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Of course, Qin Gui had no idea.

After shoving the handkerchief into her sleeve, she had also shoved it into the back of her mind.

She drank a cup of tea and finished a plate of sunflower seeds at Qingming Teahouse before her brothers, Qin Zening and Qin Zeyu arrived.

Only, Qin Zeyu appeared like a kicked puppy with its head down, looking quite listless.

Qin Gui raised a brow.

The moment Qin Zeyu saw Qin Gui, even his shoulders had collapsed.

From a long distance away, you could feel the sadness pouring out from his bones.

Qin Gui held herself back from laughing and ignored him on purpose, calling out to Qin Zening instead, “Big Brother.”

Seeing this, Qin Zeyu pouted and his face was filled with a look of unhappiness.

When facing Qin Gui, Qin Zening’s voice was very gentle.

“Little Sister, tired from playing Still want to go shopping”

Qin Gui shook her head.

“Let’s head back, Big Brother.” Then, she pointed at Qin Zeyu, meaning to ask what was wrong with him.

Qin Zening read his sister’s gestures and snorted coldly.

“This brat just got lectured by Uncle Jianning.

Uncle Jianning told him to think clearly on his own whether he wants to return to the academy or not.

If he does, Uncle Jianning will send a letter to the scholar for him.”

Qin Zeyu, “Big Brother! I don’t want to go to Songfeng Academy!”

Qin Zening’s eyebrows went up.

“Ah Yu!”

“If he doesn’t want to go, then don’t force him,” Qin Gui said.

Qin Zeyu couldn’t believe his ears and looked at her suspiciously, as if shocked that Qin Gui would speak for him.

Qin Gui was probably trying to please him and make up with him… No, they’ve never been well with each other, so how could they “make up” with each other!

Anyway, he won’t forgive her that easily!

Qin Zeyu let out a humph but he had already scooted a little closer towards Qin Gui, looking arrogant as if saying since Qin Gui has already admitted her mistakes, then he would also consider forgiving her!

But then, he heard his sister’s cold and unfeeling voice in his ears, “Songfeng Academy is too far away.

Even if it’s strict, it’s not very convenient for us to discipline this naughty brat.”

Qin Zeyu, “”

Qin Gui went on, “This kid just needs to be beaten.

Before he’s learned his lesson, it’s better for him not to stay too far away from home.”

Staying in the capital…” Qin Zening stroked his chin and thought about it, and thought about it again.

His sister does have a point.

If Qin Zeyu can escape from Songfeng Academy once, he can do it again, and again.

He will go to Uncle Jianning’s house again tomorrow and return the kindness.

With that thought, this matter was now settled.

Qin Zening suddenly felt at ease and also had a more pleasant expression on his face.

In contrast, Qin Zeyu’s expression had become ugly.

“Little Sister, I know of a face powder store not far ahead.

That guy Cui Si had also visited to buy some for his madam last time.

He praised it quite a lot.

Big Brother will bring you there to buy some.” Qin Zening smiled.

“En.” Qin Gui responded and walked away with him cheerfully.

Qin Zeyu just watched as his brother and sister ignored him and went off on their own.

The young boy was a bit confused and a thought floated up his mind, had he lost favor*

Thinking of this, Qin Zeyu felt a little panicked and couldn’t help but speed up to catch up to them.

He didn’t even notice himself walking next to Qin Gui.

Qin Zening was very generous.

With a big have of his hand, he packed up the latest items in the store and the three of them returned home with their large purchase.

When they returned home, they saw Madam Qin’s Granny Cui waiting at the gate.

Granny Cui said urgently, “Young Master! Madam wants you to see her as soon as you return.”

Qin Zening smirked.

“Did Second Aunt complain to Grandmother”

Granny Cui nodded anxiously and said, “Madam went to complain to the old madam this morning, saying that the Third Young Mistress had beaten the Fifth Young Master because he had ignored her.

The old madam is very angry!”

Qin Zening nodded and said, “I’ll go.” Saying that, he glared at the brat, Qin Zeyu.

Qin Zeyu felt very wronged by his glare.

He felt that his big brother really doesn’t care about his siblings.

He was clearly the one who got beaten!

“Big Brother, I’ll go with you,” Qin Zening mumbled, “lest Grandmother really thinks that Qin Gui beat me.”

“If other people think that I can’t even fight a girl, then that would be too humiliating!”


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