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 Ch.154 He Wanted Him Dead (1)


Badump badump badump!

The more Qin Zeyu thought about it, the faster his heart beat, and the brighter his eyes burned.

"Third Sister~~~"

Qin Zeyu called out to Qin Gui in such a soft voice that it almost gave her goosebumps.

Qin Zeyu looked pitifully at her like a puppy wagging its tail.

"Can you make me one too"

It doesn't make sense that Gu Zhen had one as their cousin, but not him as her own little brother!

Qin Gui raised a brow, unmoved.

"That'll depend on your performance."

"I'll be good, I will!" Qin Zeyu raised his right hand, swearing to the heavens, "I'll be the most well-behaved little brother you've ever seen!"

Qin Gui looked at him with a meaningful smile, as if to say "words don't matter, actions do".

Qin Zeyu immediately brought tea and a towel for Qin Gui, even taking the initiative to massage her shoulders.

He couldn't be more attentive.

Qin Zeyu was just about to coax his sister again when a eunuch came in and announced, "Your Highness, the emperor has returned."

When Gu Zhen heard that the emperor returned, he was ecstatic.

Eyes shining brightly, he said, "Cousin Gui, Cousin Yu, let's go and take a look!"

And thus, the three headed for the hunting platform.

The sun was already setting at that hour and many of the people setting off into the mountains for the hunt have returned, leaving all sorts of prey on the hunting platform, from mountain chickens, wild deer, roe, boars, and the like.

When the wind blew, it carried with it the dense stench of blood.

At times like this, a hunter's skill in riding and shooting can be judged just from the appearance of their prey alone.

The more skilled hunters can often take out their prey with a single arrow.

Many men were excitedly viewing and commenting on the hunting platform.

After several imperial guards counted the prey, they went to report to the emperor.

The emperor was pleased and loudly announced, "The top hunter of today is Yu Fuyun!".

As he finished speaking, a young gent less than twenty years old strode onto the hunting platform.

The young man had a tall and slender body with immortal cranes embroidered onto his blue fitted robes.

He had a rather pale complexion and clear eyes, a meek scholarly appearance.

It was hard to believe a man like him who didn't even look like he had the strength to truss a chicken would be the top hunter of today.

Everyone was looking at the pale and frail-looking youth, including Qin Gui.

She could keenly sense a subtle aura surrounding the young man.

Yu Fuyun respectfully cupped his fists and thanked the emperor.

"This humble general thanks to the emperor for his appreciation.."

His voice was as clear and cold as the moonlit night.

Like a sword hidden in its sheath, it added a few points of sharpness to him that were unique to a martial artist.

The emperor then announced second and third place for the day's hunt.

Second place goes to Marquis Wu'an, and third place was Qin Zening.

The two of them went forward to give thanks as well, and the emperor graciously awarded the three of them and gave them words of encouragement, causing the other gents around them to boil with enthusiasm.

They planned to show off in front of the emperor in the coming few days as well.

After receiving the reward, Qin Zening returned to his siblings' side.

Qin Zeyu didn't even look at his brother but instead gushed at Qin Gui.

"Third Sister, are you thirsty I poured you some tea, the temperature is just right."

"If it's sunny, then why don't I get the umbrella for you"

Qin Zening silently looked up at the sky.

It was currently a dim yellow.

The sun was already setting halfway.

"Big Brother," Qin Gui couldn't be bothered to deal with the brat and looked at Qin Zening with admiration.

"You're amazing!" Her eyes gleamed.

Qin Zening grinned.

"I'm still not good enough, I didn't get first place.

Otherwise, I could've gotten my hands on a saber from the west!"

as he spoke, Qin Zening's eyes turned over to Yu Fuyun on the opposite side, who was holding an exquisite saber at the moment.

The handle of the saber was carved from ivory with intricate animal patterns on the surface.

The shiny silver sheath was embedded in red and blue gemstones.

It was magnificent.

If he could have gifted that saber to his little sister, it would certainly suit her well, Qin Zening thought to herself.

Qin Zeyu walked over and patted his brother on the shoulder pretensively like a little adult, comforting him, "Big Brother, it's not shameful to lose to Yu Fuyun!"

"..." Qin Zening's eye twitched.

As Qin Zeyu said, losing to Yu Fuyun wasn't shameful, but why does the way this kid speaks sound so annoying He really does need a beating!


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