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Ch.137 Terrified (5)


Both Qin Xin and Granny Ning excused themselves.

Feeling exhausted, Madam Qin raised her hand to excuse Mrs.

Su and Qin Gui as well.

As soon as Qin Gui left Ronghe Hall, she saw a small maid with a familiar face standing there.

The maid went up to her and reported, “Third Young Mistress, the Young Master has returned and asked you to see him at Yijia Court.”

Qin Gui went with the little maid to Yijia Court’s front yard to look for Qin Zening.

In order to make it easier to watch after Qin Zeyu, Qin Zening moved to Qin Zeyu’s Yijia Court three days ago to live with him.

“Xiao Gui, keep this.”

As soon as they saw each other, Qin Zening handed Qin Gui a bank ticket worth ten thousand taels.

Previously, Qin Zening had deliberately asked someone to spread the rumors about Qin Xin in front of Shu Xiang’s parents so he could lead the snake out of the cave.

Sure enough, Shu Xiang went to Xuanqing Temple after that to look for their accomplices.

Then, Qin Zening borrowed Qin Xin’s name to give that man a beating and robbed him of the bills.

Qin Gui did not take it and instead shoved the money back to Qin Zening.

“Big Brother, take this and buy back those things from last time.

Besides, you still owe Sir Pei Qi some silvers!” Qin Gui was talking about the silver that Qin Zening borrowed from Pei Qi when he didn’t have enough money to buy back the few things from the pawnshop last time.

“…” Qin Zeyu looked at his brother and sister and couldn’t muster a single word.

This boy had always been the type to talk a lot, but his unusual silence inevitably drew the attention of his siblings.

The two of them exchanged silent glances.

They both knew that this young brat had received too great of a shock today.

Qin Gui, “Big Brother, hasn’t Ah Yu’s attendants and pages returned yet”

Qin Zening nodded his head.

Qin Zeyu looked listless, leaning lazily back on his chair and saying in a bad mood, “Young Master is so fast, but those people are constantly dawdling.

Simply as slow as snails…”

Halfway through, Qin Gui nonchalantly rewarded him with a smack on the head.

“Who’s the young master”

Qin Zeyu rubbed his head and changed his tune.

“Big Sister!”

Since she was his young master, then that was fine!

Qin Gui looked at this unreliable brat and proposed, “Big Brother, these people were arranged by Second Aunt.

Why don’t we change them”

Qin Zening immediately agreed.

“I’ll personally pick out some kids for this brat soon.”

Qin Zeyu who was leaning back on his chair jumped up and objected.

“Big Brother, I don’t wanna!”

“Bao Yan and Xiao Dao have been with me for so long and are used to my habits already.

It’s so inconvenient to change!”

“How would a replacement be as clever as them They’ll have everything properly arranged for me as soon as I arrive.

Everything that’s tasty and fun to…Ouch!”

Qin Zeyu was trying to praise his attendants, but as a result of his carelessness, he ended up receiving another smack on the head instead.

This time, it was Qin Zening who hit him.

“Are your two attendants playing around with you all day long” Qin Zening said in a bad mood.

“And what sort of ‘fun’ places have they brought you to”

Qin Zening increased the volume of his voice when he said the words “fun”.

Qin Zeyu averted his gaze sheepishly, only to meet Qin Gui’s smiling gaze.

Qin Gui pursed her lips and smiled, but that smile only served to chill Qin Zeyu’s heart and scare him.

His sister is really scary!!

Qin Zeyu scratched his nose and said.

“Just wine houses, opera troupes, gambling houses…Big Brother, I just went to the gambling house to take a look! I did not gamble!”

He was afraid that Qin Zening would not believe him and added, “Really!”

“I think it’s better if we hurry and move away,” Qin Zening’s words were cold.

He just wouldn’t believe that Second Uncle knew nothing about Mrs.

Su spoiling Qin Zeyu silly!

Though he said so, it was difficult to split up the family.

Their grandmother was still alive.

As the younger generation, they had an obligation to fulfill their filial piety.

Moreover, since Second Uncle was the one who inherited the title, he will not agree to split the family for the sake of his own reputation.

What’s more, the marquis occupies the most prosperous branch of the Qin family, so the clan will definitely side with Second Uncle.

It was simply impossible for them to ask to leave.

Qin Gui smiled.

“It’s not appropriate for Big Brother to mention it, so better let Second Uncle do it.”

A radiant smile was beaming on her delicate little face, along with a few hints of slyness and cleverness.

Qin Zening, “…”


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