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The two guards acted very swiftly.

When Yelu Luan walked through the alley, they suddenly took action and attacked him from behind.

One of them stuffed the sack onto him, the other pressed his legs down.

Yelu Luan was dragged into the alley in an instance.

Yelu Luan, who was stuffed in the sack, was both angry and startled, he shouted, “Who’s behind this” His voice sounded distant through the sack.

One of the guards responded with a kick, he kicked him in the abdomen with his foot.

Yelu Luan snorted and wanted to scream.

The other guard kicked his back.

He rolled on the ground twice in the sack.

On the side, the corners of Gu Zezhi’s lips lifted slightly, his smile was as warm as the sun during spring time.

Qin Jiu’s eyes brightened.

She wasn’t being serious about it, but her saviour actually ordered his people to go on and trap Yelu Luan in a sack

It was just casual talk, she didn’t really want to hit him……of course she wanted to! She was very excited now.

She blinked at her saviour in admiration, she then shoved the small basket into his hand, walked towards Yelu Luan in a few strides, and kicked the sack roughly.

Yelu Luan snorted again, he twisted around and struggled in the sack, even the sack wriggled along with him, it was utterly embarrassing.

He gritted his teeth and asked angrily: “Who is it Do you know who I am……”

Qin Jiu interrupted him and kicked again.

Of course she knew who he was, it was because she knew him that she kicked him!

Qin Jiu strenuously kicked Yelu Luan’s abdomen a few more times.

When Qin Jiu beat Qin Zeyu, she did hold herself back, but she didn’t need to do so for the others.

She kicked and kicked, each kick harder than the last.

Yelu Luan, who was in the sack, snorted repeatedly and hugged his head to protect himself.

If it was under normal circumstances, a small girl like Qin Jiu, who was all show and no go, was naturally not Yelu Luan’s opponent, but now that he was trapped in a sack, he couldn’t escape or hide, and had no power to fight back, he could only embarrassedly curl up in the sack.

Kicking him was not enough for Qin Jiu, she added two more punches.

All the kicking and punching made it feel like she was punching a sandbag.

She felt that the breath of air she had held down just now was relieved at once.

Gu Zezhi looked at her from some distance, with a faint smile tugging at the corner of his mouth that shined as bright as the sun during spring in March.

This little girl is so interesting.

He waved his hand, and the two guards went to the entrance of the alleyway to keep guard.

They waited until Qin Jiu kicked enough, she then walked over and looked at him with a sweet expression, as if she wasn’t the one who beat the guy up.

Gu Zezhi smiled and gestured to her, he meant, let’s go.

Qin Jiu followed along obediently, her steps were light and she felt overjoyed, her face flushed red from the excitement as if it was tainted by the red sky.

After beating him up, she was content as she no longer felt suffocated.

She felt refreshed and every step she took felt like she was being carried by the wind.

After turning around the corner, Qin Jiu asked in a low voice: “Big brother, can these two guards be trusted”

Qin Jiu knew that these two guards were gifted by the emperor after Gu Zezhi came to the capital.

They rampantly beat up Yelu Luan, Yelu Luan would definitely not be silent about this, he would for sure blurt it out! If the emperor knew that Gu Zezhi trapped him in the sack for her, would he be in trouble

Gu Zezhi didn’t say a word, he only flashed a mysterious smile.

“……” He made Qin Jiu feel as if a feather was tickling her heart, it made her curious.

Gu Zezhi took out a moon-white handkerchief from his sleeve and handed it to Qin Jiu.

He pointed at her right cheek, “Wipe it away.”

Just now, Qin Jiu casually brushed a few strands of her hair away from her cheeks to the back of her ears, but had accidentally stained some dust on her cheek.

Qin Jiu took the handkerchief and swiftly cleaned her cheek.

Song Jiang’s muslin fabric was so soft and delicate, it was very nice to touch, and had a slight warmth to it……

Song Jiang’s muslin fabric was really quite nice, she should ask her maids to get her some handkerchiefs that were made of this fabric for her.

Qin Jiu was absent-minded as she thought of this.

Seeing that she didn’t manage to clean the right spot for quite a while, Gu Zezhi took the handkerchief from her hand and said casually: “Don’t move.”

Qin Jiu didn’t move at all, she lowered her right hand and looked right at him.

Gu Zezhi gently wiped away the dust from the corner of her lips, and her jade-like cheeks were clean once again, it was as if the layer of dust that covered a pearl was wiped away.


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