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The location of Sixis is relatively remote.

To be precise, the sea area where it is located Compared with other sea areas, the climate is somewhat bizarre, so the people from East Blue stay away.

If you think about it carefully, if the climate is normal, there will not be such an island in the East Blue.

Obviously it's very beautiful, but there is nothing to eat or drink on it, there must be a problem with it.

There are countless islands like this one on the Grand Line.

But in the weakest sea such as East Blue, it is extremely rare.


Known for its 'desert' culture, Sixis is very easy to find on the East Blue maps.

And in order to remind the people on East Blue, the company that published the nautical map also specially painted a red sign representing danger on the island.

After a week of sailing, the ship finally entered the waters where the island is located.

"Nii-san, we've already seen Sixis Island."

"...I see, i'll take a shower and come out."

Carina's voice came from outside the deck.

In the training room, El responded to Carina, then put away the ordinary sword in his hand, looking at the tattered clothes that Kuina wear in front of him, the white training clothes were covered with many sword marks, but her skin was not scratched.

"This is the end of today's training, you should take a shower and change your clothes first."


Kuina, who was so tired and sweated a lot, look at her current appearance and found that her skin had begun to show, she shyly retracted her sword, and ran out of the training room.

Such a scene will happen once or twice a day this week.

Just like what El said that day.

He conducted hell-style training on Kuina every day, using real swords to conduct the battles, allowing her to grow rapidly in combat.

With his swordsmanship, when he doesn't want to cut, he can't cut off even a piece of white paper, so every time he swings his sword on her, it will bring her a feeling of near-death experience but every time it hit her, there would be no wound on her body.

This kind of different-dimension attack, with the highest skill of swordsmanship, made her clearly aware of the gap between them, not only in terms of skill but also in the basic skills that every swordsman needs to master.

At the same time, he suppressed his strength, so he did not get tired when battling with her over and over again.

She has to work hard to become stronger and become a helper who he can share the pressure with.

When the defeat no longer hurt her pride, Kuina, the descendant of the God of Swords, began to develop her talent in swordsmanship.

He believed that with Kuina's talent, and under the pressure and motivation given by him, she will soon be able to break through her bottleneck and learn the "breath of all things" and enter the realm of the master swordsman.

After returning to the room to cool off, El wore a custom-made black robe and came to the deck while wiping his wet hair with a towel.

At this time, the ship had anchored, and the Sixis island, which made the people of the East Blue terrified, was in front of them.

"Nii-san, I'll help you."

"me too..."

After seeing El come out, Carina and Nami took the initiative to grab the towel from his hand and wipe his hair as usual.

While Kuina's side hadn't solved it yet, Carina expressed her concerns: "Nii-san, we're going to find a devil fruit that may be the size of our fist on this island next."

"Unless we are lucky, it will take at least several months or even half a year."

"The materials we have prepared are simply not enough to support our search for so long."

"...Don't worry, I'm here."

Sitting on a chair, El smiled and let the two girls wipe his hair while being blown by the sea breeze "This ship has a water purifier, as long as there is enough water, I will solve the food problem."


Thinking of El's strength, Carina and Nami had full confidence in it.

In an instant, Carina thought of El's solution.

Although there is no food or drink on the island of Sixis, there is in the sea.

With the strength of El, he can catch a huge sea beast by going into the sea at will.

When the three of them sailed on the ship before, El also went to the sea to hunt more than once.

After all, with Life Return, no matter how much food he eats, he can digest it in an instant like Luffy, enhancing his physique.

His daily food intake starts with 100 kilograms of meat.

"...Sorry for keeping you all waiting."

Without letting the three wait for too long, Kuina's voice came from the cabin.

"So beautiful!"

"This priestess dress is really suitable for you, Sister Kuina."

When Kuina came out, Carina and Nami looked at Kuina, and suddenly there was a light called longing.

they saw Kuina at this time, wearing the battle suit that El had made especially for her with a hint of evil taste.

It was the special dress of the shrine priestess, consisting of a white kimono [inner] clothes, a white kimono [outer] clothes, and a three-piece red kimono skirt - a priestess uniform.

Kuina's temperament gave people a very sassy feeling.

After wearing this priestess clothes specially made for her, it doesn't seem to be inconsistent at all.

On the contrary, the hilt and scabbard hanging around her waist, both of which are white match the white kimono coat making her temperament sublime again.

It can be seen that Carina and Nami that have not yet begun to develop are full of longing.

They also really want to be as beautiful as Kuina.

By the way, there are priestess in this world too.

On an island on the Grand Line, a shrine maiden sacrificed her life to remove the hatred of a cursed sword.


Kuina, who was praised by the two girls, looked a little embarrassed.

But when she saw El's battle suit, her eyes lit up slightly.

El's black robe is similar to Zoro's green robe two years later after time skip in the original manga, with a white belt around his waist and black boots on his feet.

Coupled with his long silver hair that is long and straight, and eyes that are as crystal clear as rubies, his temperament is like an elegant prince.

When he is a few years older, maybe Cavendish's title Pirate Prince will be snatched off by him.

"This dress suits you very well, Kuina..."

El gave Kuina a thumbs up, and at the same time was full of pride in his own taste.

"Thank you, you also look very handsome," Kuina responded shyly.

After praising each other, El stood up, he looked at the Sixis Island in front of him and turned his head to the three girls and said, "Let's go, the next challenge we will face will test our mental state."


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