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"This is...

the famous sword...

Oto and Kogarashi!"

Tashigi was undoubtedly lucky because she was born in the weakest sea, because even if she looks very similar to Kuina, she won't be caught by the navy and chased by bounty hunters like Robin as this sea symbolizes 'peace', so she lived safely to the age of sixteen.

As a kind-hearted person, Tashigi is also a very easy person to deal with.

For example, now, Tashigi, who was forcibly abducted by El and was so frightened by him that she couldn't even speak.

At this moment, she looked at the two famous swords in front of her with bright eyes and took out the sword Encyclopedia she always carries with her to find the introduction of these two famous swords.

Seeing the two famous swords look exactly the same as in her Encyclopedia, Tashigi hands tremble slightly.

"Yes, this is Oto and Kogarashi, a sword use by the number one swordsman in the world from the previous era, Shiki the golden lion swords."

El patted Tashigi on the shoulders while speaking with a smile.

"From now on, they will be yours."

"Really" Tashigi subconsciously looked at El with a face of surprise, then she thought that she was forcibly kidnapped by El, so her cheeks bulged slightly while speaking.


I don't want it, you...

can't bribe me with a gift."

"Really" Patting Tashigi's on the shoulder again, El jokingly said.

"I will only give you one chance, if you want it in the future, I won't give it to you."

"No!!" Tashigi's stubbornness melted in an instant and she quickly picked up Oto and Kogarashi into her arms and looked at El vigilantly, then after realizing how embarrassing her behavior was, her little face flushed slightly, and she quickly made another excuse for herself and speak stubbornly.

"I can't let these two famous swords be insulted by a villain like you...

just you wait, whether it's your Black Sword, Shusui, or that woman Wado Ichimonji, I will grab it sooner or later..."

After she finished speaking, she realize that her words may anger El, so her hands that were holding the two famous swords subconsciously tightens, then she lowers her head and passed from El's side.

*Boom!* "ahh...it hurts!" As a result, just as El turned around, Tashigi bumped into the door and let out a painful cry.

Watching her holding the famous sword with one hand while rubbing her forehead with the other, El reminded her with a funny face.

"Be careful, I won't eat you."

Tashigi snorted lightly, then quickly ran back to the room she had chosen.

In response to this, El couldn't help showing the expression of 'It's so lonely in the top' while sighing.

"Another one has fallen to my clutch, it's really not difficult.."

After gaining an experience from Yamato and Shirahoshi, dealing with another pure and kind-hearted person like Tashigi became an easy thing for him.

Just by reading Tashigi's memories over the past few years and issuing the right medicine, El changed Tashigi's opinion of him.

He will only wait for Tashigi to get along with the girls for some time and realize that they are not as evil as she thinks, then he believes that she will soon be integrated into the team.


Before long, El will be a 14-year-old boy and over the past few years, he changed from someone being alone to someone with many wings on his back, with each one of them possessing their own distinctive and various attributes.

After staying for a while on the Loguetown and kidnapping Tashigi, they continue sailing towards the Cocoyashi Village.

On the way, El asked Kuina if she wanted to go back to Shimotsuki Village to visit her family.

However, she hesitated but she shook her head and finally refused, in her words, she is going to wait until her strength reaches the next level, and for the City in the Sky to travel around the world to come back and give her father a big surprise.

With the growth of her strength, she has realized that her father's strength is already standing at the peak of swordsmanship.

Although she doesn't know why such a swordsman with such a powerful strength stayed in a small village in the weakest sea to open a Dojo and accept apprentices.

However, his swordsmanship and Haki are definitely not something she can currently defeat.

According to the Armament Haki training method given to El by her father, Kuina believes that her father must have mastered the armament haki to the advanced level, the internal destruction.

Although from the beginning of this year, Kuina has often entered the Asura form and used El's armament haki to practice so she can quickly master the advanced level of armament haki.

However, her armament haki is at still the emission level.

In the battle between the top swordsmen, in addition to swordsmanship, the strength of armament haki is also one of the keys to victory.

This is what El concluded and told to Kuina after fighting with Rayleigh.

So, when her armament haki still doesn't reach the advanced level, she doesn't want to go home to visit her relatives.

The time when she goes home is the time when she proves to her father her own dream.

Just when they returned to the East Blue from the paradise in an adventurous way.

Far in the new world, Shanks and the red-haired pirates who are called the closest and the most hopeful to become the Fifth Emperor of the Sea arrived in the Kingdom of Dressrosa.

To be precise, it is in the city in the sky where its foundation is being built next to the Kingdom of Dressrosa.

After coming out of the bathroom with Carina and the other girls, El who was wearing a white bathrobe suddenly received a call from Doflamingo.

"El, something happened...

When the Den Mushi Mushi imitated Doflamingo's expression, it didn't show his familiar wicked smile, but a serious expression while telling him what happened at his side, making El's face to suddenly turn fierce and a majestic aura to inadvertently exudes from his body.


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