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Qin Xin clenched her fists tightly and blue veins could be faintly seen from the back of them.

Shu Xiang was kneeling there silently, not moving a muscle.

“Shu Xiang.” Qin Xin thought for a moment and said deeply, “Head over to Xuanqing Temple for me and ask that person, ask them what they want from me!”

Shu Xiang answered her and quickly hurried off.

Shu Xiang left the marquis’s mansion and headed straight to Xuanqing Temple, saying there for a long time before coming out and rushing back to the marquis’s mansion.

She did not notice that two figures had also come out from behind a parasol tree not far away after she stepped out of Xuanqing Mountain.

“Pei Qi, thank you.” Qin Zening patted Pei Qi’s shoulder with a smile.

The Wardens’ Offices of the Five Wards had many eyes and ears everywhere.

It was only by entrusting Pei Qi to have his men keep an eye on Shu Xiang were they able to successfully follow her to this place and also learned that she had come here to meet a man named Wang Sankun, who stayed at Xuanqing Temple long-term.

“It’s nothing big.” Pei Qi swung the horsewhip in his hand playfully.

“Remember to buy me a drink someday.”

Pei Qi did not ask for the reason, he just kept an eye on the girl, so it wasn’t a big deal.

Qin Zening easily agreed.

After saying goodbye to Pei Qi, he headed into Xuanqing Temple himself.

The next day, Daoist Master Yunguang who was waiting to be exiled received a visitor.

The person who came to see her was a man.

The man was in his thirties, wearing a black cotton robe.

He had a square face beaten black and blue, and one eye so swollen it could only be opened to a slit.

he was in a terrible state.

It was Wang Sankun of Xuanqing Mountain.

“The silver has been robbed!”

His first words startled Daoist Master Yunguang so much that she jumped from the ground.

She hurriedly grabbed the cell bars and asked, “What did you say!”

Wang Sankun said indignantly, “Yesterday, the girl from Second Young Master Qin came to Xuanqing Temple to look for me and questioned why Second Young Mistress Qin was pushed out into the light even though she’d already paid the silvers to be made a joke out of in the capital.

Is aid I didn’t do it, of course I couldn’t say I did it!”

“The girl said Second Young Master Qin wouldn’t just stop at that and left after that.

Not long after, she found someone to beat me up, and even took away the silvers!”

Daoist Master Yunguang felt both angry and anxious.

The fingers that were gripping the bars were already growing white.

“She took away all ten thousand taels”

“That’s right!” Wang Sankun said while pointing at his face, “They even beat me into this!”

Daoist Master Yunguang’s face turned ugly and her temper flared up at once.

This ten thousand tael bank ticket was enough to buy her glory and wealth in the capital.

But even if she had these ten thousand taels, what kind of life can she lead in Lingnan, that place where birds wouldn’t even go to ** And she had to always be on guard in case her silvers were snatched away.

Now, Qin Xin had actually gone back on her word and cut off her final straw!

Since she was going to give her a hard time, then she wouldn’t let Qin Xin rest easy either!

A fire lit up in Daoist Master Yunguang’s eyes.

She shouted at the top of her voice, “Guards! This poor daoist wants to see the Lord Mayor!”

“This poor daoist was forced by the Second Young Mistress of the Zhongyi Marquis’ household! It was Qin Xin!”

“It was Qin Xin who asked this poor Daoist to make a show in front of the Empress Dowager…”


Yunguang’s case had long been decided by the lord mayor and the case file was sent to Dali Temple.

The nails have already been hammered into the coffin.

But Yunguang suddenly changed her confession on the eve of the exile, saying that the one behind it all was the future second princess consort.

This was truly a shocking matter.

The lord mayor had no way of making a decision, much less hiding it.

He could only go personally into the palace to report to the emperor.

That same day, someone came from the palace.

Empress Wei had instructed Qin Xin to come into the palace.

The eunuch who delivered her announcement looked at Mrs.

Su with a smile on his face.

“Marquess, please come with us.”

In the past, the eunuchs from the palace had all been very polite with them, but they were all vaguely emitting an unkindly attitude when speaking to them today.

Qin Xin wasn’t the only one who felt this, madam Qin and Mrs.

Su felt it too and they were all feeling panicked.


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