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Ch.163 Are You Helping Me (5)

The emperor laughed.

"That kid, Zhen'er, won’t even show me that form of respect." After saying that, he was slightly relieved, "Zhen'er is now getting more and more lively, and he’s doing well academically…..."

Speaking of Gu Zhen, the emperor couldn't help but think of Gu Jing, and his good mood was immediately destroyed.

He could also understand Gu Jing's thinking, Gu Jing was the most ambitious among his sons.

These days, he has been bringing Zhen'er to do his homework and meet ministers.

Naturally, Gu Jing also noticed this and he felt flustered.

Gu Jing was indeed flustered, not only anxious, but also annoyed.

Looking at Ye Luluan's gloomy side profile, Gu Jing felt that he was rather useless, as he couldn't even grasp the opportunity he provided him.

His thoughts remained his thoughts, but Gu Jing's expression was calm.

He sighed, with a helpless look, and said: "Gu Zezhi has always been like this, acting all high and mighty.


Ye Luluan drank the strong alcohol in the cup, wiped his mouth boldly, as he reeked of the smell of alcohol.

Upon hearing Gu Zezhi's name, Ye Luluan's back that was hit by the arrows began to faintly hurt again, as if to remind him that he had lost.

With everyone watching, he lost to Gu Zezhi in the aspect he was the best at.

Ye Luluan poured himself another glass and drank it again in one gulp.

Gu Jing continued: "Actually, I noticed that Gu Zezhi might have also fallen in love with Qin Jiu."

He coldly snorted in disdain: This wild brat from the countryside has the charm to make them all fight for her

Ye Luluan squeezed the cup tightly and did not speak.

He remembered the incident in front of the restaurant last month.

That time it was also Gu Zezhi who ruined his plan.

It seems that it might be like what Gu Jing said.

Gu Zezhi had also fallen in love with Qin Jiu, so that's why he’s always onto him!

This way, it must be Gu Zezhi who put him in a sack that day and beat him up.

Ye Luluan's face turned an ugly shade of colour, his mood was rather unstable.

When he thought of the fact that when he returned to the capital, he would be forced to kneel at the Yingling Temple in front of Gu Zezhi, Ye Luluan wanted to just break his body into pieces.

Ye Luluan managed to squeeze out a voice from between his teeth while he gritted down: "Gu Zezhi…..."

He subconsciously squeezed the cup tightly, and the cup almost shattered into pieces.

The corners of Gu Jing's lips twitched a mocking smile, where Ye Luluan couldn't see.

His voice was calm, but he said with a coaxing tone: "If Prince Yelu wants to seek revenge, it's actually not that difficult."

Ye Luluan raised her long eyebrows and looked at Gu Jing.

Gu Jing took a sip and said with a smile: "It’s your first time here in Daqi, so you might not be aware of this.

According to the rules, there will be a night hunt tomorrow, and Gu Zezhi will definitely enter the woods too.

If something happens to him, it’s just God’s will."

Ye Luluan raised his eyebrows, snorted, and said, "Are you helping me"

Gu Jing didn’t deny it, and only said: "You and I have our own aims."

He smiled, and added in a meaningful tone: "A straightforward person does not resort to insinuations, it isn’t only Prince Yelu who wants Gu Ze to die.

If Prince Yelu can kill him, it will be good for me too."

Ye Luluan squinted his eyes and looked at Gu Jing, his gaze slumping deeper and deeper.

Originally, he thought that Gu Jing was stupid.

Going behind Emperor Daqi’s back and cooperating with him.

If Emperor Daqi found out, it would not be good news for him.

The Daqi Dynasty was different from their Yan Kingdom.

The imperial power here was supreme.

Whoever Emperor Daqi wanted to appoint as the crown prince, then that person would be the crown prince.

Gu Jing angered Emperor Daqi, so he missed his chance for the throne.

But what does this have to do with him! In his opinion, it would be better for Gu Jing to be as stupid as possible.

Now it seems that Gu Jing wasn't really as dumb.

Gu Jing definitely knew that cooperating with him would make Emperor Daqi dislike him, but he did it anyway.

This move was rather intriguing.

Ye Luluan contemplated for a moment, smashed the cup on the table "bang", and said, "Okay!"

So what if Gu Jing wanted to make use of him to get rid of his enemy!

As Gu Jing said, they all have their own aims, and no one owes anything to the other party.

Gu Jing smiled again, holding onto his cup and said, "Prince Yelu, don't worry, someone will create a chance for you on that day."

Ye Luluan also raised his glass, the two smiled at each other, and after giving a toast, they gulped the drink down in one shot.



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