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Ch.171 Trap (3)


All this happened so quickly, everyone around was so shocked that they didn’t know how to react.

The emperor shouted again: "Zezhi!"

Without Gu Zezhi's restraints, the black bear continued to charge towards the emperor, this time, its momentum was even stronger.

Qin Jiu stared at Gu Zezhi's direction, the corners of her lips pursed tightly.

The guards continued to shoot, and rains of arrows continued to fall from the sky, making the situation even more chaotic.

Suddenly, the sound of horses could be heard from the other side, and a young man in a blue brocade robe appeared from the forest in front of them.

It was Ye Luluan.

"I'll help you guys!"

With a "schwing", he drew a scimitar out of his sheath, and rushed towards the black bear, his horse dashed over boldly and confidently.

Seeing as Ye Luluan was battling fiercely against the black bear, the guards could no longer continue to shoot, in fear of hurting Ye Luluan by mistake.

The injured black bear had lost all its senses, and just wanted to vent its pain, all it wanted was to tear all its surrounding enemies apart.

It blindly waved its claws and broke many trees.

The commander hurriedly said: "Emperor and empress, please step back, so you won’t accidentally get hurt."

The group of guards who guarded the emperor, slowly and cautiously stepped back.

For these guards, the emperor’s safety was their utmost priority, and nothing could be compared with it.

Qin Jiu was also protected by the guards, she started to also step back while on her horse, but her gaze never left Gu Zezhi.

The black bear fought more and more fiercely, as if it was using all its might.

Yeluluan was forced to retreat, step by step, he headed towards the white horse and Gu Zezhi.


Its sharp claws slammed onto Yeluluan's scimitar once again, and even Yeluluan's hands trembled along with the blade.

Ye Luluan looked like he couldn’t handle the situation, and took two steps back, but the corner of his eyes kept sweeping over to Gu Zezhi.

Gu Zezhi was covering his injury with one hand, and the saddle with the other, he looked so weak that he seemed to be about to fall off......

"Roar!" The black bear roared and charged towards Ye Luluan again.

Ye Luluan stealthily lowered his body, and the bear’s claw swung down towards Gu Zezhi, who was behind him, the blow was strong......

Ye Luluan smirked, his gaze was cold.

Don't the people of Daqi pay much emphasis on dignity and honour! If Gu Zezhi died as a result of "protecting the emperor", he’ll die a glorified death right!

At that very moment, Gu Zezhi, who was leaning against the horse, suddenly moved.

He pulled out a dagger from his boot with one hand, then slammed it down and nailed the black bear’s right foot to the ground with much force.

“Roar!" The black bear's shrill cries sounded even more bitter, its paws moved around frantically, as its right paw met with Ye Luluan's cheek.

Its sharp claws pierced through his skin, leaving three straight cuts.

Ye Luluan screamed, clutching his injured cheek as he rolled around on the ground, hiding away from the black bear's attacks.

This scene naturally fell into Qin Jiu's sight.

The corners of Qin Jiu's lips curled up high, and she said to herself, her golden thigh is invincible, he’ll be okay.

She retracted her gaze, but just then, Qin Jiu noticed that something was wrong.

The guards were so busy escorting the emperor to safety just now, and with the chaotic situation, she was all focused on Gu Zezhi.

She absent-mindedly followed one of the guards and retreated back two to three feet.

Until now, she realised that she was taken away from the empress's side.

The imperial guards protected the emperor, as they were guarding against the injured black bear, in fear that it would go crazy again.

Everyone's gaze was on Gu Zezhi and the black bear, so no one noticed her.

Something’s not quite right!

Qin Jiu raised her eyebrows in suspicion as her horse neighed uncomfortably.

"Third lady Qin, this way." The square-faced guard who led the way said again.

At this moment, Qin Jiu was ten steps away from the empress and was almost at the very end of the entire group.

If she retreated more, she would end up behind the bush.

The surroundings were dark, if she was gone, no one would notice.


The sound of the black bear’s roar and the clamor of the attacks came one after another.

Qin Jiu: "......"

Qin Jiu sat still on her horse as she looked in the empress’s direction.

The square-faced guard frowned upon seeing this, and hurriedly said: Third Lady Qin, the empress is worried that the bear would hurt you.

It’s better for you to stay back here."

"Okay." Qin Jiu replied timidly, her expression looked unsure, her small face looked pale under the silver moonlight, "I'm so scared, that bear…...

it won't come over, right”


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