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Ch.180 Qin Jiu was satisfied! (2)


Gu Zezhi looked at Qin Jiu's figure from the back, her steps were as light as a deer, he placed his right fist on his lips, and chuckled silently.

His right hand was still wrapped up with Qin Jiu's primrose-colored handkerchief.

This handkerchief that obviously did not belong to him, caught Empress Wei’s eyes.

Empress Wei sighed: a woman of age still has to be married off and leave the house.

The second prince, Gu Jing, also looked towards Gu Zezhi, a strange light flashed in his eyes.

He never expected that Gu Zezhi would be able to return unharmed, but also become the winner of tonight’s night hunt.

In that case, both Prince Duan and Ye Luluan had failed

Such a good opportunity, how could this be…...

"Father." Gu Jing stepped forward and greeted the emperor, he smiled as if he didn’t know about anything, he was planning to pry over what had happened, "I should have gone with you, so I could witness Uncle Ze and General Yu’s outstanding performance.

Father, I......"

"Please leave, I'm exhausted." The emperor said with a solemn face, not wanting to deal with Gu Jing now, and waved his hand.

Gu Jing lowered his gaze, stepped aside, and didn’t ask further.

He thought in his heart: It seems that he still has to ask Ye Luluan about this.

The emperor gave some words of encouragement to the people present, and then dismissed them off to have some rest, Empress Wei and him then proceeded to leave first.

Everyone bowed, and sent the emperor off.

The night was chilly, when the emperor returned to Yong An Manor in the center of the hunting palace, he summoned the Embroidered Uniform Guard’s commander, Yuan Minggang and instructed: "Yuan Minggang, send someone to the Duan Manor and pass on my message, ask Emperor Duan to come to the capital with his first son."

After a pause, the emperor added: "Just say that I have decided on Gu Zezhi’s marriage alliance,  and wanted to invite them here to talk about it."

Yuan Minggang immediately clasped his fists and accepted his orders, he vaguely guessed that the emperor invited them over for something else, and Gu Zezhi's marriage was just an excuse.

Embroidered Uniform Guards were the emperor’s trusted followers, so naturally he didn’t say much.

Yuan Minggang left, leaving only the emperor and the eunuch, Zhou Xin in the study.

After sitting at his table, the emperor murmured at the longbow hanging on the wall: "About the prince, I can no longer let Emperor Duan handle it on his own.

He’s obviously biased, otherwise, he would have already stripped him of his title."

Zhou Xin heard it too, but he pretended not to, as he smiled and said: "Emperor, it's getting late, please rest."

The emperor's precious body has only gotten better recently, he shouldn’t tire himself out.

The emperor rubbed his eyes and let Zhou Xin assist him to rest.

There will be a sacrificial ceremony tomorrow morning, the emperor will not be able to rest for long.

And two hours later, he got up again.

The ceremony this morning will begin around 5am to 7am and the emperor will perform it himself.

Everyone kept this in mind, and came to the hunting platform on time, once again the place was filled with people.

The horn sounded again, and at dawn when the sun slowly rose, the atmosphere was filled with vigour and vitality.

The emperor got on the hunting platform, and the guards from the Forbidden Army followed along with all the catches from yesterday night.

Among them, there was not only the black bear, but also roes, deers, wolves, and wild boars, making up to five animals.

Below the hunting platform, everyone knelt down.

The emperor looked up in the direction of the rising sun, read the sacrificial text aloud, and used the five animals as a sacrifice to the heavens and their ancestors.

Immediately afterwards, the five animals were thrown into the bonfire, the fire was burning strong, consuming the sacrifices in a swift second.

Under the host’s lead, everyone shouted in unison: "Long live the emperor, may the country be in peace and the people kept safe, God bless Daqi!"

Their shouts shook the sky, it was so loud that the sky seemed to tremble along.

At this point, today's sacrificial ceremony was over.

Next, they will stay in the hunting palace for another ten days before leaving for the capital.

After the emperor left, the scene suddenly became lively.

Some people hurried into the hunting grounds, such as Qin Zening; some were busy riding their horses, such as Qin Zeyu; some girls chatted about going fishing and swimming together at the lake……

As for Qin Jiu, she planned to go shopping together with Du Ruo, but before she could even strap on her horse, she saw Gu Zezhi walking towards her.



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