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After leaving Onigashima, El flew directly to the White Sea, an area located at an altitude of seven thousand meters.

Passing through the big hole torn open by the Float-Float Fruit ability, El sat on a jelly-like cloud, and then he looked at the moon, which could still be seen through the White-White Sea as if he was waiting for something.

A few hours later, a medium-sized floating island slowly appeared in front of El.


Before El flew to the medium-sized floating island, a blue and white lightning bolt tore apart the dark night and appeared in front of him out of thin air.

El saw the three girls who had entered the Asura form appear in front of him, then after a second they split and threw themselves into his arm, after a while, Carina raised her head and ask El with a smile.

"Hehehee, Nii-san you called us just after leaving for two days, so you brought us here on purpose, right Did the Beast pirates wrong you so we will go to war"

Nami and Kuina did not speak and there was a faint smile on their face that had completely faded away.

"Forming this alliance has been very smooth."

El touched Nami and Kuina's heads and said with a smile.

"I called you here this time because I suddenly thought something two days ago and I need your help."

"By the way, did you bring Violet here"

Nami nodded slightly and said, "Violet and Monet are in Pegasus that's parked on the island.


"Nii-san, you specifically instruct us to bring Violet over, do you need to use her devil fruit ability to find something" Carina could not help but ask curiously.


El nodded and said.

"I will use Violet's devil fruit ability to find a Devil Fruit on the island below."

"I see..." The three girls were suddenly stunned.

"Nii-san, this time is it Paramecia or Logia devil fruit" Carina immediately asked in anticipation.

As for El knowing that there is a Devil Fruit on this certain island, except for Perona who joined three years ago, and Robin who just joined not long ago, they have personally accompanied El to find Flame-Flame Fruit and witnessed him finding this devil fruit with their own eyes and El returning with Munch-Munch Fruit and Rumble-Rumble Fruit make the three girls become accustomed to it.

The Devil Fruits that can be taken seriously by El, who brought them and Violet here on purpose is definitely not an ordinary Zoan-type Devil Fruit.

If nothing else, it should be the top-level Paramecia or Logia type devil fruit and El's following words confirm her guess.

"It's Paramecia type devil fruit, and it's the same as rule type ability as mine and Perona, the name of this Devil Fruit is Paramecia-type, Millet-Millet Fruit."

"Millet-Millet Fruit" Carina raised her eyebrows and complained, "What a strange name, its ability will not be to make dumplings will it"

"you guess right."

El nodded and said: "This Millet-Millet Fruit ability is indeed to create dumplings, however, the ability of this dumpling is like one of legendary three ancient weapons, Poseidon, it's very unreasonable..."

"Any animal that eats the dumplings made by the user will become very docile and obedient, and will regard the user as its own master and obey all their orders."


Carina and Nami couldn't help gasping for breath then Carina even said in a trembling voice.

"Is this ability also effective for sea kings"

"...I don't know about this at the moment, but we can give it a try when the time comes."

Answering this question, El's tone also became somewhat uncertain, because if he remembered correctly, there are different Sea Kings.

Ordinary sea kings are no different from animals, however, some sea kings are just like humans, they can communicate freely and have wisdom beyond their race.

El is not sure if those intelligent sea kings who eat the dumplings created by the Millet-Millet Fruit user will be tamed, then if can also work on the intelligent sea kings, then it is simply an alternative ancient weapon.

The Millet-Millet Fruit's ability is just as incomprehensible as El's Float-Float Fruit's ability to lift any object permanently and sugar's Hobby-Hobby Fruit to turn countless people into dolls, and erase their existence from people's memories.

The Millet-Millet Fruit is just like the Hobby-Hobby Fruit, as long as the user has stamina they can continue to make dango or dumplings.

Therefore, the number of animals that can be tamed by the Millet-Millet Fruit user is the same as the number of dolls that sugar can make so theoretically it's infinite.

As long as the Millet-Millet Fruit is obtained, not only will a third rule-type ability appear in El's fleet, but they will also gain a power comparable to ancient weapons after space-based weapons.

When the meteor in outer space is covered by Float-Float Fruit ability and the sea king is controlled by Millet-Millet Fruit ability, then El's group will become the strongest forces in the sea, land, and Sky.

The Millet-Millet Fruit is shown in The Wano Country Arc and was eaten by Tama.

What El said to Carina and four girls before he set off was that he will bring back a solution to deal with the beasts on the island and that solution is the Millet-Millet Fruit.

However, during the few days of sailing, while trying to remember some unimportant plot that became more blurred, El suddenly woke up.

It's only 1515 and Tama only seems to only turned one year old not long ago.

At this time, the Millet-Millet Fruit has not been eaten by her and it is still hidden somewhere in Wano.

So, El specially made a phone call to Carina and asked her to bring Violet and Monet to the medium-sized floating island that he control to sneak behind while sailing on Numancia Flamingo.


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