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In a certain bar on the Main Street of the Water 7, at this time all the guests had their eyes turned white and their faces to sluggish while falling to the ground.

The owner of the Bar, Blueno, only came to Water 7 to open a Bar this year after splitting up with Rob Lucci who was going undercover in the Galley-La Company.

At this time, El was strangling his neck with one hand.

"Blueno from CP9, I remember you need to speak to use your devil fruit ability." When El's voice sounded it was mixed with the crisp sound of bone being broken.

"This guy is actually from CP9" Hearing El revealing Blueno's identity, Carina asked with a puzzled expression.

"Why did Mary Geoise's spy appear in Water 7 and it's still on the Main Street to open a bar and be the bartender"

"They were ordered to come here and look for one thing." El smiled and didn't tell to Carina and Violet that CP9 came to Water 7, to find the blueprints for the ancient weapon Pluton, likewise, El is not interested in the so-called blueprints.

Even if he gets that thing, he can't build a second ancient weapon, because the materials needed to create Pluton is an astronomical amount.

In addition to materials, he also needs the world's best shipbuilders.

If he wasn't the Float-Float Fruit user and didn't have a space-based attack, maybe he would still be somewhat interested in the Pluton blueprint.

But now, he is not even interested in stealing the Pluton blueprint, because he is not sure whether Iceburg has given Franky the blueprint of plutons now, and he is too lazy to read Iceburg's memory, to steal the Pluton blueprint and store it.

When he is interested in Pluton, he only needs to take Robin to the kingdom of Alabasta to decipher the Poneglyph that records the hiding place of Pluton, then go and just find the complete ancient weapon, pluton.

"they" Carina didn't know what El was thinking and noticed the main point of his words quickly, then she raised her eyebrows and ask again.

"That is to say, there is more than one member of CP9 on this island"

"Yes." El nodded and said.

"But these have nothing to do with us, let's take this guy devil fruit first."

"Uh-huh." Carina nodded, then threw Blueno's body into the box and skillfully seize his devil fruit.

In a short while, El's holds a devil fruit covered with a special spiral pattern.

"The fifth rule-based ability is finally here." Looking at the superhuman type, the Door-Door Fruit in his hand, El can't help but grin.

Without a doubt, the Door-Door Fruit is also one of the devil fruit that belongs to the rule type.

Even if you did not develop it after eating, you will still have unreasonable power in one aspect, which is the best definition of rule-based ability.

The Mark-Mark Fruit, Hobby-Hobby Fruit, Hollow-Hollow Fruit, Slow-Slow Fruit, Millet-Millet Fruit, and his Float-Float Fruit are all like this.

The Door-Door Fruit, once eaten, will give you the ability to open the door to the inner world.

The inner world is exactly the same as the real world except for the different colors, but people in the real world cannot see people in the inner world, but people in the inner world can see people in the real world.

The user can move in the inner world, and no matter how strong anyone's observation haki is, they cannot be perceived.

Even with Quake-Quake fruit power, they can't hurt the user of the Door-Door Fruit in the inner world, because the power of Quake-Quake fruit is only to shatter air, it can't shatter space that separates the real world and the inner world.

The Door-Door fruit user only needs to enter the inner world to move freely and as long as they do not encounter a devil fruit user that can affect the inner world, they basically can go wherever they want, and when they want to come out, they just need to open the door.

Even if it is the Impel down known as the maximum-security prison for the Door-Door fruit user, it's like their own home, they can come and go freely.

This ability is as incomprehensible as the divine power in Naruto.

However, such an unreasonable ability was ruined by Blueno, but it's also a fortunate thing that the Door-Door fruit was eaten by him, otherwise, if someone from the CP0 ate it, just the thought of someone in the inner world watching him all the time and looking for the chance to assassinate him make him shudder.

Now, that he has obtained this rule-based ability, he just needs to find a trustworthy person to eat it, then he can do a lot of things.

So, after they return with the other group, El told to Nami what his thought is.

"Eh" Hearing El's words, Nami was slightly taken aback and asked.

"Let Nojiko join us Why"

"Because she's your sister, Nami, so, I can trust her." El handed the Door-Door Fruit to Nami and said.

"This is the devil fruit we just got, its ability is very unreasonable, except for the most trusted people, I don't want to give it to others and let them eat it."

"What power does this fruit actually have that it can actually get such a high rating from you, Nii-san" Nami can't help but ask curiously.

"Its ability is very simple, that is to open a door, but it is not a normal door, but a door to the inner world..." El did not hide anything and told to Nami and the other girls about the ability of the Door-Door Fruit.

After learning about the ability of the Door-Door Fruit, Carina, who followed El to seize the devil fruit, as well as the other girls gasped.

"Hiding in the inner world and being able to travel anywhere while no one can perceive you including the person with the strongest observation haki..." Perona continues with a trembling voice: "This ability...isn't it the ultimate version of Absalom's Clear-Clear Fruit"

"The ability of the Clear-Clear Fruit is completely incomparable with it..." Robin, who was holding Tama, also looked serious at this time.

"In addition to the unreasonable inner world, the usage of this ability is also unreasonable..."

"The inner world is exactly the same as the real world and the user of the Door-Door Fruit ability is to open the door into the inner world.

So, as long as the user doesn't close the door, then other people can also enter the inner world."

"The size of ​​the inner world is as large as the real world.

This means that the Door-Door Fruit user can bring countless people into the inner world and then move secretly in the inner world to raid a certain place or a certain force."

After listening to Robin's brief analysis, Nami and the other girls who were only shocked by freely traveling in the world took another breath of air.

The Door-Door Fruit is not only a rule-based ability but also with a strategic level usage.


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