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Ch.140 Embezzlement (3)



Su succeeded in diverting the disaster and was slightly relieved, though her cheek was still sore and painful.

She couldn’t blame Qin Zhun though, she could only write down this debt on Qin Xin’s name.

“I have to think about this, think about it really well…” Qin Zhun muttered to himself while pulling the curtain up and leaving.

When Mrs.

Su sat back down again, Granny Zhao ordered the maids to fetch some cold water and personally helped apply a cold compress to Mrs.

Su’s swollen cheek.

Soon after, a maid dressed in black came in and carefully reported, “Madam, the Lord Marquis has gone to Concubine Wang’s room.” The maid’s voice grew softer and softer as she spoke.


Su’s face was blue with anger, slapping her hand heavily on the table.

She almost broke her teeth from the grinding and her cheek was hurting even more.

The marquis really wasn’t giving her any face!

The servants in the house were all silent.

Qin Gui didn’t care about the situation in the second branch.

She went back to the palace early the next morning and reported the results to Empress Wei, who was overjoyed to hear them.

Empress Wei was even more overjoyed to hear that Qin Gui had cheated them out of an additional ten thousand taels.

Empress Wei laughed.

“To think she even dares to move a Wei daughter’s dowry! The Qin family is really unruly.

They think just because they’ve managed to latch onto Gu Jing that they’re already our future in-laws!”

Empress Wei had never been fond of the Qin family’s second branch and only gave them face for the sake of her nieces and nephews.

Qin Gui blinked her big eyes and smiled.

This was how the novel went as well.

Second Prince Gu Jing had a smooth ride in life until reaching the middle of the novel where the villain, Gu Zezhi, appeared, and the male lead encountered the biggest hurdle of the entire novel.

The current Gu Jing probably hasn’t suffered any setbacks yet, probably why his mind is still filled with love.

Such were Qin Gui’s thoughts while she munched on candied fruit.

Empress Wei took a sip of tea and switched to a different topic.

“Xiao Gui, what are your plans now”

Facing her aunt, Qin Gui knows she could talk about anything and replied honestly, “Big Brother wants to split from the family.”

Empress Wei nodded.

“It’s a good idea, but…”

Empress Wei stopped halfway through her sentence.

Splitting up the families wasn’t easy.

Even she and the emperor had no reason to force their subjects to split up the families.

So, unless Qin Zening can achieve a great feat, then the emperor could reasonably confer him a title.

Then, Qin Zening would be able to move out from the marquis’ mansion.

But the merits of a general comes from the battlefield, which is to say he had to fight with his life, which troubled Empress Wei.

Empress Wei softly reassured her, “Xiao Gui, this matter cannot be rushed.”

“Yes,” Qin Gui answered.

She wasn’t just making a speech to ease Empress Wei’s mind, but she really was in no hurry.

Right now, nobody in the marquis’ mansion was bothering her.

She could eat and drink every day, practice her writing, and educating her naughty little brother whenever.

It was a carefree life.

As the two of them talked, Empress Wei recalled something and made a gesture to Granny Xu who came over with a red lacquered wooden box, presenting it to her.

Empress Wei personally took out the copy of the deed from the box and gave it to Qin Gui.

“Xiao Gui, keep this.

You can rent out this store or have a steward handle it.”

Qin Gui took a look at the deed and found that it was the store she had previously set up in Fenggu County.

“Thank you, Aunty.” Qin Gui accepted it graciously.

Now she was a woman with a business too!

Even though the store was set up by Qin Gui for the sake of “putting on a full show”, she did still spend a lot of effort on it after all.

When she first transmigrated over, she had already made up her mind about running a snack store.

Other than selling pastries commonly found in this time period, she would also sell steamed cakes, daifuku, frozen products, and whatnot.

Her original plan changed however and she wasn’t able to achieve it, but the store has actually been mostly set up.

Fenggu County is half a day’s journey from the capital so she definitely can’t run it herself.

However, as Empress Wei said, she can also ask a steward to take care of the store and run over in her spare time to check on things.

Maybe when the plot runs to its end, she may be able to take the store back and run it herself.

When she thought of this, Qin Gui was in a much better mood.


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