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Ch.164 Hunting Grounds (1)

When coming out of Ye Luluan’s place, the bright moon was hanging high in the sky, Gu Jing walked slowly to his manor with his hands behind his back.

In his opinion, working together with Yeluluan was just to achieve what they both wanted.

He wants the horses, and Yeluluan wants Qin Jiu, it’s a fair trade.

Although the new type of bow was important, however, once it’s commonly used in the army, it would be rather easy for Beiyan to get one of the bows, figure out its structure and make a replica of it.

It was actually really easy to accomplish, but if it was not popularized in the army, the bow isn’t even worth mentioning.

But the horses are a different case.

They are one of the best battle horses, which could make Daqi’s cavalry much more powerful.

This was not only what he wanted, but also what the troops would want.

There is no absolute fairness in this world.

It was worthwhile for him to trade the method to produce the new bows in return for the horses to gain favoritism in the army.

He is not the first son, and the Emperor is more fond of Gu Zhen.

In order to get that position of supremacy, he must fight for it!

As for Gu Zezhi, he was in the way of his plans, and he isn’t too fond of him, no wonder Emperor Duan’s eldest son can’t stand him......

The mid-winter night was quiet, only the cold wind blew through the night, the surrounding trees rustled in the darkness, like a group of dancing demons.

The ritual on the second day of Winter Hunting would start at dusk, so there will be nothing to do during the day.

Qin Jiu slept until late in the morning, then she took her time to depart from Luqin court to the hunting platform.

From a distance, she could hear Qin Zeyu's muffled voice in her ears: "......Cousin, you just have to lend me your bow, and I’ll promise to hunt down a bear for you."

Under the big tree in front of her, Qin Zeyu looked at the black bow in Gu Zhen's hand with greedy eyes, patted his chest and promised confidently.

"Liar." Gu Zhen made it clear that he didn't believe him, "Cousin Yu, with your thin figure, don't let the bear hunt you down instead."

Qin Zeyu: "......"

He never thought that he would be this unlikeable.

He must have been with his sister for too long, one who stays near ink gets stained black......cough cough, one who stays near vermilion gets stained red!

Qin Zeyu, who was secretly bashing his sister, turned around and saw Qin Jiu approaching them in a leisure manner, as she stared at him with a smile.

The expression on Qin Zeyu's face changed, and he shouted passionately: "Third sister~~~ You’re here, do you want to have some water"

As he said this, he poured a glass of cold water, and handed it to his sister, as if he was showering his sister with immense love and respect.

While holding the cold teacup, Qin Jiu felt the oncoming cold wind, and wondered if this kid was deliberately playing tricks on her

"Sister, aren't you thirsty" Qin Zeyu asked, without waiting for Qin Jiu's answer, he diligently suggested, "Do you want a Jianzi I'll hunt down a pheasant for you and make you one, ok"

Qin Zeyu thought in his heart: This way, he could directly ask Gu Zhen to lend him the bow.

After that, as long as he performs well in front of his third sister, she'll definitely be willing to make a new bow for him too!

Qin Zeyu patted his chest in confidence and promised: "Third Sister, I will make you the prettiest Jianzi!" His boastful appearance was exactly the same as when he just promised Gu Zhen to hunt down a bear.

"Okay! Go hunt for pheasants!" Gu Zhen's eyes brightened, and eagerly responded, "Cousin Yu, I think pheasants would be okay for you! Cousin Jiu, don't you think so too"

Qin Jiao gave Qin Zeyu a faint glance, and unceremoniously dismissed him as she said, "That's hard to say." She knew what he was plotting behind her back.

Qin Zeyu: "......"

Qin Zeyu felt that his sister was underestimating him way too much.

Forget it, he’ll be the bigger person here!

Qin Zeyu looked at Gu Zhen again with his scorching gaze, and said, "Cousin, let me use your bow.

I’ll need it to hunt down the pheasants to make Jianzi for my third sister." After a pause, he said earnestly, "You’re still too young to go into the forest."

Naturally, there would be no pheasants near this hunting platform.

If he wanted to hunt for them, he had to enter the hunting ground.

Gu Zhen hugged his precious bow tightly, and hesitatingly said, "I want to go too."

"No, no." Qin Zeyu objected strongly, "Aunt will not agree to this.

Third sister, you wait here and accompany your cousin.

I’ll hunt down the best-looking pheasant for you in a bit."

Qin Jiu won’t let Qin Zeyu use her like this.

This rascal is such a nuisance!



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