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Ch.199 Scheming and Ambitious (5)

Empress Wei’s lips curled up as she smiled at the emperor.

Her usual graceful and dignified appearance seemed softer, and she suddenly looked a few years younger.

The emperor smiled and held Empress Wei's hand.

"Emperor," Empress Wei said, "what should we do next"

Empress Wei's expression turned serious, and she was no longer talking about the drama between Changning and Yingluo.

The emperor said lightly: "Don't worry about it for now."

"Zezhi is right.

Beiyan is a defeated nation.

Why should we fulfill their wishes and have an arranged marriage!"

"Whether or not to have an arranged marriage, we, Daqi, get the final say!"

The emperor smiled calmly, expressing a sense of vigor between each sentence.

Empress Wei looked at the emperor, smiled again, and nodded: "You’re the boss."

As she said this, Empress Wei's expression became weird again, "If Changning knew that she didn't need to be part of the arranged marriage, would she regret scratching her own face…..."

"Emperor," at this moment, the eunuch, Zhou Xin, walked in and said, "The imperial guard wishes to see you."

Emperor: "Let him in."

So, Empress Wei hid in the Bisha wardrobe behind them.

Not long after, the commander of the imperial guards, Yuan Minggang, walked in and bowed at the emperor with his fists folded and raised in front of him, and said: "Emperor, I’m done with the investigation."

"Go on."

Yesterday, the emperor not only asked Yuan Minggang to send someone to summon Emperor Duan and his son to the capital, but also gave him orders to look into Zheng Feng.

Yuan Minggang came to report on this matter.

"Emperor, Zheng Feng was born in Shuzhou, and he comes from a military household in Shuzhou.

He participated in the martial arts exam during the sixth year of Yuanhe and was chosen as the Wujinshi.

After that, he entered the five army camp and was transferred to the standard-bearer in March of the previous year.

Wei, as the assistant commissioner."

"Four years ago, Shuzhou was raided by water bandits.

At that time, thousands of military households died as they couldn’t fight back, including Zheng Feng's father and uncle.

His mother soon died of an illness…..."

Yuan Minggang reported in an orderly manner, the emperor seemed expressionless, but in fact, the more he listened, the more frightened he was.

To take the martial arts examination, all candidates were required to have a clean family record for at least three generations.

Zheng Feng, who was able to pass and become a Wujinshi, meant that there was definitely no problem with his ancestry.

It’s just that the emperor was still worried, so he asked Yuan Minggang to investigate, and it turned out to be so.

The emperor silently rubbed the embossed white porcelain tea cup with his fingertips, then took a sip of tea from the tea cup, his thoughts spinning quick.

Zheng Feng not only came from a decent family, he also looked like he had no relations at all to be tied with the Duan Manor.

But it was such a person, who was not only willing to be instigated by Prince Duan, but also to keep secrets, and was fearless, even death didn’t scare him.

Zheng Feng, a dignified Fourth Grade Assistant Commander, with a promising future before him, was perfectly fine with the idea of death.

Yuan Minggang was done reporting about his findings, seeing as the emperor remained silent, he stood there quietly with his hands down.

Finally, the emperor placed down the tea cup in hand and said: "Send someone to visit Shuzhou again."

He paused, and his tone became slower: "Let's see whether Zheng Feng will be replaced by someone."

Yuan Minggang cupped both his hands together in front of his chest: "Yes!"

The emperor waved his hand, and Yuan Minggang left.

Empress Wei got out of the Bisha cupboard at the back, she walked behind the emperor, raised her hand and gently massaged his temples for him.

The emperor squinted his eyes in a relaxed manner, and leaned lazily on the back of the chair, as he said, “I wonder how many spies Prince Duan had placed here to keep an eye on my every move."

The imperial army was the emperor's own soldiers, they were directly under the emperor’s jurisdiction, and were responsible for protecting the emperor along with keeping the capital safe.

If there was one, there would be a second one.

If there was a Zheng Feng, there would be a Wang Feng, a Zhao Feng…...

Emperor: "Gu Chenzhi is quite scheming and ambitious."

Empress Wei asked softly: "Emperor, at that time, it felt like Zheng Feng was about to abduct Jiu"

The emperor nodded.

Zheng Feng was dead, and there was no one to answer their questions.

The reason behind the intention to abduct Qin Jiu still remained unknown.

"Perhaps it was because of Ye Luluan." The emperor frowned slightly, as he guessed, deep in thought.

Empress Wei furrowed her eyebrows and said unhappily: "Ye Luluan really doesn’t give up that easily."

It can’t be helped if Ye Luluan doesn’t want to let go.

However, Daqi's princesses and royal daughters of the imperial family had to toss themselves into this mess, how stupid!


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