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When the shock wave created by the Spear of Elbaf dissipated, in front of El, there was a huge ravine with no end.

But soon, in the ravine, El found the fallen Gecko Moria.

Although the white beam of light flew out of the Thriller Bark, however, it wasn't powerful enough to lift Gecko Moria out of Thriller Bark.

At fast speed, El soon appeared in front of Gecko Moria, who had fallen into a coma.

After feeling Gecko Moria's state with his Observation Haki, El did not call Kuina to use "electrotherapy" to stop him from going to the world of the dead.

He crouched down and put his hand on Gecko Moria's head, consuming a little Haki to read his memory.

In a short while, El found the hiding place of the Black Sword, Shusui.

If he let Senior Koushirou know that Gecko Moria put the body of his ancestor and the famous sword in the freezer, he will definitely go out of the East Blue and come here to slash Gecko Moria!

El looked at Gecko Moria with a strange expression and snorted slightly.

Since there is no swordsman in the "Gecko Pirates", neither Gecko Moria nor the three cadres cherish the national treasure of Wano, the strongest black sword, Shusui hundreds of years ago.

Gecko Moria even threw it together with the corpse of Ryuma Shimotsuki in the freezer.

"Nii-san, is this pirate dead"

At this moment, the three girls rushed over.

Looking at Gecko Moria lying on the ground like a corpse, Nami's eyes turned into the shape of ( ͡$ ● ͡$)̲̅, and she said with a little excitement.

Carina rolled her eyes and complained, "You idiot, you're not thinking of using his head for bounty, are you"

"This great pirate is one of only six legal great pirates.

Do you know what legal pirates mean"

"That is to say, no matter how high Gecko Moria's bounty is after he became "Seven Warlords of the Sea", his bounty has stopped."

"Even if you chop off his head and exchange it on the black market, you won't get a penny"

"Eh—how could this be!"

Hearing this, Nami suddenly looked disappointed.

"No, he's not dead yet..."

El shook his head and said, "If we want to recruit Perona, we can't kill him."

"Perona was adopted from a young age by Gecko Moria, he was not only Perona's captain but also see him as her father"

"When Perona wakes up, we will use Gecko Moria's life to make a deal with her and let her leave with us willingly."

"If this is the case, then leave this matter to us!"

"Nii-san you can go and get the Black Sword, Shusui."

Carina smiled and patted her chest to assure him.

"Okay, then I'll leave it to you."

El patted Carina's head in admiration, then nodded to Nami and Kuina, before his body turned into an afterimage and disappeared in place and rush outside the castle.

Having read Gecko Moria's memory, El found the location of the Ice Warehouse smoothly.

The door to the Ice Warehouse was huge, bigger than all the doors of the castle combined.

If you don't know anything, you would think that inside of it is not a refrigerator, but a huge treasure full of mountains of gold and silver.

Opening the door of the Ice Warehouse, the first 'thing' that caught El's eyes was a frozen giant corpse.

It was an indescribable super-giant corpse that was several times larger than the "Red Ghost" Brogy that El had seen in the little garden.

This supergiant is the giant who was famous in the world five hundred years ago, Because he likes to transport his favorite islands away, he has the title of "Oars the Continent-Puller".

The Oars was 67-meter tall when he stood on his feet, so his corpse could not lie down at all, he could only sit and lean on a wall, while his body was covered with a layer of ice.

The reason why the ice warehouse was so huge was that it was prepared for this corpse.

However, for the corpse of Oars in front of him, El just only glances at it, next to Oars' body, he found a coffin that was as small as an ant compared to Oars.

When the coffin was opened, there was a corpse in a white kimono, this corpse is also famous all over the world from hundreds of years ago.

In that era, he is the undisputed world's greatest swordsman who slays a dragon, the ancestor of Koushirou and Kuina, the Sword God, Ryuma Shimotsuki.

However, for the corpse of Ryuma Shimotsuki, El still just glanced at it.

His gaze soon rests on the Black Sword, Shusui, which is even rarer than the Supreme Grade Swords (Saijo O Wazamono).

Only the master swordsman who stands at the top of swordsmanship can temper Black Sword with Armament Haki in countless battles.

Taking the Black Sword, Shusui out of the coffin, El drew it out of its sheath and looked at the most powerful Black Sword in his hand from hundreds of years ago.

"its weight is much heavier than the Wado Ichimonji but their length is not much different, even Wado Ichimonji is a little bit thicker than it and it has a reddish-purple zigzag pattern, there's not even a bit of damage even after hundreds of years just showing how tough it is."

"As expected of the strongest sword ever, from now on, you will be my exclusive weapon!"

As the last words fell, El took the Black Sword, Shusui back into the sheath and inserted it into the buckle of his belt.

With El's talent, it only takes ten or twenty years for him to turn an ordinary famous sword into a black sword just like Hawkeye and Ryuma Shimotsuki.

But El didn't have the time, in less than nine years, that's the time when the plot begins.

When he tempers the famous sword into a black sword, the troubled time may be already over.

Moreover, Hawkeye and Ryuma Shimotsuki's Black swords have very high metal density and have the hardest tenacity in the world.

There must be precious rare materials, master-level forging, and use of flames on it, with just randomly synthesizing countless materials with Carana's devil fruit, the sword produced may not even be on the same level as Hawkeye and Ryuma Shimotsuki's swords before being tempered.

In El's eyes, except for the Shichiseiken, which was also indestructible before it was cursed and purify, there was no other famous sword that could be compared to the Black Sword, Shusui, and Sandai Kitetsu Yoru.

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