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Qin Xin couldnt forget the humiliation she had suffered in her last life.

That day kept flashing before her eyes since her rebirth; the day Qin Gui was brought before her.

Since then, she had ceased to be the daughter of nobility.She had become the daughter of sinners.

It was Qin Gui, who had ruined her life!

During the first few years after her rebirth, Qin Xin would still have nightmares about it.

She was afraid that that day would come true.

She had always remembered Qin Guis face.That face was etched deep into her mind.

The waiter cleaned up the mess on the ground quickly.

Qin Xin kept looking at that girl across the table in a daze as she sat back down.

But her back was faced against Qin Xin all the while.

She then used a handkerchief to wipe the soup on her shoulder.

Her movements were very concise; she never turned her face again.

“Xiner! Whats wrong with you” Second Young Master, Gu Jing could not help but ask when he found her expression a little strange.

Qin Xin forced a smile and replied, “I was just shocked.

Fortunately, that girl is still fine.

I cant help but think how much it would have hurt if this soup fell on her.”

“Xiner, you are really…” The corner of Gu Jings lips twitched a bit.

He could not help but chuckle and shook his head with a helpless yet doting look.My Xiner is so gentle and kind.

“You are always so considerate of others.

When will you be so considerate to your fiance as well.” Gu Jing stared at Qin Xin passionately as if his long and affectionate eyes could see her and her only.

A faint blush appeared on Qin Xins cheek; her heart was racing a little.

It wasnt easy for her to get to her current position.

She didnt want it to be ruined by anyone!

In my last life, Qin Gui took everything I had.

Is Qin Gui still going to trouble me in this life as well

Qin Xins long and slender eyelashes drooped down as her eyes shone, sometimes obviously and sometimes secretly.

The waiter started serving dishes, one after another.

The food at Wine and Dine Hotel tasted pretty good but Qin Xin ate this meal in an absent-minded manner.

Qin Xin couldnt help but look at that table but she could never catch sight of the girls face.

All she could do was judge by her back.

That girl appeared to be thirteen or fourteen years old.

Is it really her

Qin Xin became a little anxious wa dotching the two people at the next table downstairs after having their meals.

She wanted to suggest to Gu Jing that they should leave as well but she felt it might sound too obvious, abrupt, and deliberate.

Qin Xin was hit with an idea in desperation.

She pointed at Qin Guis table and said, “Second Young Master, dont you find that guy somewhat familiar”

“Familiar” Gu Jing wasnt even paying attention.

“He looks like the third young master of Duan Royal House.” When she spoke of this, Qin Xins hesitant look was just perfect.

Gu Jing hadnt been paying attention to Xiao Ze but now that he gave it a second thought, he could not help but fell deep into his thoughts.

That young man in green really seems a bit like the third son of King Duan.

King Duan, Gu Xiao was the feudal king of the northern states.

He was also the uncle of the current emperor and had massive troops under him.

Feudal kings werent allowed to enter the capital without edicts but Gu Jing had several times.

Nine years ago, King Duan had brought his heir and two sons to the capital on the emperors thirtieth birthday.

At that time, the emperor had asked his brother, King Xiao to entertain King Duans heir and his sons.

Gu Jing had only seen King Duans third son, Gu Zezhi at royal study and palace banquet and that too from neither that close nor from too far.

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