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Ch.124 Embezzlement (2)


Qin Zening briefly explained to him the context, but it only confused Qin Zeyu.

Qin Zening’s eyes were lit up.

He said, “Xiao Gui, what you said is possible!”

“Perhaps that demon Yunguan managed to catch hold of something to threaten Qin Xin with and demanded money from her.

Qin Xin couldn’t get the amount together and in a panic, could only pawn off some things to get the money.”

Qin Gui nodded.

That is what she thought.


Qin Zening slapped the dowry list heavily onto the table and scoffed.

“If she has such a big appetite to swallow that down, then have her spit it all out!”

Qin Gui silently sipped her tea and pondered for a moment.

Since Madam Qin has already settled the matter of Qin Xin stealing the dowry on the excuse of subsidizing the family’s expenses, even if they pursue the matter openly, it would still be difficult for them to pin anything on Qin Xin.

So, they might as well…

A stream of light flashed past Qin Gui’s eyes.

“Big Brother, do you know when Yunguang will be exiled” Qin Gui looked at Qin Zening with her clear eyes which were dense with eager excitement.

Qin Zening really had no idea, however.

Since Yunguan slandered his sister as a star of calamity doomed to a lonely life.

Qin Zening had deliberately asked for someone to keep an eye on the progress of this case and immediately replied, “In five days.”


Qin Gui’s eyes brightened even more as if they were the brightest stars in the sky.

“Big Brother, aren’t you familiar with the people from the Wardens’ Offices of the Five Wards” Qin Xin beckoned to Qin Zening with a sly smile.

“Could you ask them for a favor”


Qin Zeyu who had been silent for a while couldn’t hold it in anymore.

He said, “Aren’t you guys afraid I’ll go and tell on you”

As soon as he said these words, he was rewarded with a hefty slap on the head.

“Who are you thinking of telling” Qin Zening sneered.

“I was just saying it! Really!” Qin Zeyu rubbed his head pitifully.

Ever since Qin Gui…Ever since Third Sister came back, his Big Brother has been becoming more and more violent! This is not good!

Qin Zeyu pursed his lips, looking wronged.

He wouldn’t snitch on them.

He just wanted to see whether Third Sister will pay any attention to him.

Big Brother said that Second Sister has known of her identity since long ago but hid it all this while, allowing Third Sister to suffer in the Li family instead.

Big Brother also said that Second Sister bribed Daoist Master Yunguang to slander his Third Sister, calling her a star of calamity.

In order to hide the matter, she had to sell his mother’s dowry in order to bribe Yunguang further to hide the secret.

Big Brother said that Second Sister is not right-minded and helped his Second Aunt in ruining him with over-flattery…

Qin Zheyu clenched his fists subconsciously.

The Second Sister in his eyes is not like this!

Second Sister is the one who treats him the best since he was young.

When he was being punished to copy books by the teacher, his Second Sister would quietly help him with it.

When he was being scolded by Grandmother, the one who spoke for him was also his Second Sister.

Second Sister gave him anything he wanted and would even plead with Second Aunt for him, telling the accountant to give him some silvers.

Third Sister, however, would only beat and be mean to him.

Even though he should be angry, he did not know why, but he felt very aggrieved when his Third Sister ignored him.

He wanted Third Sister to coax him better.

Qin Zeyu felt bored lying at the window, watching his brother and sister muttering in discussion.

Then, his Big Brother left to do something.

Soon, Third Sister left as well.

Then he was left there, all alone.


The naughty child sighed in boredom.

He was scared of being beaten so he didn’t dare to slip out and play.

He could only wander around the house and run from the turf all away to the small garden…Then, he met Qin Xin.

Wearing a red cloak lined with rabbit fur, Qin Xin walked along a cobblestone path like a red plum in winter, elegant and beautiful.

“Second Sister!”

Qin Zeyu was overjoyed and ran over towards Qin Xin.

As the distance between the two grew closer, for some reason, he subtly felt as if there was an invisible barrier separating the two which made it hard for him to act as close with Qin Xin as usual.

Qin Xin stopped three or four steps away and put on a reluctant smile.

“Ah Yu, do you not recognize me as your big sister anymore”


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