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On the coast of an ordinary uninhabited island in the East Blue, a ship with a pirate flag of a skull with a red nose is moored on the island.

"What happened to Captain Buggy"

"I don't know, he returned to his room with the newspaper, and he never came out, we also don't dare to disturb him."

"Speaking of which, the East blue really breeds an incredible monster with the bounty of 5,023,000,000, even before I became a pirate, I already heard about their deeds as a bounty hunter and in just a few years, they have become an existence we need to look up!"

"Yeah, I thought they would always be a bounty hunter, unexpectedly after entering the grand line they became a pirate with a bounty of more than one hundred million bellies."

"This kind of experience is really outrageous...

I don't even dare to dream about it."

"I heard that they once appeared in Loguetown, are those big pirates returning to their hometown to visit their relatives"

"I hope we don't encounter those monsters and no one provokes them, I don't want to be like those hundred thousands of people who were indirectly killed."

The discussions of the crew of buggy pirates passed through the layers of wooden walls and faintly entered into the dimly lit room, where there is a figure with a red nose sitting straight on the chair while blending in the darkness which created an impression for those people who look from behind him as an invisible.

However, with the shaking of his hands, while holding the newspaper and the tears that dripped like rain that wets the newspaper, you could notice, that this man was crying silently.

East Blue, Goa Kingdom.

On Mount Colubo, Ace, who was fifteen years old this year, caught the newspaper falling from the sky and after reading the news on the front page and second page of the newspaper, his eyes suddenly widened.


Ace! What are you doing...

Uh, hurry up, we're going to hunt!" Just then, there was a loud sound in front of him.

Taking off his from the newspaper and looking not far in front of him, there's a boy that was around 10 years old wearing a straw hat.

"Luffy, wait for me!"

After he finished speaking, Ace quickly caught up with Luffy in front of him and picked up all the newspapers that fell randomly and destroyed them.

Although Luffy is a little curious about this, he has no intention of reading the newspaper.

Just as he couldn't read and had no interest in the so-called newspaper like in the manga.

If Gloriosa had not read the newspaper aloud and stated Ace's public execution is in 6 days, Luffy might not have even known his brother is dead.

In the same way, unless someone happened to be talking about Shanks's death, or an acquaintance told Luffy about it, Luffy didn't know his guide at all who he agreed to meet in the future and return his hat has been killed.

Not only Shanks but there are also those who had a very good relationship with Luffy on The Red Hair Pirates, most of them are dead.

Even if someone is lucky enough to be alive, they don't know where they are recuperating.

On this day, Ace was very busy because he wanted to destroy the newspapers that were distributed for free and poured down like rain.

At the same time, he also asked those acquaintances who they knew not to mention or talk about Shanks's matter in front of Luffy.

After experiencing Sabo's death, Ace didn't want his younger brother to experience the pain of losing someone important for the second time at such a young age.

Therefore, Ace's way of dealing with it is if it can be concealed then he will conceal it for a day.

The best thing to do is to wait until Luffy grows up, becomes stronger, and then let him know.

At the same time, Ace also deeply remembered the name Lord of the Sky, El.

After Luffy knows everything, in the future, he presumably will have a fight with such a big pirate.

Thinking of this, in Ace's heart, there's suddenly a strong desire to become much stronger.

He doesn't want to lose another younger brother, so he must become stronger so that he can protect his most cherished family!

Like Buggy and Ace's reaction, the same happens all over the world.

Especially those members of the Roger Pirates, all of them burst into tears, especially Rayleigh, who after surviving secretly returned to the Sabaody Archipelago to recover from his serious injury, at this moment he was covered in white bandages and can't go out of bed.

In the past ten years, Shanks has traveled almost all over the four seas, the first and second half of the grand line while making friends made with countless people, in addition, there are family and friends of his crew waiting for their return.

All in all, the annihilation of the Red Hair Pirates affects not only the new world but the entire world.

However, El didn't care about that.

One week later.

After returning to Carina and Violet, El ate all the food on the small ship, but only recovered 70% of his energy, then he took the small ship moored in the White Sea and returned to East Blue while following the same route they previously travel.

During this time, while hunting marine creatures on the White Sea to solve the food problem, he also familiarizes himself with the power of his devil fruit after awakening.

I have to admit that the awakening of Devil Fruits, especially the awakening of the top-level Devil Fruits, doesn't only have a bit of improvement in the user strength.

El also finally understood why Luffy in the manga became so strong after the Gum-Gum Fruit awakened and turn to Human-Human Fruit, Model: Nika.

Although the Gum-Gum Fruit is the most special devil fruit in this world, as it is awakened, it will acquire the characteristics of the Paramecia devil fruit to affect the surroundings while also having the characteristics of the Zoan devil fruit to transform into the fruit model.

However, his Float-Float Fruit, as a rule-type ability that is even rarer than the logia, after awakening, unexpectedly it has two major abilities instead of one like what he expects.

Domain ability that can control all inanimate objects without touching it with the palm of his hand.

There is the ability to control intangible things that can't be seen by the naked eye and observation Haki.

Although using this power will consume a large amount of stamina, however for El, who has a strong physique, this amount of stamina in exchange for such an astonishing improvement, he still made a lot of profit.


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