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Ch.167 Hunting Grounds (4)

The area surrounding

the emperor suddenly became rather empty.

Qin Jiu knew her place, and followed him from behind obediently.

Gu Zezhi didn't leave either, he didn't seem to plan to participate in the night hunt tonight.

Empress Wei looked at Gu Zezhi and said with a smile: "Zezhi, Jiu doesn't know how to ride a horse.

You have to keep a lookout for her."

Qin Jiu was looking at the direction where Qin Zening headed towards, and when she heard Empress Wei's words, she quickly retracted her gaze and smiled at Gu Zezhi obediently.

Her smile, in the eyes of Empress Wei, showed that her niece really liked Gu Zezhi.

Later, Empress Wei looked back at the two of them.

Although Gu Zezhi was a few years older than her niece, that would just mean that he’ll shower her with lots of love.

The more she looked at Gu Zezhi, the more satisfied she was, and that this marriage would be worthwhile.

After a short rest, the emperor continued to ride forward, Gu Zezhi and the emperor rode side by side, walking towards the depths of the forests under the moonlight.

Qin Jiu, who was behind them, carefully pulled on the lead.

All her attention was focused on riding forward slowly.

The emperor and Gu Zezhi moved forward as they talked, and their topics revolved mostly around Beiyan.

"Dear emperor, Bei Yan will never give up."

"Once Daqi shows its weak side, they will definitely make a comeback."

What Gu Zezhi said was also what the emperor worried about.

He was in poor health.

Although he felt slightly better nowadays, he was still weak.

If the leader of a dynasty is in poor health, it’ll be rather easy to weaken the morale of its army and people, giving its enemies the chance to take advantage of this situation.

The compound bow was just a means to stall Bei Yan.

The emperor once summoned the craftsmen in the Ministry of Works who made Qin Jiu's bows.

Since each bow had a slight difference from each other, the position of the gears required additional calculations, that means that it’ll take time to make such a bow.

This also means that in a short period of time, it was difficult to mass produce it and populate it into their military forces.

Weapons that cannot be used in the military, no matter how good they were, were useless to Da Qi.

The emperor frowned slightly, his gaze darkened.

This compound bow's greatest value now is to make Beiyan feel that it is within sight but beyond reach.

The more fearful they were, the more unlikely they would dare to go into war with them.

Daqi needed time to recuperate.

Gu Zezhi said with a meaningful gaze: "It's also good for Gu Jing and him to 'deal' with each other."

The emperor was startled and smiled after a while.

The moonlight was as translucent as water, it was the mid-winter season, the cold wind blew through the forest as they rode forward in an unhurried fashion.

Right until a guard from the Forbidden Army, who was responsible for paving the way up front, came back and said: "Emperor, bear prints were spotted."

"Really Take me over to have a look,"

The emperor was overjoyed, and rode forward as the others followed suit.

The guards of the Forbidden Army found the prints not too far ahead of them.

Perhaps it was because there was a light rain in the afternoon and the soil was rather moist, so a few paw prints were faintly left on the ground.

The prints were quite faint, but it was indeed a bear’s print!

"It's really a bear! I might be in luck today!" The emperor was overjoyed and said jokingly, "Maybe I’ll be today's winner."

Qin Jiu smiled, and said jokingly: "When my cousin finds out, I'm afraid he’ll be so envious of me!"

Gu Zhen also wanted to come to the night hunt, but he was still too young, so the emperor didn’t agree to it.

Qin Jiu looked around with scorching eyes, her pupils shining brightly.

She has never seen a bear in real life!

Gu Zezhi pointed in a direction and said, "Emperor, judging from the direction of these paw prints, the bear should have gone that way."

The emperor clasped his hands and smiled as he said, "Let’s go and take a look!" With that, he then took the lead.

The emperor was in a good mood, and the others naturally didn’t want to upset him.

Hence, a group of the Forbidden Army surrounded him and proceeded in that direction.

The silver moonlight shone through the dense branches and leaves and landed on the ground, making it easy for them to spot the prints.

However, the bear's paw prints were scattered everywhere, some were covered by thorns, and some have already been wiped away by the footprints of other animals.

It was not easy to find them.

The emperor was not in a hurry, it was just to pass time, so they continued on their search enthusiastically.

Qin Jiu had a good eye for this, for many times, she was the one who discovered the prints.


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