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Mingzhu stopped in her tracks.

The pot fell right in front of Mingzhu and shattered to pieces on the ground.

Mingzhu looked at the fragments on the ground and let out a huge sigh.

These people were ruthless.

She didnt say anything to anyone, yet they already got wind of it and wanted to silence her.

Ye Tianxin walked up and tapped Mingzhus shoulder lightly.


“Ye Tianxin, isnt it a pity that I did not die in front of you” Mingzhu turned around to face Ye Tianxin.

“Ye Tianxin, you know who am I but chose to let me off.

Youre using someone else to get rid of me.

How clever.”

Ye Tianxin was shocked at how Mingzhu had turned out.

Suddenly, she felt sad for Yan Shanyue.

How would she feel when she knew that her daughter was still alive

If she knew how wayward her daughter had turned out, would she be shocked and sad as well

She would definitely be disappointed.

No mother would forsake her child in this world.

“Mingzhu, you are working with the demon.”

Mingzhu stepped on the clay fragments, shattering them into smaller pieces.

“Youre wrong, Ye Tianxin.

I am the demon himself.”

Mingzhu walked into the hostel and went upstairs without turning back.

She did not die in the past, and she wouldnt die now either.

She wanted to be in control of her own destiny.

Whoever wanted to kill her would go to hell with her too.

Ye Tianxin sighed helplessly.

Would Mingzhu become a loving daughter to Yan Shanyue in future

Ye Tianxin turned around and saw Lu Qingxin standing at a distance.

She was wearing a chiffon skirt and a black leather jacket, with a paper bag in her hand.

“Isnt Ms.

Lu overseas Have you forgotten what I said”

Lu Qingxin was smiling.

The fine wrinkles at the corner of her eyes were clearly visible.

Ye Tianxin looked at Lu Qingxin and felt pity for her.

How could a young lady have wrinkles at this age


Ye, I came here to apologize to you.”

Lu Qingxin had deliberately found time to visit Ye Tianxin to apologize to her as soon as returned to her normal self.

Lu Qingxin lowered her upper body and gave a slight bow.

“Im sorry.

I was the one who was behind the wheel and knocked Grandma down.

I was jealous of you.

You are just a girl from the countryside, yet you have the backing of Young Master Li.

Also you have influential parents, Xie Xuning and Ye Linlang.

I did all those things in anger.


Ye, I know that Ive caused you much grief and hurt in the past.

No words can express my remorse.

I will give myself up to the police.”

Ye Tianxin was on her guard the minute Lu Qingxin appeared.

Her sudden arrival was definitely not good news.

Ye Tianxins lips curled into a smile.

“Are you sure you will surrender, Ms.

Lu Dont you want to be with your son”

Lu Qingxin did not seem surprised that Ye Tianxin knew that she had given birth to her son.


Ye, how can I not want to be with my son I just didnt want my son to be born in prison back then.

Thats why I ran away to another country.

I am a mother now, and I need to be a good role model.

I also want my son to grow up to be an upright person.”

“Tianxin, are you all right”

Gu Yancheng had learned from his men who were following Lu Qingxin that she had gone to the Capital University to look for Ye Tianxin.

Worried, he had rushed to the scene.

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