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"Nii-san, you're back!"

"Nii-san, you're so fast!"

After obtaining the training method for the "Spear of Elbaf", El returned to the ship without stopping.

However, as soon as he came back, Carina's ambiguous words made the smile on his face a little stiff.

Reaching out and pinching her nose, El said with a smile, "Yeah, because I care about you so much and I also got what I wanted and came back immediately."

"Nii-san, I was wrong...

With her nose pinched, Carina's voice has changed.

Seeing that her own scheme was discovered, and she saw El's dangerous smile, she immediately threw herself into El's arms, like a puppy who pleases its master, constantly rubbing her face against El's chest.

"When you grow up, I'll settle the account with you."

Holding Carina, El said something that was also full of ambiguity.

Carina, who understood the meaning of this sentence, suddenly flushed slightly.

Kuina who was looking at El with a smile on her face, couldn't help but glance at the boy who said such an ambiguous word.

After teasing her, the four set sail and left the ancient island.

Because of the Drum Island chapter in the original manga, El didn't want to stay on the ancient island for a quarter of an hour, let alone capture the dinosaurs on it and taste the taste of extinct creatures.

After leaving the ancient island, the next stop of the four is the kingdom of Alabasta, known as the "Desert Kingdom" and "Ancient Humanity".

Alabasta Kingdoms, one of the top 50 kingdoms of Mary Geoise's world conference each time, is located on the world's rare super-large island, Sandy Island.

Because the next island on the island of ancient is not Sandy Island.

If the four want to go to Sandy Island, they can only use the Eternal Pose.

And one of the eternal poses that El bought was the Sandy Island.

However, the time it takes to reach Sandy Island from the ancient island is absolutely no less than that of them changing their route from Drum island to the ancient island.

If you are sailing alone, you will undoubtedly suffer.

But to the four, there is a kind of fun in it

Getting up at six o'clock every morning, after a simple breakfast, drink a bottle of nutritional supplements, and then the four of them carry out a high-intensity physical workout.

After finishing their training, Carina and Nami were doing training to improve their coordination, while watching El one on one teaching Kuina and her clothes would turn into a white ragged every day and hanging on her body.

He can see that the faces of Carina and Nami have been flushed while watching.

Sometimes after El finished educating Kuina, he would train the three of them in combat and beat the three girls in a one-versus-three battle.

From 6:30 to 11:30 in the morning, the four periods were spent like that.

After fully absorbing the nutritional supplement, the four hungry people will kill a few sea beasts without caring about the taste.

In the end, in order to save time, under Carina and Nami's soft and hard offense, Kuina finally gathered up her courage to bathe with the three of them at the end of the year.

Although she was wearing a bath towel, Kuina, who was bathing with El and the others for the first time, almost fainted in the bathroom on the spot.

It was also at this time that El realized that a few months ago, Kuina, who was still cold and serious, turned out to be such a shy girl.

But no matter how shy she is, once you experience more of it, you will gradually get used to it.

Although she almost fainted for the first time, Kuina, who mustered up the courage to take a crucial step, quickly adapted to it unexpectedly.

And he doesn't know if it is because of the blood of Wano country...Kuina is extremely competent in caring for people.

When shampooing El's hair and rubbing his back, Kuina was more meticulous than Nami and Carina, making El's face reveal a color of enjoyment, and it was seen by Carina and Nami making them regret pulling Kuina into the bathroom.

After eating, drinking and taking a shower, the four will enjoy a lunch break on the deck or in the room according to the weather.

When sleepy, they'll be on the beach chair or sleep in the room.

After the midday session, the four started a new practice.

But this time, none of the four stayed in the training room but trained on the deck.

El practiced "Hakoku sovereignty" of the Spear of Elbaf, while the three girls entered the "Three Heads and Six Arms" state and start cultivating a mutual understanding of each other.

The second round of training lasted until dusk and all the time during the day is used for practice and a little rest.

In the evening, the four of them used entertainment to relieve the fatigue and stress of the day.

The best form of entertainment, of course, is gambling.

However, since every time they gamble, they will be "destroyed" by El, Carina and Nami have learned their lesson and choose not to gamble with money on El before they enter the grand line.

Their gambling penalty only needs to accept a small punishment from the winners.

Even so, El still uses his ability to win more and lose less.

