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Ch.166 Hunting Grounds (3)

Qin Jiu brought Qin Zeyu along to set up a grill in the pergola near the hunting platform, and instructed the servants to clean the pheasant after removing the tail to roast it.

When the fragrant roasted pheasant was done, Gu Zezhi was also done with the Jianzi.

"For you."

Gu Zezhi handed it to Qin Jiu.

This Jianzi was made from that pheasant’s prettiest feathers.

The long colorful feathers hung down the sides, it resembled a blooming Phoenix flower.

When the wind blew, the feathers swayed along, glistening with brilliance, it was exceptionally beautiful.

Qin Zeyu urged: "Third sister, try it!"

Qin Jiu was also eager to try it out, she threw the Jianzi in the air, and then used her right foot to coil it......

The Jianzi flew up, and then fell.

She gave it an accurate kick.

The next moment, it flew into the distance, drawing a long parabola in mid-air, like a bird spreading its wings  and landed on a tree not far away.

"Ha ha ha!"

Qin Zeyu laughed loudly and made no effort to hide his hysterical laugh.

Qin Jiu: "......"

Is he asking for a beating! Qin Jiu subconsciously touched the whip on her waist, before taking a hold on the handle, she heard Gu Zezhi say with a smile, "What a good kick."

Gu Zezhi reached out and took down the Jianzi that was hanging on the tree.

"......" Qin Zeyu's eyes instantly widened.

Gu Zezhi is really blinded by love!

Qin Zeyu also noticed that Qin Jiu's hand was placed on her whip, and praised wittily: "My third sister played really well, her kicks are so accurate and powerful!"

Qin Jiu naturally knew where her skills were at, but after being praised by the two, she got goosebumps all over her body.

It’s not surprising for that rascal to do so, but even Gu Zezhi was......

like this!

When she took over the Jianzi from Gu Zezhi, she suddenly remembered something: Oh right, she hasn't returned him his handkerchief!

Qin Jiu pouted, she was very tempted to hammer her forgetful brain, she forgot to bring the handkerchief again.

At this moment, the sound of clattering horse hooves could be heard from the hunting ground in front of them, and a group of around hundred soldiers from the Forbidden Army exited the hunting ground.

At the same time, another group of soldiers from the Forbidden Army crossed paths with them and entered the hunting ground.

Now it was time for the Forbidden Army to change shifts.

Qin Jiu looked at the forbidden army that had disappeared in the forest, and asked casually, "I remember that there’s a night hunt tonight, right"

"That's right." Qin Zeyu replied eagerly, "This is a rule that the Daqi dynasty has set up since the very start, because the founding emperor said, Daqi dynasty was founded after fighting relentlessly on horseback.

Hence, all children of the Gu family must not forget their roots, they have to be good at horse riding and shooting, in order to protect their families and home......"

Qin Zeyu was serious at first, and as he spoke on, he showed his true colour and shrugged as he said: "However, third sister, you know that this rule is so useless, anyway, you definitely can't go, and could only tuck yourself in bed! "

Qin Jiu's response to this was to directly throw the Jianzi in her hand towards this rascal's head...

However, Qin Zeyu guessed it wrong.

When the night hunt started that night, Empress Wei asked Qin Jiu to enter the hunting ground with her.

Qin Jiu confessed honestly: "Aunt, I don't know how to ride a horse."

She could only ride slowly for a short while, but this doesn’t count at all.

Empress Wei smiled naturally: "Zezhi is here."

Qin Jiu: "......"

She had a feeling that something was wrong, what does this have to do with him.

"Aunt, I want to go too!" Qin Zeyu eagerly came forward, thinking that since Qin Jiu could go, so he could too!

"Wait aside!" Qin Zening picked up the little kid's back collar and threw him towards Gu Zhen's direction, implying that he should act his age.

Qin Zeyu: "......"

With Qin Zeyu and Gu Zhen’s pitiful gaze, the crowd surrounded the emperor and entered the hunting ground.

Now that the night has fallen, stars and the moon covered the night sky, and torches of fire illuminated the woods below as bright as day.

Soon after entering the hunting ground, the emperor pulled on the horse’s lead rope to a halt, and said loudly: "Night Hunting is to brush up on one’s martial arts and skills through hunting, but also to meet new friends.

Daqi was founded through fighting relentlessly on horsebacks, and we shall all not forget our roots!"

"Today's night hunt is the time for you all to show me what you’re capable of, let me see how brave and skillful our men are.

The first person who hunts down a wild bear would be the winner of today’s night hunt.

I’ll reward him heavily!"

All the noble warriors were pumped up, and answered in unison, then they rode their horses to the depths of the forests, the rumbling of the horses' hooves gradually faded away……


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