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As El raised his hand, there was a sudden violent shock in the entire island, but it did not affect any building in the entire Dressrosa.

After a while, Doflamingo and others all found that their perspective was slowly raising.

When the super tsunami approached, Dressrosa almost rose above the super tsunami, successfully escaping the super tsunami route, however, the island that is relatively close to Dressrosa, that is, an island in the path of the super tsunami, is not as lucky as the Dressrosa.

The location where the super meteorite fell is a few nautical miles away from Dressrosa, but after the super tsunami formed it arrives soon at the Dressrosa.

It is impossible to estimate the width of the super tsunami with a height of hundreds of meters, and it is not known how many kilometers it has to travel before it gradually becomes smaller and eventually disappears.

During this time, ships, and islands that are on the path of the super tsunami, if no one stops it, they only have two fates.

One, they are extremely lucky and they somehow escaped this disaster.

Two, their luck is normal and they are bound to die without doubt, but El didn't know about this, or rather, he hasn't reacted yet.

Not counting the meteorites he made from the mountains and grounds after getting his devil fruit, this was the first time he used a space-based weapon attack.

He also did not expect that the super meteorite formed by fusing a large number of meteorites, smashed from outer space to sea, would unexpectedly explode with such terrifying energy.

Before hitting the sea, the super meteorite still needs to pass through the 10,000-meter white-white sea and the 7000-meter white sea, two buffer zones, however, the result still such a terrifying super tsunami was created.

Fortunately, El's knowledge in his previous life was barely sufficient, and he chose the sea, which is a few miles away from the Dressrosa, as the landing site for the super meteorite.

Otherwise, if it hits the waters near the Kingdom of Dressrosa, the super tsunami has just formed, but it would still remove the entire Dressrosa from the map.

Even if he is a Float-Float Fruit user, he can't bring the entire Dressrosa to an altitude of more than one thousand meters in such a short period of time, by then, El will definitely be screwed.

"How is it, is meteor beautiful"

After rising for more than a thousand meters in the sky, El looked at Doflamingo and smiled.

"What do you want." Doflamingo, who had a dry throat, said in a slightly hoarse voice.

"Don't be nervous, I have no ill will towards you."

El looked up at the sky and said with a smile: "I'm here to find you for cooperation, I just made sure that our cooperation is more sincere."

Doflamingo was silent for a while but deep inside his roaring loudly, sincerity! Do you call this sincerity! This is clearly a threat!

Seeing El just wanted to scare him, Doflamingo forcibly calmed down his emotions, his face that was full of cold sweat, once again revealed a familiar evil smile while asking.

"How do you want to cooperate"

El did not answer Doflamingo, but kept his head up, staring at the blue sky without speaking.

In this regard, Doflamingo wants to take the opportunity to sneak attack on El, and cut this bastard into countless pieces.

However, the fluctuation of aura perceived by his observation Haki and the powerful life force that did not match his age, made Doflamingo don't dare to do it.

Using Armament Haki, he also knows this skill and he has talent that surpasses countless people in developing devil fruit ability, however, his Haki talent is average, he has three-type of Haki, but unfortunately, he is not proficient in all of them.

The observation Haki is not master to the level of seeing the future, the armament is not grasped to external and internal destruction, let alone the Conqueror's entanglement.

Doflamingo a former Celestial Dragon, he dared to offend the admiral, even a strong person like the fleet admiral, but he doesn't dare to offend pirates such as Kaido and a strong person like El, because these unscrupulous fellows, they have no bottom lines or principles.

So after seeing the super tsunami just now, Doflamingo didn't realize that he had already treated El as he treated Kaido.

Seeing that El did not answer his words, Doflamingo has blue veins on his forehead, but he still followed El's gaze and looked up at the sky, at the same time, there is some anxiety in his heart, he wouldn't want to throw a super meteorite a second one right

Just like Doflamingo thought, there was indeed a second meteorite in the sky, but it was not a Space-based weapon attack like the previous one, it was slowly brought down from outer space by the power of Float-Float Fruit ability.

"This is an iron Meteorite."

Controlling the iron meteorite to stop on top of their heads, El said slowly to Doflamingo: "The iron content of this iron meteorite is 80%, and a meteorite like this can be said to be countless in outer space do you understand what that means"


Hearing this, Doflamingo gasped a breath of cold air.

Looking up at the incomparably huge meteorite above his head, Doflamingo's eyes under the sunglasses were full of enthusiasm, and the corners of his mouth subconsciously grinned to the maximum: "So, you are the biggest iron tycoon in the world now and want to cooperate with me to sell iron"

"You're only half right."

The corner of El's mouth rose slightly and said: "Iron can be sold anywhere, then why should I only find you, the largest arms dealer in the underworld"

"Could it be that you..."

Doflamingo's pupils shrink while looking at El.

"Yes, I will use steel to invest in you."

El's fingers moved slightly, and a shell suddenly fell from the sky and fell in front of Doflamingo.

Looking at Doflamingo whose face became ugly because he guessed correctly, he showed a domineering smile and said.

"Give this thing to Kaido and tell him about my cooperation with you."

"If he don't give me face and doesn't let me join, then help me ask him a question, can his Fish-Fish Fruit, Model Azure Dragon block two-digit, or even a three-digit meteor strike just like now.



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