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Ch.130 Serious Accusation (3)

Qin Xin’s heart was in turmoil right now.

She cannot be sent to the lord mayor.

If she goes to public court and gets latched onto by that mad dog Yunguang, then she would be done for! What’s more, she would become the laughingstock of the capital.

Would she still be able to retain her position as Second Princess Consort then!

Can the royal family tolerate an imperial consort with flaws!

Qin Xin’s eyes flickered.

After weighing the possibilities, Qin Xin could only say in an evasive manner, “Your Majesty, I did beg Daoist Master Yunguang once, but I only wished to please the Empress Dowager, so I asked Daoist Master Yunguang to say a few good words for me…”

She blinked and a layer of wetness appeared in her eyes, making her look charming and beautiful.

When she blinked again, crystal teardrops even stained her long lashes, like a delicate flower in a storm.

Qin Xin bit her lower lip and turned her eyes down.

Voice lightly trembling, she said, “Because Third Sister was back, I was scared that…that…”

Her voice was slightly choked and she couldn’t continue anymore.

Just then, a black-robed eunuch came in and reported, “Your Majesty the Empress, Your Majesty the Empress Dowager, His Highness the Second Prince requests an audience.”

Empress Dowager Liu said, “Let him in.”

Empress Wei lifted her brows and slowly took a sip of hot tea.

She was not surprised that the Second Prince would come as she was the one who told someone to leak the news.

Good timing!

The kneeling Qin Xin also thought that Gu Jing came at the right time.

Her eyes widened again, but this time in surprise.

When Qin Xin blinked again, her eyes had instantly turned red and her delicate shoulders were trembling lightly, crystalline tears slipping down from the corner of her eyes, making her fair and petite face look pitiful.

“Your Majesty, I was wrong! I was just too scared, that’s why I was blinded and did the wrong thing.”

“I know that His Majesty the Emperor betrothed me to His Highness the Second Prince because I am your niece, but now I’m not anymore…”

“With Third Sister back, I got scared, very scared…”

Qin Xin was over herself in tears and her delicate body trembled even more, kneeling on the ground.

Second Prince Gu Jing saw this scene as soon as he entered the east hall and the anger in his heart disappeared instantly.

Instead, he felt pained for her.

Originally, Gu Jing was absolutely furious when he heard that Qin Xin was involved in the Yunguang case, but reason told him that with Qin Xin’s character, she wouldn’t have done it for nothing.

His Xin’er was just so kind.

He still vividly remembered the year before when he was out on a trip and accidentally fell into the water.

He could swim, but his robe happened to get tangled in the weeds and Qin Xin who happened to pass by went into the water to save him.

Before going into the water, Qin Xin had no idea that the person who fell into the water was him, but she still threw everything aside to jump into the water.

How many women out there could do the same

Others won’t understand Qin Xin, but he did!

Gu Jing was worried that Empress Wei would wrong her here so he hurried over, but he came just in time to hear these words and his heart was stirred.

His Xin’er only had him in her heart!

Gu Jing also knew that the reason why his father set up the marriage was because Xin’er is the empress’s niece, but he didn’t care about her birth.

The person he wants to marry Xin’er, and only her!

“Imperial Grandmother, Mother.” Gu Jing bowed to Empress Dowager Liu and Empress Wei.

“It’s all because of that heretical daoist Yunguang, making things up in front of Imperial Grandmother.

Xin’er was just being used, so please investigate clearly!”

Qin Xin raised her little face to look at him with her teary eyes, filled with love and trust.

This look of hers caused a strong desire to protect to arise from Gu Jing’s heart.

As a man, how could he just watch his beloved woman suffer!

“Second Prince,” Queen Wei said lightly, “I have already discussed with the Emperor.

Qin Xin really is not a good match for you so just void the marriage.

What do you think, Mother”

Empress Dowager Liu nodded her head with dark eyes.

However much she favored Qin Xin in the past, however much she felt disgusted with her now.

Even if Qin Xin’s status was not good enough, it was fine as long as Jing’er liked her.

But not only was she of low status, but she even colluded with that heretic Yunguang to deceive them.

This was not something she could tolerate!

Qin Xin hung her head down again and her long lashes trembled faintly.

A look of resentment flashed past her eyes and she gritted her teeth.

“I will obey…”

She seemed to have used up all of her strength to speak the last three words and her entire person went limp.


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