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"In addition to eating anything or person then transforming them into part of their body, it has two more outrageous abilities."

Looking at the three amazed girls, El said slowly: "The first ability is digestion."

"After eating this devil fruit, the physique of the user will undergo earth-shaking changes, directly comparable to, or even beyond, my digestive ability."

"At that time, let alone a few sea beasts, even a dozen sea beasts, those who eat this devil fruit can digest them."

"In addition, what is digested can be transformed into a part of the body on the same day..."

After a slight pause, El continued: "The second ability is - synthesis!"

"The devil fruit user can synthesize several eaten things, or human beings, and spit them out into a new person or things."

Putting the devil fruit back into the treasure chest, El picked up two gems with different colors and said to three girls "For example, eating these two gems and combining them into a brand new gem, Or eating metals and gems and fusing them into a whole new substance."


is the Paramecia-type, Baku Baku no Mi fruit, three major abilities that can rank among the top ranks of the Paramecia type!"


what a powerful ability!"

The three girls were indeed shocked by the Paramecia-type, Baku Baku no Mi fruit ability.

Especially Carina, she no longer despised this strangely named Devil Fruit.

Its three abilities no matter which one they are, are extremely powerful.

Transformation and synthesis aside...

Just digestion, let Carina know how valuable this Devil Fruit is.

Having been together for so long, the three girls have already learned about the three innate talents of El under El's intentional disclosure.

In particular, the digestive ability of "life return" allows El to have a gluttonous food intake at a young age.

No matter how much he eats, he can quickly digest it and convert it into energy to enhance his physique.

The reason why El has this level of this physique is all because of his digestive ability.

Just by eating this devil fruit, they can have a digestive ability comparable to or even surpassing El.

Doesn't that mean...they can also go from normal person to monsters

Kuina seemed to have thought of this as well, looking at the devil fruit in the treasure chest, her eyes were full of fiery heat.

If you eat this Devil Fruit, will you be able to break through the girl's physical strength limit

Although she felt extremely heartbroken, Kuina did not ask El for the devil Fruit but waited for El's arrangement.

"Nii-san, what are you going to do with this devil fruit"

At this time, Carina ran her brain again and analyzed: "The ability to swallow fruit is strong, but the digestion, one of the three major abilities has already overlapped with the digestion ability on your body."

"The transformation and synthesis are also incompatible with you as a swordsman.

Presumably, you don't want to eat this devil fruit!"

Her tone was full of affirmation, and she continued to add: "Otherwise, you wouldn't explain so much to us, then...you want me or Sister Kuina, to eat this devil fruit.


"...As expected of you, Carina!"

Over the past six months, El has given Carina countless thumbs up.

They saw El take out the devil fruit again, then looked at Kuina, who was very excited, and said slowly: "If we did not get the method of making 'nutritional supplement', or in other words, 'nutritional supplement' is not so effective, I plan to give this Devil Fruit to Kuina to eat."

"However...just like this devil fruit doesn't match me as a swordsman, this devil fruit doesn't match Kuina except for its digestive ability."

"And I have already assured Kuina that I will find an 'invincible' ability for her, so..."

"In our fleet, the most suitable person who will not waste this ability..."

While Kuina was a little sorry, but because El remembered their agreement, and she watched with a happy smile, El handed the devil fruit to Carina, who was stunned, and said, "That's iis you - Carina!"

"Eh—let me eat it"

Carina was stunned for a moment, and pointed at herself in disbelief: "But, I'm not a combat member! Wouldn't it be too wasteful for me to eat such a powerful ability"

"Because you are not a combat member, I will give you this devil fruit."

El looked at Carina seriously and said, "Carina, in fact, the ability of this devil fruit is related to a speculation of mine."

"If I want to confirm this conjecture, I have to use the ability of Tuntun Fruit.

Are you willing to help me"

(is it not synthesizing the three types of devil fruit is it just my theory)


Hearing this, Carina, who was still a little hesitant at first, immediately took devil Fruit, then looked at El and said with a smile: "Of course, I am your wing Nii-san!"

After speaking, Carina directly bites at the devil Fruit.

And the next second...

Carina, who was so motivated just now, suddenly turned purple.


Under Nami's gloating gaze, Carina covered her mouth and forcibly swallowed the portions of the fruit.

"Ha...ha...what the hell is this taste!"

Carina gasped heavily, looking at the remaining fruit in her hand with a frightened look.

Without the slightest hesitation, Carina threw the remaining fruit into the trash can.

"does it taste good"

As the first devil fruit user in the fleet, Nami immediately laughed.

"Shut up, you already know the taste of devil fruits, yet you still haven't reminded me, to be careful wit...


Carina reprimanded Nami angrily.

As a result, the whole sentence has not been finished yet, and she was emotionally excited.

Under the gaze of Nami and Kuina's wide-eyed eyes, the small exquisite mouth suddenly became as big as a hippopotamus, from top to bottom, it covered Nami's half body.

This scene has a great visual impact!

Kuina was so frightened that she took a few steps back.

If it weren't for her strong psychological quality, Kuina would have been so scared that she would have sat down.

El watched this scene with interest.

Two little girls who were about 1.4 meters, one of them suddenly became bigger and swallowed the little girl next to her.

This kind of picture that ordinary person think is very scary, but it is very interesting and cute to El, who is used to dead person and broken limbs, and has no fluctuations in his heart.

As the saying goes: appearance is justice!

If it was wapol or Blackbeard who ate the Baku Baku no Mi fruit, their big mouth would feel extremely disgusting no matter what angle they looked at.

But if it's Carina, she'll be very cute no matter how you look at it, just like Luffy who ate the Paramecia-type rubber fruit, also known as the Mythical Zoan type, Hito Hito no Mi, Nika form.


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