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Ch.176 Faking it all this time (3)

This sound was infinitely amplified in his ears, like someone was slapping him on the face over and over again, his face felt like it was burning from it.

Ye Luluan had never experienced such a big setback in life.

Qin Jiu slowly walked past Ye Luluan.

When she passed by him, she deliberately looked down at him, her lips moved, as she said silently: Serves you right.

Without waiting for Ye Luluan to react, she pressed on her horse's belly and rode towards Gu Zezhi cheerfully.

She was in a very good mood: her way of picking fights with others is to quickly block the person after dissing them, never giving them the opportunity to talk back!

Ye Luluan was already fuming with anger, and felt even more irritated by Qin Jiu's words, he then said with much hate, "Qin, Jiu."

His teeth rattled.

For Qin Jiu, Ye Luluan gave off a very complicated vibe.

In the beginning, it was because of the compound bow.

On the day of the Thousand Autumn Festival, he was amazed when he saw the compound bow in the Imperial Garden.

As someone who grew up on a horseback, the compound bow for sure attracted him.

Hence, he asked Emperor Daqi to let him marry Qin Jiu.

Since he was planning to have a marriage alliance with Daqi, it would be even better if he could marry a woman that he was fond of.

In the end, Emperor Daqi refused his request.

Ye Luluan was never a person who easily gives up, so when he ran into Qin Jiu that day, he seized the opportunity to confess his feelings, and wanted to force her to agree, but his plan was ruined by Gu Zezhi.

At that time, Qin Jiu didn't say anything back, but Ye Luluan knew that it was a silent rejection.

Ye Luluan didn’t need the person to be Qin Jiu, but it was different now…...

Ye Luluan stared closely at Qin Jiu's side profile as she smiled.

"Big brother, General Yu and you should be the winner of today’s night hunt!"

Qin Jiu talked to Gu Zezhi with a smile, as she shook the whip in her hand, her eyes sparkled.

The emperor said before that the winner of today's night hunt would be greatly rewarded.

Gu Zezhi smiled and shrugged, he then reached out and said, "Give me the whip."

Gu Zezhi wasn’t holding on to the reins, his white horse had it in its mouth as it slowly carried his master forward.

Ah! Qin Jiu looked at Gu Zezhi with her mouth slightly open then reluctantly gave him the whip.

Gu Zezhi took the whip and fiddled with the winding on the handle of the whip.

Qin Jiu noticed that the decorative winding on the handle of the whip was loose.

His fingers were slender and as white as a jade bamboo, with hints of the bear's blood stained between them, he skillfully weaved the loose ends.

These simple movements gave off an indescribable elegance and dexterity.

After rearranging them, Gu Zezhi handed the whip back to Qin Jiu, "Take it."

Qin Jiao took it back again, her heart trembled slightly, as if something had slipped past it, and the corner of her lips curled up involuntarily.

Ye Luluan looked at Qin Jiu, and then at Gu Zezhi, as veins appeared on his clenched fists.

It's just a woman, the more unattainable she is, the more he wants her.

Since Gu Zezhi values

Qin Jiu so much, he for sure would compete with Gu Zezhi for her!

Hmph, the more challenging things are, the more it is worth a try, isn't it!

Ye Luluan's pupils seemed to be burning with fire.

After reattaching the whip back on her waist, Qin Jiu smiled and said: "Thigh…...cough cough, big brother," she raised her eyebrows and glanced in Zheng Feng's direction, as she said tentatively, "That Zheng Feng committed suicide…...

"She wanted to ask if Zheng Feng's suicide would ruin Gu Zezhi’s plans.

Gu Zezhi: "Thighs"

Qin Jiu smiled flatteringly, as she said solemnly: "It’s a respectable title!"

"......" Gu Zezhi looked at her in silence, and when he noticed that Qin Jiu was feeling guilty, he said softly, "It's better that he’s dead."

Gu Zezhi had already guessed that Zheng Feng would commit suicide, but he didn't stop him.

A guard from the Forbidden Army with such a background, had a bright future, but he was so loyal to Prince Duan, as if he was prepared to sacrifice.

This was already unusual.

Duan Manor has the military power, and also death warriors, and these death warriors were even placed by the emperor’s side, no matter how tolerant he was, the emperor will for sure be vigilant of this.

Qin Jiu: ""

Qin Jiu didn't understand, but because Golden Thigh was so capable, he must have long known that someone was plotting something against him, so he went along with it.


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