was that the other party gave it to her!

Wang Yunmei couldnt snap out of her daze for a long time. If it were her, not to mention a hundred thousand yuan, but even fifty thousand yuan would be a considerable temptation to her. To her family, tens of thousands of yuan was extremely precious. At least it would guarantee her daughters school fees.

However, her daughter was not satisfied with a hundred thousand yuan, but she even made the other party willingly fork out a million yuan. That was ten times the amount!

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“Xiao Ai… are we breaking the law”

Wang Yunmei had never seen so much money before, so she couldnt help but feel uncertain. Jian Yu also swallowed nervously. Everything seemed so unreal, like a dream. In the blink of an eye, their family had one million yuan!

Then, Jian Ai reached out to hold her mothers left hand and her brothers right hand. She said gently, “Brother, Mom, dont worry. This is normal financial compensation. They have to pay the price if they want to make it private. If they cant satisfy my conditions, the victim, then Li Yunmei will have to go to jail. Therefore, everything has to be done accordingly. Moreover, this agreement was reached at the police station. It is completely legal. You really dont have to worry. This one million yuan is now ours!”

Hearing Jian Ais words, Wang Yunmei and Jian Yu nodded their heads in a daze, thinking that what she said made sense.


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