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"Tsuno-Tokage(Horn Blade Shadow)"

Gecko Moria, who was out of control, turned his shadow into a spear, and when it extended from the ground to stab El, however just like what he said.

The angry Gecko Moria became even weaker in his eyes.

El is not afraid that the enemy will become stronger because of anger because even if the opponent adds anger buff to himself, it's just a little bit stronger.

His strength cannot match El, even if his strength became a little stronger, it is absolutely impossible to beat El in battle.

A calm person, his mind is flexible while thinking, and his thought is easily changed depending on the situation, so El, who can read their thought will feel a little trouble because of repeated changes in the other party thoughts.

But when a person is in a state of anger and their mind thinking is very simple.

To deal with such a person, El thinks it's too easy and would not take them too seriously.

He had already seen Gecko Moria's inner thoughts and knew that he would attack him with a Tsuno-Tokage(Horn Blade Shadow), so El, who knows the trajectory of his attack just move his head a little bit to dodge, then he retracted his sword back to its sheath and use Shave (Soru).

with extremely fast short-distance movement speed, El appeared in front of Gecko Moria just like using teleportation.

Looking up at the nearly seven-meter-tall giant, El's red eyes, that was beautiful as rubies turn cold.

With a single draw of his sword, El send out a Flying Slash (Tobu Zangeki) that was twice as tall as Gecko Moria and directly slice the castle which had been smashed by Hakoku sovereignty.

Gecko Moria, who was hit by the Flying Slash (Tobu Zangeki) which is ten meters high, was really blasted out of the castle by the Flying Slash (Tobu Zangeki) this time.

With the opportunity just now, El could completely inflict a long and deep wound on Gecko Moria's body, and even cut off the bones in his body, aggravating his internal injuries that were already not light.

But El didn't do that, because he just wanted to take away the Black Sword, Shusui, and recruit Perona so that the Hollow-Hollow Fruit could be used by him.

If you want to get the Black Sword, Shusui, and Perona, you cannot kill Gecko Moria.

The former needs to read his memories, while the latter is adopted by Gecko Moria since childhood, and regards him as a father-like existence.

If El kills Gecko Moria, Perona, who fears death, might join his ship, but at that time Perona will definitely be full of hatred for him, and her heart may be distorted, this is not the crew member that El wants.

The reason why El wanted to recruit Perona was that, like the three girls, her heart is still pure and she did not exude an aura that made him feel uncomfortable.

If he recruits someone who hates him, El might as well kill Perona and take her devil fruit.

Therefore, El, who has occupied the greatest advantage in the battle, began to control the strength of his shots.

El really retracted the sword and sheathed it this time, no longer maintaining the posture of unsheathing his sword and just dodging the attack that goes after him.


After enduring the Flying Slash (Tobu Zangeki) and the pain, Gecko Moria who was blasted out of the castle by the Flying Slash (Tobu Zangeki) Immediately controls his shadow to turn into his own appearance, then Gecko Moria, disappeared out of thin air and what replaces him was a shadow that looked exactly like him.



However, Gecko Moria, who just swapped places with the Doppelman(Silhouette), spit out a mouthful of blood again.

Gecko Moria, who had just appeared somewhere, but El already move at fast speed toward his side and clenched his fists then slammed it heavily on Gecko Moria's stomach.

This is the huge loss that will definitely appear when fighting a person who can read your thoughts because what you want to do next, will be not hidden in front of them.

Unless their observation Haki can predict the future, then they will definitely be in an absolute passive position when you fight against an enemy on the same level who can see through your thoughts.

"Predicting the future, you little devil—"

Looking at the El, who was no taller than his feet, Gecko Moria looked horrified: "How old are you...

How can you have this level of observation Haki"

Apparently, Gecko Moria took El's reading his thoughts as predicting the future.

Ordinary Observation Haki, at best can only predict the opponent's attack.

He just swaps places with his shadow and it involves space, with ordinary Observation Haki, it is impossible to follow him up.

But El can do it, his Observation Haki should not be at an ordinary level.

This can't help but make Gecko Moria think of the high usage of Observation Haki.

"As expected of the great pirate who fought against one of the emperors of the sea."

El said with admiration: "you have been beaten by me like this senior, yet you still have the strength to ask questions"

"Since this is the case, then I can only intensify my efforts and let you taste the second trump card that I only realized not long ago!"

As his voice fell, El instantly disappeared from Gecko Moria's eyes, with no observation Haki and still seriously injured this time Gecko Moria suddenly felt panic.

Although he doesn't know what El's second hole card is, it's definitely not a good thing.

Gecko Moria, who didn't want to stand and be beaten, almost subconsciously swapped places with his shadow not far away.

Gecko Moria, who was eager to avoid it, seemed to have forgotten why he was beaten and vomited blood just now, at the same time, he also subconsciously underestimated El for being a kid.

"Spear Of Elbaf!"

It was also at this moment when Gecko Moria and Shadow exchanged positions and he wanted to take this opportunity to summon Shadow back again and use shadow box with a strong defense to defend against El's sneak attack.

But El's voice, like the voice of the death of God, slowly entered into Gecko Moria's ears.


For Gecko Moria, a small fist that could be squeezed with his two fingers appeared out of thin air and landed on his belly.

Immediately, Gecko Moria's belly sank like a trampoline.

Unfortunately, this 'trampoline' failed to bounce El back.

When his big belly sank, Gecko Moria only felt that the air around him suddenly became extremely heavy.

In a short while, these air currents became violent, forming a shock wave no less than the Hakoku sovereignty just now, completely drowning Gecko Moria.

This time, Gecko Moria failed to withstand the power of this attack and was mercilessly blasted away like fallen leaves with the gust of wind.

A huge and incomparably transparent beam of white light spreads out for several miles, it smashed a huge hole in the walls of the castle, and also destroy various tombstones and small trees outside, when it finally flew over, it tear apart the sea of ​​fire that had not dissipated yet.

With this punch, El interprets what being called an innate monster is!

Although he has always called himself an innate swordsman, but his swordsmanship talent is only one of his talents.

His goal is to become the strongest person in all aspects, his martial arts are the same as Dr.

Kureha's evaluation an innate martial arts master.

It's not that El is not good at martial arts, but he prefers one sword fight over a fistfight.

When he puts away his sword, the enemy will taste his fist and Gecko Moria was the first taster.

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