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Yu Huang saw that Sheng Xiao was a little hesitant when he said that.

She suddenly said, “Is there anything else you havent told me”

Sheng Xiao frowned.

He said, “The historian who wrote about the War of Freedom was a Grand Master called Xiaoyao.

This Grand Master wrote an autobiography when he was old.

When I was in my teens, I would occasionally slack off and read some books about gossip.

I saw Grand Master Xiaoyaos doubts about the War of Freedom in the autobiography.”

Sheng Xiao leaned close to Yu Huangs ear and lowered his voice.

“He suspected that the powerful demon beast race was defeated in the War of Freedom not because the demon beast race was weak, but because the Fire Unicorn fell in love with Prime Master Goldfeather and was poisoned by him.

His spiritual power was suppressed during the battle, so he died miserably.”

Yu Huang instantly became shocked.

“Why would Prime Master Goldfeather do such a thing”

“Of course, this is only Grand Master Xiaoyaos guess.”

At this moment, the clownfish continued, “A few days ago, I heard from the Pixiu Demon who came to fertilize the Blood Goat Milk Fruit that the aura of the Lord of the Ten Thousand Demons has awakened again.

Now, the demon beasts suspect that the Lord of the Ten Thousand Demons has revived.

They are all searching for the whereabouts of the Master of the Ten Thousand Demons.

They want to find him and…”

The clownfish chuckled and said, “The demon beast race and the cultivation world are going to fight again!”

Yu Huang muttered, “So this is what the Pixiu Demon was talking about with Senior She Ying.”

Sheng Xiao said, “We have to report this to the Alliance.”

Now, the heavens were hiding in the dark and preparing to revive.

The demon beasts were also eyeing them covetously.

The Holy Spirit Continent, which had been peaceful for nearly ten thousand years, was really about to fall into chaos.

After getting the clues he wanted, Sheng Xiao picked all the Blood Goat Milk Fruits as agreed.

Then, he left the forest with Yu Huang and returned to the Holy Spirit Academy.

Tonight, it was Dean Di Ruofeng who was on duty.

He stood on the city wall of the academy.

When he saw Yu Huang and Sheng Xiao rushing back, he narrowed his eyes and stared at their serious faces.

He said angrily, “Why are you so tense Arent you happy that youre on break”


Di,” Sheng Xiao said.

“The Master of the Ten Thousand Demons might have revived.”

Di Ruofeng was stunned when he heard this.

He thought about it carefully before remembering who the Lord of the Ten Thousand Demons was.

“Are you talking about the Fire Unicorn, the Lord of the Ten Thousand Demons, who reigned supreme over the entire Holy Spirit Continent ten thousand years ago”

The two of them hurriedly conveyed the news they had obtained from the Blood Fish Clan to Di Ruofeng.

After knowing that they had heard this news from the Blood Fish Clan, Di Ruofeng sighed and said, “The Blood Fish Clansmen are the oldest creatures on the Holy Spirit Continent.

They usually wont interact with humans, but this race is famous for being knowledgeable.

If this news comes from their mouths, its most likely true.”

“Now, we havent found the hiding place of the heavens.

If he successfully revives, we will definitely face a calamity.

If the Lord of the Ten Thousand Demons really awakens at this moment and leads the demon race to attack our three races, it will be another fierce battle.”

Di Ruofeng sighed sadly.

“Why are all the bad things happening together”

Sheng Xiao said, “Thats not the worst.”

Di Ruofeng looked up at him.

“Theres something even worse”

Sheng Xiao said, “If the heavens cooperate with the Lord of the Ten Thousand Demons, we will really have no way out.”

Di Ruofeng felt despair.

“I have to report this news immediately!”

Sheng Xiao muttered as he watched Di Ruofeng leave in a hurry, “I hope the news of the Lord of the Ten Thousand Demons revival is fake.”

“I think this is most likely true.” When Yu Huang thought of what Senior She Ying had said to her in the fox cave, she felt that this matter couldnt be fake.

She Ying was a super demon beast, a powerhouse of the demon beast race.

Even she was tempted, which meant that the Lord of the Ten Thousand Demons had really awakened.

Holy Spirit Academy, back mountain.

Feng Yuncheng and Xiao Shu carried two buckets of fertilizer to the vegetable garden at the back of the mountain.

Feng Yuncheng saw twenty to thirty small buds appear around the Ghost-Wrapping Flower.

He squatted down and stroked the bud lovingly.

He said gently, “Little fellows, grow up quickly.

When you grow up, we will have vegetables to eat.”

Upon hearing this, the round and cute flower bud suddenly split into two.

A mouthful of blood-red teeth appeared, as if it was about to bite Feng Yunchengs finger.

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