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[Elizabeth’s POV].


Lisha-sama stood blankly in front of the room to which I had led her to.


She was so embarrassed that even the attendants and maidservants carrying her baggage were pitying her.

I knew something like this would happen, but I couldn’t offer her any other room.


She looked at me with a fear-stained face, as I smiled at her and showed her the room in a firm but resolute manner.




“Please make yourself at home, Lisha-sama.

Although that …… may be difficult.”


“Eh, eh, er, Lady Elizabeth, wow.

Such a room, for me …….”


“It is the guest room of our house.

I’m offering you this guest room, not as a Baroness, but as the next Crown Princess of Orion.”


“Oh, the Crown Princess……!”




For a moment, her pale cheeks turned red.

Just by remembering the person she loves, the memories of spending time with that person comes back to her mind, and the feelings of love begin to well up in her heart.

It is the same as when I think of His Highness, Prince Vincent.


That is why I wanted to cooperate.


Of course, I think that if Lisha-sama, who has studied in our country, becomes the Crown Princess, the diplomatic relations between the two countries will become more friendly.

But more than that, I want to support the future lovers.




“I think it’s a good idea if you stay here.

In the Royal Palace, I think the room was designed to accommodate your position as a Baroness.

But in this mansion, as the future Crown Princess of Orion, everyone will treat you as someone in the same position as me.”


“Such …… Honour is too much for me to bear.





Lisha-sama seems like she is about to collapse.

I take her arm and support her, and gently pat her back.

I too, shuddered when I was told of my engagement to His Highness, Prince Vincent when I was a little girl.

I learned how to behave as a Duchess from my mother.

But I wasn’t sure how I would behave as the Crown Princess.


I was not sure how I would behave as the Crown Princess, and so, I was a little afraid.


But that’s why.

That’s why.


I want to help Lisha-sama understand the heavy responsibility that is placed on her.

And to get used to it and not lose her true self.




With the permission of His Highness Prince Vincent, Leohardt-sama, the King and the Queen, I took Lisha-sama to the house.

I took her to the room reserved for the most high-born.


I am sure that the schoolwork she had to follow so hard would be enough for her to learn knowledge.

But that alone would not make her a Crown Princess.




“Please endure.

This is for the sake of His Highness Marius.

You will not tremble like that when you meet His Highness Marius at the Palace in Orion.”


“For the sake of His Highness Marius ……”


“Yes, me, and you, Lisha-sama, you will have to learn etiquette.

The words of greeting, the way you bow, the order of seating, everything will change.

That is what it means to be a Crown Princess.”




Her anxious and wandering gaze turns to me as if to ask for my help.

I look into her deep jet-black eyes and smile to cheer her up.


I heard that the two supporters of Lisha-sama are also on the line for the advancement to the throne of His Highness, Prince Marius.

Even though she had been pulled along by Leohardt-sama until now, it must have been a terrible pressure to bear.


And this situation raises more questions for Lisha-sama than ever before.


Is she really ready to be a Queen




“Don’t worry, the Dukedom de La Montlivre still has the teachers who trained me, and the pastry chefs who make delicious pastries.

You will learn everything from them.”





When you are tired, sweet things are the best.

I used to look forward to them in my lessons.”


“Marius-sama …… sweets…… Marius-sama …….

……Lady Elizabeth.”



Risha-sama looks up at me as she stands up straight.

Her eyes are pensive, I’m startled by the wandering gaze that reminded me of something.


It was too risky,…… but actually there’s Master Lars hiding in the shadow of the pillar.


I asked him not to show himself too much because it would scare Lisha-sama.

I was so sad to hear Lars saying, “Kyun ……,” in a sad tone.

But I shook my head and kept my heart in my chest.

But sometimes I feel his eyes on me, so I think he’s glancing at me now.




As I watch with an anxious look on my face, Lisha-sama nods to herself, “Okay.


When she looks at me again, there is no hesitation in her eyes.

She smiles with a refreshing expression on her face.




“Thank you very much.

I was originally born as the third daughter of a Baron.

I am not very good at etiquette, and I was never very confident in myself.

Marius-sama said it was fine for me to be just as I am,……, but I want to be of service to Marius-sama, even if only a little.

I would also like to try some of the famous sweets here.”


“That’s the spirit, Lisha-sama.”




I became so happy that I squeezed Lisha-sama’s hand.


I’ve only been to a few study sessions with her, but everyone knows how hard she works and how sincere she is.

I’m sure everyone will understand why His Highness Marius is so fascinated with her, and if anyone is her rival, they will be defeated …….




“Well, then…”




I look at Lisha-sama as I wipe the face that suddenly came to my mind.




“Let’s go into the room.”


“Oh, I’m sorry!”




As I urge, Lisha-sama screams when she realizes that we have been talking in front of the guest room, leaving the attendants waiting.


I nod to her as she rushes into the room, saying, “A lady mustn’t run.”




I guess she is an honest person at heart, like Ulysses.


I heard that she(Ulysses) was banished from the Merryfield family and was taken in as an apprentice to the Marquis Marshall through the mercy of Raphael.


I hope she can atone for her sins and return to a healthy life.












-At the same time, in a room of the Marquis Marshall’s house.






“Oh, Ulysses, you have a cold”




Ulysses sneezed loudly, and her eyes widened as her body, which has been bent forward, is now bent backward.




“Raphael-sama! Here, here, in the servants’ room!”


“Yes, I don’t think there’s any problem for me, your Master, to come in here.”




Raphael, who has somehow taken his place in the background, replies with a nonchalant smile, but there is no way that is true.

There are problems all over the place.


The servants’ quarters are too small and poorly furnished to be hospitable.

Therefore, it is not a place for the son of the promised next Marquis to enter.

And even if everyone disregards this as a courtesy on the part of the Master, there is a very common ethical sense that a man should not enter a woman’s room.




“You used to call me to your room, didn’t you”




Ulysses screams.

Sometimes she gets so scared by Raphael as if he can read her mind.


Does magic even make such things possible


That’s what she had instructed Raphael to do when she called him into her room at the time of “Otohoshi” fiasco.

She just acted according to the scenario.


He knew that, too.

And yet…








She is scared of what he would do to her, but Rafael did nothing.


No, if she thinks back on it, Raphael never did anything to her.

He is a do-gooder who strikes Ulysses into a state of terror with just his slutty atmosphere and verbal promises of love, and that’s what she thinks is scary about him.


As Ulysses waits for him to say something, Raphael’s slitted eyes narrow and he laughs.




“I knew our Ulysses is the cutest.”





“I’m sorry for the suddenness.

Good for you, I’ll be gone for a while.

I won’t be at the mansion for the holidays for a while, so you can relax.”




With a look of satisfaction on his face, Raphael leaves the room.




Ulysses was the one who tried to trap the Duchess, Elizabeth and become the next Crown Princess.

But Raphael wants to take such a woman as his wife.


Is he serious


Or is he punishing her for disappointing him with everything she had done




Raphael is unaware that Ulysses’s trust level has dropped to zero due to too much torment.


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