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Chapter 403 – The Beauty of the Cities in the Holographic Game LVI

by BobaTeaTranslations 

The people on the forum shouted for a long time, and finally an insider came forward.

“On the side of the auction, it was……calm.”

Just as the player said, the auction site was really calm, the wind was about to fill the building, and the mountain rain was not yet here.

The auction for the soul was still going on.

It was like the episode of the video hadn’t been seen yet.

The players on the scene were ready to move.

They even looked up, hoping to see what kind of state the characters in the center were in the room above the hundred stories.

During the tense and orderly process of raising the cards, many people wondered whether they were busy bidding and had no interest in watching the videos.

The camera on the screen switched among the three people according to the rhythm of the price bidding.

Compared with the hot and lively situation just now, the only change was the atmosphere between them.

Even the most emotional Prince Long’s eyebrows and eyes sank.

When he heard the exaggerated price jump, he slightly lifted his eyelids and gave the signer a hint with his eyes.

The price had risen up to one billion yuan.

The signer hesitated for a moment, and saw Prince Long standing up from his chair.

He immediately shook his hand, thinking that he was going to urge him.

He quickly raised the signboard and was held down by him.

“No need anymore.” He said.

In Mobei Eagle’s room, as soon as he raised his hand, the vice president shouted, “President, it’s too much if we continue on.”

“It’s all right.

I won’t use the guild’s account.

I’ll transfer it from my account later.”

“It’s not a matter of money.

I don’t think there’s any intention to stop on that side.

This situation……is our fault in the end.

In the end, wasn’t it the game company who took advantage of it all” The other party said, “Besides, Luo Ying has already quit the guild.

Who are you giving the spirit to when you do win the bid”

For things that others couldn’t be sure of, he could naturally detect one or two points when he stayed with Mobile Eagle.

Ever since Luo Ying retired from the meeting, the chairman’s abnormal performance has increased, which makes it difficult to ignore.

Just like this auction of spirits, although there was more than one female player in the demon profession, there was no second person that could make the three presidents compete at the same time.

Who else would he auction the spirit for

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But to be honest, the person has already left.

What’s the point of entanglement in this aspect If he had known this, he would have reminded his president not to give that spirit to Liu Yan in exchange for the main task line.

Wasn’t it better to not spend a billion yuan on this thing and, instead, find a person without disputes to make a money deal in exchange for the map prop

Mobei Eagle was awakened by his words.

Suddenly, he stopped talking and fell back with heavy hands.

The auctioneer called “once” and “twice”.

Finally, he dropped the hammer for the last time, and the soul was auctioned by Duhuo.

This surprised people who thought that Mobei Eagle would eventually capture the soul.

The shape of the soul was like a diamond, and the core radiated a unique light.

It was beautiful and dazzling.

The soul was carried to the top floor and placed in front of Duhuo.

Ever since he won the auction, the camera has never left him.

Everyone’s eyes have been on him.

His fingers were as long as the artist’s hands, with a trace of unique white.

The light of his soul corresponds to his fingers.

But this doesn’t matter.

What most people cared about was——

Who would he give this soul to

Did he see that video If he saw it, why did he still auction it

Could it be that after being cheated twice in a row, he wouldn’t feel……

Under their constant conjecture, someone exclaimed.

In view of the camera, Duhuo’s hand, which was originally holding the soul, suddenly grasped it.

The soul, worth one billion gold, was crushed in his palm, turning into powder, and then, it became a string of data and disappeared.

In order to reflect its rarity, the game set the soul itself to be very fragile, and it was crushed in only in a moment.

Duhuo smiled lightly and said nothing.

He stormed out of the room under the trembling eyes of the crowd.

That sentence in the video was like a curse that couldn’t be destroyed, and it couldn’t be removed from his mind.

“I won’t, I don’t care whether they like me or not.”

After Liu Yan saw the action of Duhuo through the screen, she breathed a sigh of relief.

When she exposed Luo Ying’s identity, she was already determined to gamble.

If the other side had not attracted too many people, she would not have taken this step.

Whether it was Mobei Eagle or Zheng Yun, at the beginning, she thought that she was sure of victory, but the situation became out of control, which made her jumpy.

According to the information she got at the beginning, the role of “Luo Ying” was like a set plate, with little sense of existence.

She didn’t expect that she would become a variable.

She has encountered many variables in her tasks.

Her own existence in the world was like a butterfly, and stirring her wings will lead to incalculable consequences.

But she has never encountered such a large variable, and there would be someone more like a God than her.

No matter who she started with, she would eventually push the other people toward each other.

Hence, she took this step reluctantly.


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