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[Elizabeth’s POV]






On the weekend, I received a letter from His Highness Prince Vincent, and so I visited the royal palace with Miss Lisha.


Compared to last year, when we went to the same school but hardly saw each other, I feel blessed to see His Highness Vincent’s face every week.


I would like to thank him all for his kind attention to …….

I should never think that I would like to see or talk with him more.

Nor should I be excited by the word “lover” that His Royal Highness Prince Vincent mentioned.




“What’s wrong, Lady Elizabeth”


“No, it’s nothing.”




Lisha-sama looks at me worriedly and nods her head at my response.


I put away my buoyant feelings and straightened my back and my expression.






Upon arrival at the royal palace, we were guided into the garden.

The Queen had designed this garden with topiaries of the bowing chameleon, Marquis de Francoise, and the upside-down rabbit, Count Matthew Malraux.


Lars-sama is flying and circling around the perimeter.

I can’t help but laugh as I saw him wondering about the shape of the trees, which is not possible for him to know because he is flying high.


The mascots designed by the Queen seem to have spread to neighboring countries as well, because Lisha-sama’s eyes lit up.




“There are stores selling this goods on the main street of the capital of Orion.”


“Really I’d like to go there.”


“If you permit, I can take you on a tour around the capital.”




Even if the request is rejected, I can ask a merchant to get it for me.

That is how I obtained the light blue glass bead, Earl Matthew Mallow that hangs in my room.




“I am looking forward to it!”


“Me too.”




I laugh back at Lisha-sama, who can’t hide her excitement.


In the meantime, we arrived at a corner of the garden.




“I’m sorry you had to come all the way out here.”




I look up and see His Highness Prince Vincent and His Highness Prince Leohardt waving at us from the third floor terrace.

I wave my hand back in greeting, and next to me, Lisha-sama also waves her arms in the air.


His Highness Vincent is smiling gently.




As I was leisurely thinking, “What can I do for you to keep smiling like that”


Then something unbelievable happened.






“Master Leohardt!”








I think I heard a shout, as I see Leohardt-sama leaning out from the terrace.


–He fell straight towards the ground.




Without time to think, I take off my heels and start running.

Lars-sama immediately flies over and tries to pull Leohardt-sama up, but it seems that his small body can not support a human being, and they begin to fall together.


I move my arms frantically as I watch Leohardt-sama falling.


I don’t want them to have any collateral damage, but I think my dress might be able to reduce the impact a little.


If I can just get there in time….


I reach out my hand.

But the distance is still too far.


Oh no, I can’t reach it.




That moment.




“Master Leohardt, ……!!!”




A blinding light spills out from behind me.


It’s a dazzlingly strong glow, brighter than the daytime sun.

It floods through me, enveloping the falling Leohardt-sama’s body and making it glow.




“Wind, embrace and hold him, Hordite Windia!”




At the same time, a dignified voice rings out.


The wind whipped up in front of me, sending Leohart-sama’s body flying into the air once again, just before he collided on the ground.




It’s the magic of His Highness Vincent, who had also saved my life with his magic.


Leohart-sama twists his upper body in the air and regains his stance, landing safely on the ground.


There doesn’t seem to be any fear in his face who could have died just now.




I think to myself as I hold down my skirt, which was about to be flipped up by the wind and flapping.


What is this all about




“Eek, Elizabeth! I’m sorry!”


“No, it’s okay, Your Highness.

It’s more important to ……”




When I look behind me, I see Risha-sama sitting on the ground.


However, her whole body is covered with countless lights bouncing around as if she is covered with sparks.

I knew at a glance that she must have been surprised.




“Wow, I, what ……”


“Lisha-sama, ……”




Leohardt-sama walks up to Lisha-sama, who is looking around with a stupefied look on her face.


His gait is calm, and when he looks up at His Highness Vincent on the upper floor, he doesn’t seem as startled as we are.


Master Leohardt remains erect and announced in a serious manner.




“Miss Lisha, I think you have the gift of magic.

You have the power of what we in our country call a Saint.”


“…… eh”




A short, shrieking voice went up.


That was the only response from Lisha-sama, who was fainting with her eyes wide open.


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