El always chooses to win on Nami and Carina during the gambling.

Especially in Carina, El punishes her every time to sings and enjoys the voice of the future world-class singer.

With such a voice, when she grows up and they fight each other, Carina's screams must be very nice.

The above is the daily life of the four.

With the passage of time, the year 1510....

of the Sea Circle Calendar has finally turned over completely and entered the chapter of the year of the Sea Circle Calendar 1511.

In the new year, the world cared for El since birth-given him a gift again.


A black cold light flashed.

In the next instant, on the sea ahead, the seawater with a width and depth of tens of meters suddenly burst out and spread three miles ahead.

Sending out a Flying slash in miles was something that El had to do with all his strength last year.

But now, this three-mile-long, flying slash is an ordinary slash from El.

It can't be said to be a normal strike...

To be precise, it is sword strike wrapped with Armament Haki.

Yes, Armament Haki!

In the new year, he awakened the Armament Haki

After awakening the Armament Haki, El knew how big the gap was between sword slash with Armament Haki and with not.

The Sandai Kitetsu..

have been sharp enough

There is no need to comprehend cutting through steel to cut off objects such as rocks and metal with the help of Sandai Kitetsu.

After comprehending the "Breath of All Things", Iron and Steel were like a thin sheet of paper in front of Sandai Kitetsu.

However, this sharpness is far from the limit of the Sandai Kitetsu.

Covering it with Armament Haki, after the Sandai Kitetsu turned into a black sword, with just a single slash, El could cut off the airflow and send out a flying slash that ripped apart the sea and sky.

The flying slash that was like a trench just now was slashed by El with a black sword.

With just this blow, El took another big step on the road of swordsmanship,

He who has mastered the two types of Haki, among the new stars in the past two years, except for Boa Hancock's debut, El really can't find any opponent.

Even Nami, who ate the Logia Type Devil fruit, was no longer his opponent.

After the elementalization is no longer effective, Nami's physical strength is simply not enough in El's eyes.

After regaining his position as the strongest in the fleet, El stepped up his training on Nami's to help her awaken the Observation Haki.

Once among the three girls, someone awakens and the observation Haki, the other two will definitely benefit a lot.

Baku Baku no Mi Fruit can even share the Devil Fruit, so it's natural to share the observation Haki.

(He can't combine with them since he doesn't want them to know that he can read people hearts 24/7)

When the time came to January 10, 1511 of the Sea Circle Calendar.

After more than a week of sailing, the ship finally arrived at Sandy Island.


this is really an island, not a continent"

The four are still separated by a long distance but they can still see the outline of the Sandy Island.

After the ship approached, the three girls still underestimated the Sandy Island size.

As a rare super-large island in the world, there is only the Sabaody Archipelago and charlotte Linlin Totto land that can be compared with the size of Sandy Island.

If it weren't for this super-large island, where the resources are not abundant, this island would have long been coveted by countless forces.

Although the resources are not rich, there are still millions of people on Sandy Island, forming an ancient and huge, Alabasta kingdom.

The royal family who ruled this kingdom was the descendant of one of the twenty kings who founded the world government hundreds of years ago and refused to migrate, the Nefertari royal family.

No matter whether they have millions of people, or even if they do not inherit the word "World Noble", they cannot change their status as descendants of the Celestial Dragons, so that the Kingdom of Alabasta has never been absent from the world conference held every four years.

At this time, the kingdom of Alabasta, which has not been coveted by crocodile and used rain powder to start a rebellion in the country, is still a world-renowned military power.

Just the 600,000 soldiers allow the Kingdom of Alabasta to deter any forces without the help of the navy.

If the people from any forces take the initiative to attack the Kingdom of Alabasta, they will be attacked by the Navy Headquarters.

Even if there is no naval branch in the country of Alabasta, not many pirates dare to provoke it.

The Kingdom of Alabasta has six (seven if non-canon included) major cities, and there are only two cities near the coast, namely the oasis city Erumalu located in the lower reaches of the Sandora River, and the port city adjacent to Erumalu, Nanohana.

If you want to go to the capital city of Alabasta, you must start from the port city of Nanohana and the place where the four of them landed was the port city of Nanohana.

They came to the Kingdom of Alabasta this time just to take a vacation by the way and the four of them will visit the six major cities so it doesn't matter which city they land on.


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