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Year 1510 of the Sea Circle Calendar

East Blue

On the vast and endless sea, a medium-sized ship was anchored at this time.

On the main and auxiliary flag, an abstract skull pattern is painted.

The same flag is also hung on the mast.

It is not difficult to see that this is a pirate ship.

It's noon now, but a celebratory banquet is being held on the deck of the ship.

"Hahaha...Cheers, to return of Nami and Carina!"

"Thanks to Nami and Carina this time, we were able to get this treasure map from them without wasting a single bullet."

"Unbelievable, are you girls, really only eight years old"


The curtains was pulled in, and a group of men was sitting on the deck in circle.

In the middle of the circle, the only seat on the deck, on which sits a strong man with a height of 2.2 meters.

Wearing uncommon clothes in this era, and even for pirates, he is definitely the captain of a trendy kind.

The captain's cap on his head also has the logo of their pirate group drawn.

Next to the pirate captain's seat, there are two young girls with short orange and purple hair.

It stands to reason that such a cute little girl that falls into the hands of a group of vicious pirates, their fate is either to become a slave, be become the captain's woman when she grows up, or to become a toy for all crew members; or to be sold to those Noble who like little girls.


No one thought that these two little girls were actually members of this pirate group.

Both the captain and these crew members regard them as one of their companions.

The little girls name are Nami and Carina, they can be recognized by the entire pirate group not because they are young and cute, but because their stealing ability is comparable to that of professional thieves.

Coupled with their deceptive age and appearance, the pirates sees great value in them.

That's why Captain made an exception for Nami and Carina to be trainees on the ship.

Nami and Carina didn't let him down either.

In just two weeks, they managed to steal what he wanted the most from the enemy.

This banquet is not only celebrating the treasure map but also to celebrates Nami and Carina's membership.

Facing the approval of their 'captain' and 'companions', Nami and Carina, who were holding a juice, smiled shyly.

Seeing this, many pirates who had child, felt their hearts melted.

I believe that after this banquet is over, Nami and Carina will definitely become the group treasure on this ship.

When the banquet reached its climax, except for a few people on the boat, everyone else was already drunk.

The life of a pirate is to live at the edge of death, no one can guarantee that theye will not die tomorrow or be arrested by the navy.

So everyone will enjoy the freedom like it's their last day.

Either use alcohol to numb their brain, gamble, or find other ways to find fun, venting the fear and violence in their heart that they don't even dare to admit, for fear of being laughed at by others,

At this time, there were two pirates who had completely lost their money on gambling and came to the side of the ship to drink.

Suddenly, they seemed to have discovered something at sea in front of them.

"Hey...what is that"

"A Fishmen or a human Let me see..."

One of the pirates held a wine bottle in one hand, and the other hand took out the monocular hanging around his neck from his collar and looked forward.

Soon, he put down the monocular, and his face was flushed with drunkenness, and he couldn't help showing a wicked smile to his companion


a poor child lost at sea."

"Hehehe...it's so pitiful, let's help him!"

The companion also showed the same smirk, then the two staggered to the bow and pulled a gun cart.

then the two of them aimed the muzzle of the cannon at the 'poor child' who was lost at sea.

It can be seen that they can be either gunner on the ship or people who often do such bad things.


With the sound of the cannon being fired.

A pitch-black cannonball crossed a graceful arc in the air and landed on the sea ahead.

I don't know if it's because of drinking, or because their skill is just not good enough.

The cannonball did not hit the poor child who was lost at sea but landed on the place less than ten meters away from the child, blowing up a huge fountain, and the splashed seawater was like torrents of rain, drowning the small figure.

When the rain stopped, the 'poor child' who got lost at sea also disappeared.

"Hit, hahaha..."

The two people who were drunk did not notice the shells that were fired and deviated from the target.

Picking up the monocular, and after not finding the 'poor child' at sea, the two pirates put their arms around each other's shoulders and the wine bottle in the other and start dancing.


The two people who were dancing and celebrating did not know that their bad behavior, caused their entire sailing journey to come to an end so suddenly.

The sound of cannonballs did not alarm the others.

Because the atmosphere of the banquet at this time has entered its climax.

almost all of them fell into a state of ecstasy.

Those who were sober only glanced at them, and after realizing that it was not an enemy attack, they withdrew their gazes.


No one noticed that a figure, like a fish, quietly came under their ship.

Swish - kacha!

A white streamer, like a shooting star rising into the sky, flashed through the middle of the pirate ship from bottom to top.

In the next second, the medium-sized ship, which was about 50 meters long, was suddenly cut in two and sank into the sea.

When sinking, looking at the smooth and straight cut of the two hulls, you can see that either the strength used is so strong or the weapon used to cut off the sailboat is so sharp.

After a while, most parts of the two heavy sailboats sank completely into the sea because of the influx of seawater into the ship, and only a small section remained out of the sea.

At this time, the murderer who split the ship in two finally appeared.

it's a wet figure, that crawl out from the sea to the parts of the ship floating at the sea, and rest for a while.

The golden sunlight shone down on him.

It was a boy with long silver hair, relatively 'young' in age and stature.

It's more like a child than a boy.

Because of the baby fat on his face hasn't faded away, he looks like Nami and Carina, only less than ten years old.

His deceptive appearance made it impossible to tell that he was the murderer who severed a medium-sized Ship about 50 meters long in the middle.


just how strong is he!



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