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"Aarara, I came here and saw such an impressive performance."

Looking at Carina in Asura form, Aokiji scratched his head and asked curiously.

"Three beautiful ladies, may I ask what is your combined ability"

"Perona, remember to protect Sister Robin after going out here to find Nii-san."

Carina ignored Aokiji but spoke to Perona next to her.

"I know."

Perona nodded vigorously, then she pulled Robin who was pale and was about to leave.

"Aarara, I still have something to say to Nico Robin, please stay here for now"

A cold wind blows along with Aokiji's words then it turned icy breath that froze everything in the paths while heading toward Carina.

With the emergence of the icy breath, the land with Aokiji as the center began to show a white freeze.

"Fire Fist—"

Just when the icy breath that froze everything was about to approach Carina and try to catch her by surprise by freezing her together with the ground.

Nami, whose head was on Carina's left side, suddenly let out a coquettish cry.

Then one of the three left arms suddenly turned into an orange-red flame, and with the push of Nami's little hand, it turned into a dazzling wave of fire, roaring towards Aokiji.

In the past three years, it has changed color, and with the blessing of Carina's monstrous physique, the temperature of the Fire Fist is no less than Ace on the Paramount War in the manga, or it's even above it.

Imagination determines the diversity of ability, while physical ability determines the power of ability, three years, no, accurately speaking for nearly four years, Carina, with her Munch-Munch Fruit ability, drank more nutritional supplements than Nami and Kuina every day, even if Kuina has become Rumble-Rumble Fruit user, the number of nutritional supplements she drinks have became equal to Carina, however, she eat still less than sea beasts than Carina every day.

With the help of the "digestion" ability of the Munch-Munch Fruit, Carina's Physique is only second only to El.

Ace's level of Physique can't be compared to Carina's at all.

With the support of Carina's endless stamina, Nami's Flame-Flame Fruit is like being add a BUFF that increases her power and battery life by 1000%.

Even Aokiji did not dare to underestimate these burning waves.

"Ice Block: Pheasant Beak—"

Concentrated ice was released and rushed forward from Aokiji's right arm as Nami did, then a massive wave of ice formed in the shape of a pheasant that froze everything in its path, and collided with the roaring fire waves.

With the loud explosion, a thick fog shrouded the whole area, when the fog dissipated, Carina and Aokiji stood still and did not move but Perona and Robin's figures has disappeared.

"Ararara, it seems that I'm careless, if I knew it earlier, I would have brought an assistant."

Seeing that the target on this trip had already left, Aokiji scratched his head in distress, but Nami's attack also allowed Aokiji to get an answer.

Nico Robin, it looks like you've found your true companion.

With this secret thought, Aokiji looked directly at Carina with his lazy side restrained and revealing a rare seriousness.

"Rumble-Rumble Fruit, Flame-Flame Fruit, and Unknown Paramecia type devil fruit who can fuse together by eating their companions, I didn't expect you to hide so deeply."

"No wonder the people above wanted you guys dead."

"Such a combination and lineup, with your potential, if you guys are allowed to go to the new world to develop, there will be another pirate with a bounty of billion Belly."

After speaking, half of Aokiji's body became ice then he said in a deep voice, "Although I don't like hitting women, I'm sorry, three beautiful young ladies, your threat is too great, I can only ask you to go to the Impel Down.


"What a lot of nonsense.

If you can do it, then go ahead!" Nami said impatiently while looking at Aokiji.

"Carina, the body dominance give it to me." Kuina, whose head is on the right of Carina, said with a poker face expression.

"No problem, I will hand over the dominance to you, you can use this body however you want.

" Karina nodded slightly, then the electric field opened immediately.

There was no slight movement from Kuina, who had the dominance of the body, however, her figure disappeared.

Seeing this scene, Aokiji hurriedly released his Observation Haki, in the next second, Aokiji's expression changed slightly, then the ice on his waist was suddenly cut.

Along with the appearance of the smooth and straight cut, Aokiji's body was sliced into two pieces and fell to the ground, shattering into several pieces.

"Fire Dragon Blast!"

Kuina, who appeared out of thin air behind Aokiji, held the Wado Ichimonji, which was covered with a layer of Armament Haki, and she did not retract her sword, but at this time, Nami controlled her arm to turn into orange flames, forming a huge fire dragon, roaring towards the shattered corpse of Aokiji on the ground.

"Ice Time Capsule!"


With the roar of the Fire Dragon, an arm stretched out from the shattered corpse, releasing a shock wave formed by the iced that collided with the Fire Dragon Blast.

The collision of ice and fire, low temperature and high temperature, once again created a large fog.

While the fog slowly dissipated, the shattered ice corpse on the ground slowly attracted each other and formed Aokiji's body.

"Fire on the left side, lightning on the right side, and unknown ability in the middle..."

Looking at the girls in Asura form through the fog, Aokiji sighed slightly.

"This is simply the Logia version of Charlotte Linlin."

"All of the mission is probably going to fail, I hope the CP agents can achieve more, and it's best to meet their captain to get more information."

As his last words fell, in Aokiji's mind, El's bounty couldn't help but appear, being able to conquer these three girls at nine-year-old and awakening the conqueror Haki, is he really just an ordinary swordsman



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