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Ch.192 Arranged Marriage (3)

After a while, she calmed herself down, straightened her new sleeved over-dress, and walked tremblingly to the front of Empress Wei with Lingxiang's support, and knelt down directly with a plop.


Tears rolled in her eyes, as if she was a frightened white rabbit, she trembled in fear.

The next moment, a line of tears slipped from the corner of her eyes along smooth cheeks, she seemed both aggrieved and pitiful, which made people feel bad for her.

However, the servants who served Empress Wei had seen much in their lives, and they all remained expressionless.

Empress Wei slowly removed the foam floating on the surface of the tea with the lid.

Her emotions remained a mystery, and she asked faintly: "Changning, what happened"

Changning wiped the tears from the corner of her eyes with a handkerchief, looked at Empress Wei, and then at Qin Jiu, her eyes flashed.

She looked down again and bit her lip softly, "Mother, it was.…..Yingluo!"

"Yingluo wanted to frame Third Lady Qin."

"…..." Qin Jiu looked at the top of Changning's head, she had on a pair of pure gold butterfly beads in her bun.

The thin wings that resembled a cicada’s trembled slightly, the sight of her seemed extremely pitiful.

Changning lowered her head, as she stared at a torn rose petal on the ground.

In an instant, she had figured it all out.

Since Qin Jiu escaped safely, she must have realised that it was a trap.

Now that Empress Wei was here, she would definitely help Qin Jiu.

It would be conceivable that if she insists that Qin Jiu was the one who framed her, this would just worsen her current situation.

Thinking of what had happened just now, Changning's gaze turned gloomy.

Everyone knew that Yingluo did not like Qin Jiu, so it was best to point her finger at Yingluo.

While talking, Changning tears were like rain, as they fell drop by drop on the ground like pearls on a broken string, pear blossoms bathed in the rain.

However, even after crying for some time, she didn't see any response from Empress Wei, and couldn't help but carefully look up at her.

Empress Wei raised her eyebrows, "Really"

Her words sounded neither light nor heavy, neither hurried nor slow, which still confused people on her attitude about this issue.

"Mother, every word I said is true." Changning said in a hoarse voice, then explained how Cai Yingluo deliberately provoked Qin Jiu in public just now, and also mentioned that she had splashed tea towards Qin Jiu.

"Mother, only the Bibo Pavilion in Diecui Courtyard could let us have a change of clothes.

Yingluo must have known that Third Lady Qin and I would come here to change."

"It must be Yingluo who deliberately told Prince Yelu that Third Lady Qin was here.

If Prince Yelu saw Third Lady Qin getting undressed, it’ll definitely ruin her reputation…..."

After a pause, Changning added: "Mother, I only got a hold of the situation when Prince Yelu broke in."

Changning's dark willow eyes had just been cleansed by her tears, they looked extremely clear, sincere, and also soft.

"…..." Qin Jiu almost applauded her.

Empress Wei remained unmoved, and asked again: "You said Yingluo was the one behind all this, is there any proof"

Changning: "…..."

Her hands that were hidden in her sleeves clenched tightly, she gritted her teeth, and said: "Mother, Prince Yelu must know who invited him here."

A light flashed through Changning's gaze and disappeared in a flash.

This kind of a scandal which involves two kingdoms should be hidden away and covered up as soon as possible.

It was impossible for Empress Wei to confront Ye Luluan.

This would only bring shame upon Daqi in front of the people of Beiyan.

After all, she was a royal princess, and Yingluo was also a princess of the royal clan.

Daqi could not go through such humiliation!

Empress Wei looked at Changning in silence, without a word, her eyes that seemed to have seen through everything made Changning, who looked strong and confident on the outside, feel even more frightened and anxious.

She exhausted all her strength to not show a guilty conscience or timidity, and recalled what she had just said in her mind.

She was convinced that her logic made sense and there was no problem with her story.

Chang Ning said to herself in her heart, her body tensed up, and even the golden butterfly beads between her temples remained still.

At this moment, Chang Ning felt as if time had slowed down, and a thin layer of sweat oozed from the back of her neck.

After god knows how long, Empress Wei spoke again: "Kouzi, summon Princess Yingluo."

Kouzi quickly served his order and walked hurriedly past Changning, who secretly breathed a sigh of relief.

Changning looked at Qin Jiu again, and said weakly, "Third Lady Qin, it’s such good news to hear that you’re alright, I'm relieved."

As she said this, she bit her lower lip again, her lips turned pale from it, timid and soft, with a look that was still in shock.


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