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He was in such a deep sleep so I tugged on him a bit harder, but the wolf didn’t wake up and just snored.


Fortunately, Cecilia came into the room just in time, as if she didn’t wake up much earlier than usual.

“Are you up already”

“Yeah! No wonder I felt so good! I woke up! Good morning, Cecilia.”

“I’m glad you’re in a good mood.

You never know.

It’s a good thing I came early, just in case.”

“What are we doing today”

The only time Ceccilia came into the room earlier than usual was when I had a schedule.

“Yes, I’ve organized the presents, but I think there’s something you need to see.

I think you have to decide what to do with the dolls given by Master Allen.”

“Uh… I see.”

“So I’ll hurry up a little today.

Didn’t your mom wake up”

“Yeah! But don’t worry.

She’ll wake up soon.”

At that time, Cecilia’s face hardened as she quietly looked at the bed.

“My Lady.”


“Did you get a puppy doll”

Cecilia’s eyes turned round as if surprised to see the puppy on the bed.

“Uh… No.”

“So…That thing… What is that”

” A puppy!”

“Puppy… Did you get a present yesterday”

“No, I didn’t get it as a gift!”

“Oh my god… Where did that come from Did you even wash it Oh, my.

Your feet are dirty, too.”

His fur was fine, but perhaps because he lived outside, the silver wolf’s feet were covered with firewood.

Looking at it, the face of Cecilia naturally hardened.

“Y… You slept in bed with that dirty dog!”

Cecilia, who seemed to be very shocked and had a contemplated expression, rolled the silver wolf lying in bed with a blanket.

“I’ll go wash up.”

“Huh Are you going to wash up”


I don’t even know how it got into this place… To raise this, I have to get permission from His Highness.”

“It’s just a dog.”

When I tilted my head, Cecilia nodded with a serious look.


It might be dangerous.”

While saying that, she opened the door with a silver wolf rolled up in the blanket.

Then, several maids were brought into the room.

“Wash this right away.

I’ll go and tell His Highness.”

“Is it a dog”


It’s dirty, so be careful.”

The maids busily grabbed the silver wolf and headed to the bathroom.

“I’m sorry.

Are you okay”

Seeing the silver wolf not wake up, I had a worried expression.

However, how deeply he fell into a sleep, the wolf did not easily wake up to the actions of the maids who really treated him as a dog and carried him.

Feeling anxious, I followed him to the bathroom.

Warm water was poured onto the wolf’s body, which was rolled up in a single blanket.

As if they were proficient in this, the maids began to foam and wash the wolf clean.

“My Lady, you don’t have to worry.

I’m used to this kind of thing.”

And they smiled and nodded, perhaps because they noticed that I was looking at them.

“Uh… Uh… Uh…”

They, who turned favorable to me in a few days, washed the wolf at a tremendous speed so that I wouldn’t worry.

“The dog must have been very tired.

They usually wake up with just water.”


I was tired yesterday, so I should have known from the beginning.

It was even questionable whether it was possible to not wake up like that.

Meanwhile, the door suddenly opened and the Grand Duke entered the room.


Somehow his voice was more serious than usual.

With a hard voice that I had rarely heard, I rushed out of the bathroom and approached him.

“Huh Did you call me”

“I heard that you were suddenly attacked by a dog.

Are you okay Where did you get hurt”

“Dogs I wasn’t attacked by a dog.

It’s just… the dog and I want to live together.”

“Is that so”

He frowned and looked at Cecilia, who had been following him.

Somehow Cecilia looked unhappy.

She even mumbled as if she hadn’t said anything like that.


I’m glad you weren’t attacked, but where did the dog come from”

Just in time, the maids, who were washing wolves at the speed of light, came out with the wolf, which had been roughly dried with towels.


“Is this the dog…”

The Grand Duke, who seemed to be showing a vicious aura, hardened his face as soon as he saw the dog.

“…Everyone, leave.”


“Leave the dog here.”

The maids, who were passionately drying the fur, put the wolf down on a nearby table and went outside.

I was afraid the wolf might get kicked out.

I hurriedly hugged the wolf.

When everyone in the room left, the Grand Duke quietly looked down at the wolf in my arms.

“Are you going to tame the silver wolf”


“No one has ever done it.

That’s the same with me.

But how did that happen”

“Huh It’s because… I gave him food”


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