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Ch.188 Marriage alliance with Beiyan (5)

Upon looking at Qin Jiu's wet sleeve, Changning felt slightly annoyed.

She sighed and blamed herself: "It’s my fault for losing balance, dragging you in this."

Qin Jiu smiled widely, and said nonchalantly: "It's fine, it's just clothes, we just need to get changed."

"Third Lady Qin, you have such a good temper." Changning smiled shyly, like a delicate flower.

As she said this, Changning's gaze fell on Du Ruo who was behind Qin Jiu again, and said softly: "This is Du Ruo who serves the empress mother right.

Third Lady Qin, do you want Du Ruo to get you some clothes first"

Qin Jiu let out a soft voice and said, "I almost forgot about that, Du Ruo, could you get me the rouge-colored sleeved over-dress with the butterflies and flowers."

Du Ruo widened her eyes slightly, then lowered her head, as she bent her knees and said, "I’ll be back soon."

Du Ruo left in a hurry.

Qin Jiu walked along the lake with Changning, and soon they arrived at Bibo Pavilion.

It was a waterfront pavilion.

Half of the pavilion was built on the lake, and it ingeniously blended with the surrounding lake and rockeries.

When they first entered the Bibo Pavilion, the servant, Lingxiang, also hurried back with two sets of clean clothes on the tray in her hand and passed it to Third Lady Qin."

"You’re so thoughtful." Changning nodded, and smiled at Qin Jiu.

"Third Lady Qin, I made this dress this year.

I haven't worn it yet.

If you don't mind, you can wear it first.

Your manor is quite far from here, wearing a wet dress wouldn’t do."

Qin Jiu accepted it with much gratitude: "Thank you, Third Princess."

"Third Lady Qin, go to the room on your left, I'll be on the right.

See you later." Changning smiled again, and walked in the room by herself, while Lingxiang brought her clothes along and took Qin Jiu to the one on the left.


The room was empty, and with just a glance, the whole layout of the room came into sight.

There was a Bogu shelf on the south, a chaise couch on the east, along with a five-fold screen and a commode in one corner.

Lingxiang brought the clothes in, hung them on the screen one by one, and said with a smile: "Third Lady Qin, you can get changed into this first."

Qin Jiu said cheerfully: "Sure.

Lingxiang, you may now head back to the Third Princess’s side, I’ll be fine on my own."

Qin Jiu quickly walked behind the screen.

After a while, there was the sound of her undressing coming from behind the screen, and then, a green lotus-colored sleeved over-dress was hung on the screen.

She’s done her task!! Lingxiang stared at the embroidered twig and green calyx plum blossoms on the over-dress and felt relieved.

She was also worried about the three princesses, just in case...…

It wasn't convenient for her to be here either.

Lingxiang clenched her fists, and said, "Third Lady Qin, I’ll excuse myself for the moment."

"Okay." Qin Jiu's voice came from behind the screen.

Lingxiang walked out and slowly closed the door.

Lingxiang rushed to the room on the left and opened the door.

The layout of this room was generally the same as the one on the right.

At this moment, Chang Ning was sitting on the chaise couch, she had already taken off her cloak, and at a glance, the tea and petals from the scented tea were very visible on her dress, she looked a mess.

When she saw Lingxiang, Changning hurriedly asked: "How did it go"

Lingxiang: "Your Majesty, I left only after seeing Third Lady Qin take off the outer layer of her outfit."

Chang Ning let out a long sigh of relief, her brows slightly relaxed, and her soft and beautiful face revealed a cold temperament that was rather different from usual.

She asked further: "The clothes you gave Qin Jiu…...

it’ll do its job right"

Lingxiang: "When I went to get the clothes, I took a close look.

The stitches at the waist area are about to come loose, with a touch, it’ll break.

Third Lady Qin would take a while to get changed.

I’ll help you get dressed first."

"Alright." Changning smiled as she stood up.

She gently brushed off a few petals on the placket of her dress, and walked behind the screen with light steps.

Although there were some things that didn’t go to plan, everything went rather smoothly.


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