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El deliberately showed a doubtful expression, then nodded and said, "If that's the case, then you can follow me for the time being, I'll take you home."

"Huh" Nami and Carina were slightly taken aback.

"Eh, what"

El pretend to look at them suspicious.

"Could it be that you were just lying to me"

"No no..."

Nami and Carina waved their hands quickly, then they looked at each other and nodded towards El, bowing in tacit understanding:

"Then I'll trouble you, Nii-san!"

Although due to different characteristics, El does not have the exaggerated body shape of Charlotte Linlin, but he still does not look like an eight-year-old.

The height of 1.45 meters makes him look like eleven or twelve years old.

So, it's no wonder that eight-year-old Nami and Carina would call him Nii-san.

"Well, wait for me here."

El nodded in satisfaction and accepted the name nii-san given to him.

Then he told them to wait here before jumping into the sea, swimming into the section of the hull, and pulling out a lifeboat that is necessary for all ship that are especially used for first aid or to escape.

On the first day at sea, he met the heroine, as well as the "Phantom Thief" carina who appeared in the "Theatrical Version·Golden City" and none of them exuded an uncomfortable atmosphere.

El thought just now, is to recruit them as his companions.

By reading their memory, El already knows the current time is, Nami is only eight years old and Luffy is seven years old, which means this is year 1510 of the Sea Circle Calendar.

There are still ten years before the story begins.

Ten years is a very long time.

A person's life is only a few decades.

Possessing the three talents that the world gives to him, he has no idea of ​​going to sea until he is a teenager.

Also the darling of the world, Charlotte Linlin became a pirate at the age of six with a bounty of 50 million Belly in that era, and he did not go to sea until he was eight years old, this is actually already late.

At first, El had no idea of ​​recruiting companions.

But now, seeing Nami and Carina who didn't give off an unpleasant breath, El had the idea of ​​forming a fleet.

A solitary life is really boring.

During the three years of practice, if he hadn't initially been exposed to extraordinary powers and focused his interest on practicing swordsmanship, he could not endured being alone for three years.

As soon as he went out to sea, he met two people whom he would not feel disgusted and he would naturally not let them go.

Even in his heart, he thought this was a new gift from the world to him.

Otherwise, how could he meet the heroine of "One Piece" on the first day he went to sea

After pulling the life boat up and pouring out the seawater on the sea, El held his breath and dive again, carrying all the treasures in the pirate ship up, almost filling the whole life boat.

"Treasure, many treasures..."

Looking at the treasures thrown up bag by bag by El, Nami and Carina instantly forgot their fear on him, and their little beautiful eyes turned into the shape of $$, shining brighter than the sun, dazzling golden light.


let's go, let's find the nearest island."

Throwing the last bag of treasure up, El climbed up, then looked at Nami and Carina and asked, "Are you able to sail"

"I can I can..."

Nami immediately raised her hand and expressed herself positively: "Nii-san, leave the sailing work to me!"

After finishing speaking, Nami and Carina looked at each other again, and they both showed smiles that each understood the other thoughts without a word.

This thigh, they will hug it!

they all forgot their fear about this terrifying existence, who looked just a little bigger than them but was able to destroy a pirate group by himself.

In addition, the other party took the initiative to send them home, so it can be seen that he is not a bad person.

As for the act of killing pirates, it should be an act of hatred or venges.

How could they let go of such a powerful and kind-hearted thigh

Nami and Carina have decided that if nii-san asks about their home, they will use various methods to divert the topic and follow him until the other party gives up asking.


Nami and Carina didn't know what they were thinking could be seen-through when El looked at them.

At the same time, this play is also deliberately done by El.

It has completely different meanings for oneself to solicit and the other party to take the initiative to rely on.

The former will make the other party have certain thoughts, and maybe they will be full of vigilance against El, it will be self-defeating.

In the latter case, the other party already knew El wants and really wanted to be El's companion.

So, El decided to let them make their own choices.

Because El is confident on himself

This Self-confidence will definitely allow Nami and Carina to take the initiative to board his boat.

Although the surface is still a plastic relationship, the trio has indeed been established at this moment.


On the vast sea, a small boat that can be overturned by a wave, with the help of a large mainsail, they drifted on the sea.

On the boat with treasure that was piled high, El took off his faded shirt, squeezed out the seawater, and then tore off a part of his sleeve and made a strip of cloth to tie his silver hair to a Single ponytail that had grown to his back over the eight years.

In the three years of his practice, El has no time to take care of his hair and clothes except for paying attention to hygiene.

Now that we have a boat, money, and companions, El plans to go to the next island and give himself a new look.

"Before sending you home, we will be friends who rely on each other..."

After squeezing out the shirt and putting it back on, El looked at Nami and Carina, who were not as bold as in manga, and introduced himself, "I'm El, how about you two"

"My name is Nami."

"My name is Carina."

Nami and Carina quickly replied.

"Then, please give me more advice."

El showed a smile that couldn't be described as handsome, but cute to the two girls.

This lethal smile instantly dispelled some of fear to El in the depths of the two girl's hearts.

With the help of Nami's nautical skills, the three go to the nearest island.

This small island is not a island that appeared in the original manga.

The East blue, or the Four Seas, is not as small as in the manga.

On the contrary, the four seas are the four largest sea areas in the world.

The so-called grand line is nothing but a route that is sandwiched by a windless zone to the four seas.

As one of the four largest sea areas, there are many islands in the East blue, and it is also the sea area with the largest number of allied countries.

For example, Shells Town, the first stop of Luffy in the original book, and Orange Town in buggy the Clown arc are even more numerous in the East Blue.

The island where the trio landed was a small island similar to Orange Town.


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