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Ch.193 Arranged Marriage (4)

Changning was optimistic.

She knew that at this point, she only had to accuse Yingluo, then she would become the victim.

Qin Jiu: "…..."

Qin Jiu was extremely impressed with the third princess, just look at her, she was only fourteen years old and already had such schemes up her sleeves, just amazing!

The room fell into silence, and all the maids and mamas held their breaths in.

Empress Wei was gracefully sipping on her tea, while Changning kept kneeling.

Empress Wei didn't ask her to rise, so she didn't dare to get up, even if her knees felt numb and in pain, she didn't dare to budge.

The atmosphere felt slightly tense.

As night fell, the maids lit the palace lamps in silence, the orange lights illuminated the surroundings, and occasionally the voices of the noble ladies having fun in the distance could be heard.

The courtyard outside as compared to this place seemed to be two different worlds, one was moving and the other was still.

Not before long, Kouzi brought Princess Yingluo along with him.

Yingluo only knew that it was Empress Wei who had summoned her, up until she got to the outside of the room, when she saw Changning kneeling on the ground, she raised her eyebrows in much confusion.

Yingluo crossed the door sill, walked in, and greeted Empress Wei, "Your majesty."

Empress Wei asked in a straightforward manner: "Yingluo, Changning said that because you don't like Jiu, you secretly came together with Ye Luluan, the second prince of Beiyan, to try and frame her"

"Nonsense!" Yingluo's eyes widened as she blurted, she was left rather dumbfounded.

She did hate Qin Jiu, and she wouldn’t hesitate to express her dislike towards Qin Jiu in public, but even if she was dissatisfied with Qin Jiu, she would never dirty her own hands, otherwise she would not have instigated Changning in the first place.

Empress Wei continued to say: "Changning said that you deliberately splashed tea onto Jiu just now, just to create a trap to frame Jiu and force Jiu to get a change of clothes here."

"You also notified Ye Luluan to come here with the intention to run into Jiu…..."

Following Empress Wei’s every word, Yingluo's eyes widened, and she felt that a breath of air was stuck in her chest, and she felt even more wronged than Dou E.

Yingluo was not stupid, catching the information revealed by Empress Wei, she quickly pieced everything together, and got a hold of the situation in no time.

Changning actually framed her!!

"…..." Yingluo looked at Changning, who was kneeling beside her, in much disbelief.

Changning still had her small face facing downwards, weak and helpless, her long eyelashes trembled like a frightened butterfly.

Yingluo couldn't believe that this was the Changning she knew.

Her father, Prince Tai, was the younger brother of the current emperor.

Although they were not from the same mother, he was raised by Empress Liu from an early age.

Empress Liu treated her as if she was her grandmother.

She had often hung around the imperial harem ever since she was a child, and interacted with the princesses.

She always thought that Changning was just a useless little white rabbit, but turns out, she was bitten by this little white rabbit.

Yingluo was so frustrated that she felt that she was about to vomit a mouthful of blood, subconsciously she raised her voice and said, "It's not me, Changning was the one behind all this!"

Changning's eyelashes trembled, and tears immediately rolled down her cheeks again, as if they contained boundless grievances.

Her soft demeanour was in sharp contrast with Yingluo's domineering aura, and anyone would think that it was Yingluo that was the bully.

As if adding fuel to the fire, Yingluo only felt a gush of anger fire rush to her head, and she was about to burst into flames.

Yingluo glared at Changning fiercely, her gaze almost eating her up.

"It was Changning!" Yingluo gritted her teeth and said, "It's because she doesn't want to be in the arranged marriage with Beiyan, so she wanted Qin Jiu to fill up the spot."

"May your majesty be fair on your judgement, framing Qin Jiu, what good does that bring for me!"

Yingluo was not afraid of quarreling with Qin Jiu, since the empress would only say a word or two at most, but if she reckoned that this was her doing, then it wasn’t as simple as going through an earful to end the matter.

What's more, she didn't do it, how could she admit to it!

Changning raised her small face and said aggrievedly to Empress Wei: "Mother, it really wasn’t me!"

"Furthermore, father did not say that he wanted me to be part of the arranged marriage, so why should I be this anxious."

Yingluo really had the urge to tear Changning apart, and then said: "Your majesty, I for more don't have the need to do so."


Empress Wei just looked at these two and kept silent.


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