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The unconscious boy finally let out his first cough as Qin Gui continued to pat his back.

“Cough cough!”

Then, he coughed some more, each time louder than the previous.

More mouthfuls of water were coughed out.

The beautiful woman rushed to the boy.

She wanted to snatch the boy from Qin Guis knee but she didnt dare to move around.

Even if she didnt know what happened, she could tell that this unfamiliar woman was saving her son.

“Mama Ding, stop.”

The beautiful woman scolded.

The mama froze before loosening her grip on Qin Guis hands.

Mama Ding looked over, glancing at the beautiful woman and then at Qin Gui.

Her expression was a bit stiff.

The boy coughed out some more water before Qin Gui rolled him over.

The boy opened his eyes with difficulty.

After a moment of confusion, he turned around to look at the beautiful woman, shooting her an innocent smile.

Then he hoarsely called out, “Mother…”

“Zhener! Zhener!”

Without a care for the others, the beautiful woman tightly hugged him and cried out loud.

“Young master!” Mama Ding got on her knees and kowtowed firmly at the beautiful woman.

She said sorrowfully, “This maid hasnt taken good care of the little young master…Its her! She was the one that pushed the little young master into the water!”

As she said this, Mama Ding pointed at Qin Gui in grief and indignation.

The beautiful woman carrying the boy looked at Qin Gui, half believing this.

In the next second, it was as though she had seen something incredulous.

She was stunned.

Her beautiful eyes were widened, and her breathing became heavy, her chest heaving up and down.

Qin Gui was calm facing Mama Dings accusation.

She looked at Mama Ding and said, “Heaven is watching you.

Look at where we are.

Do you dare to say this again Who pushed the child into the water”

Mama Dings face paled and she trembled, feeling as if there was a pair of eyes watching over her that she couldnt see.

She subconsciously avoided Qin Guis gaze, and acted tough, “You, you did!”

“Benefactor, please be careful with your words.” The young monk that brought the group over greeted her and said seriously, “By the time this benefactor arrived at the lake, the little benefactor had already fallen into the water.

This monk had seen it in front of his eyes.”

Qin Gui shot him a grateful smile.

“Master.” Mama Ding kept up with the act and kowtowed firmly again.

“This maid is loyal to you.

Master, please investigate this thoroughly…”

“Mother…” the boys voice was weak, but he said clearly, “Sister didnt push me… Sister saved me.”

The beautiful womans gaze was almost glued to Qin Guis face.

Hearing this, she then snapped out of her gaze and stared at Mama Ding kneeling on the ground.

Zhener had a congenital deficiency when he was born.

The imperial physician offered no other solution than to just rest.

She heard that Tranquil Temples amulet was extremely effective, so she brought Zhener over, wanting to beg for one.

She had a weak body and got tired easily.

After she prayed and begged for an amulet, she went to rest in her private room.

Zhener was young and loved to play around.

Mama Ding convinced her a bit before she relented, ordering her to bring a few people to serve upon him.

Then, she ordered them to keep him away from the lake.

Mama Ding had served her for eight years, so she trusted her.

Therefore, she had her look after Zhener.

It was unclear but she started feeling restless sitting in the private room just before.

She wanted to come out to take a look when coincidentally, she saw the little monk hurriedly looking for people, saying that a child fell into the lake.

At that moment, her heart was in a lot of pain as if she was stabbed.

Without thinking, she rushed over.

She knew that it was Zhener!

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