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Ch.170 Trap (2)

Compared with both Gu Zezhi and Yu Fuyun who were thin and slim, the black bear was huge, like a hill.

When it straightened up its body, the shadow casted down almost enveloped the two of them.

It was indeed large in size, but its movements were not sluggish at all.

As it attacked, it gave off a killing aura.

However, Gu Zezhi and Yu Fuyun were fearless, shooting, dodging, attacking......

It was the first time they two had cooperated with each other, but they were so in sync, as if they were comrades who fought many wars on the battlefield.

At this moment, time seemed to pass extremely slowly.

Gradually, Yu Fuyun was starting to struggle, and one of the arrows he shot was flicked away by the black bear.

The emperor's expression was torn, and he said to Empress Wei with much emotion: "Fuyun has still not recovered from his injury."

Qin Jiu heard it too, but her gaze was still fixed on the both of them.

After the black bear flicked away Yu Fuyun's arrow, its big claws came down towards him and pushed him to the ground.

At the same time, Gu Zezhi from behind shot another arrow at the black bear, which shot right through its paw.

The black bear once again let out a loud roar, in pain, but Yu Fuyun had already seized the opportunity to escape, and he shot another arrow with his backhand accurately into the black bear's right eye.

Qin Jiu couldn't turn her eyes away, she almost wanted to applaud the both of them.

In the novel, Yu Fuyun wasn’t mentioned much.

It only mentioned that all the evil big boss, Gu Zezhi’s shameless and horrendous ideas came from Yu Fuyun, but it never really mentioned about Yu Fuyun’s skills.

Before that, Qin Jiu thought that Yu Fuyun had injured himself really badly on the battlefield, hence, he was no longer as good.

She didn't expect him to be this strong.

Using these two villains’ skills and moves to make a martial arts film or some sort, it would definitely be a hit!

Qin Jiu watched with much gusto, and felt that this trip was so worthwhile.

The emperor looked at them, smiled again, and said, "Zezhi and Fuyun can handle this."

Qin Jiu nodded fiercely in agreement.


The black bear, who was shot so many times that it was about to turn into a hedgehog, let out its last roar.

It was now at its end.

Compared with the state that the black bear was in, Gu Zezhi and Yu Fuyun were both calm, their breathings were slow and steady, their gaze were clear, and they suffered no injuries.

Their surroundings were a mess, with broken tree trunks, branches and fallen leaves scattered everywhere.

Gu Zezhi pulled on the reins, kept a certain distance from the black bear, and suddenly said: "Emperor, do you want to try out the bow too"

The emperor was intrigued, he placed the arrow in the bow and took a clean shot.

The emperor rarely trained in recent years, but his strong foundation still remained.

His shot was extremely accurate as it hit the black bear's thigh.

The black bear roared even more loudly, its face twisted and ferocious, and the remaining intact left eye was as red as blood.

Its last straw of strength kicked in as it rushed in the emperor’s direction with a heavy growl.

Gu Zezhi and Yu Fuyun exchanged glances quickly.

Seeing as the black bear barged forward, the emperor’s expression remained calm, and once again placed an arrow and drew his bow…...


At this moment, someone among the guards yelled loudly, and the guards at the front row let go of their bowstrings......

"Swish! Swish! Swish!"

Dozens of arrows were shot towards the black bear almost at the same time, passing through the dark night like a meteor shower.

Some missed the black bear, some hit the nearby trees, and some were frantically flung away by the black bear......

The scene suddenly slumped into chaos.

The guards all played their part.

The guards in the back two rows remained in front of the emperor, acting as a barrier, while the guards in the front row drew their arrows sharply again, and made their shots.

"Swish! Swish! Swish!"

Another messy rain of arrows soared towards the black bear, and one of the arrows flew towards Gu Zezhi.


The emperor, who was not too far away from him, also noticed this and exclaimed nervously.

Gu Zezhi moved sideways as he was planning to dodge it, but he was a step too late, and the arrow pierced through his abdomen......

Gu Zezhi’s body trembled as he covered the spot where he was hit with his hands.

With a "bang," he couldn't even hold the longbow in his hand any longer and it fell to the ground.

Immediately afterwards, he himself slid off the horse's back, as he stubbornly grabbed onto the saddle with one hand, and rested his body on the white horse weakly.


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