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Ch.208 Blizzard (3)

The emperor slowly turned the white jade thumb ring with a carving of an auspicious dragon in his hand, with a cautious look on his face.

Gu Jing had requested to meet him for a cup of tea and the first sentence he said was that a blizzard would hit this area.

The emperor’s first reaction was that he didn’t believe him.

However, Gu Jing had clear justifications to back him up, and was obviously not on the spur of the moment.

He asked the Imperial Astronomer, the common folks, and checked the county annals, which was quite detailed of him.

The emperor still knew his son well, he was ambitious, but he was able to be patient on matters and was rather quick-witted.

One year, Li Renyu, the official from the Ministry of Official Personnel Affairs, moved to a new place in the capital.

Many officials gave him housewarming gifts.

Gu Jing could tell that he was accepting bribes.

At that time, the emperor asked Gu Jing how he knew about it, thus he started speaking of housing prices in various parts of the capital, and also of Li Renyu’s salary and Mrs.

Li’s dowry.

With the Li family’s wealth, if he didn’t go down a crooked path, he wouldn’t be able to afford that new place in the capital even if he worked for several lifetimes.

After a thorough investigation by the Dali Temple, Li Renyu was indeed engaged in embezzlement and accepting bribes.

Gu Jing could tell that the Emperor’s intentions had swayed, and was delighted, and then said: "Father, I think that you and mother should return to the capital as soon as possible, so as not to encounter a blizzard and hinder the journey back."

The emperor still did not speak, as if he was considering the proposal.

Gu Jing was even more delighted, he could tell that his father was still satisfied with his performance.

Perhaps he may not fully believe that there would be a blizzard in the next few days, but at least he knew that he had done some things to look into this and this would ultimately change his impression of him.

It doesn't matter whether they do embark on their journey back.

After a few days when the blizzard hits as what Qin Xin had predicted, his father would approve of him even more, for being cautious and thoughtful.

Gu Jing has full trust in Qin Xin's words, Qin Xin's predictions have never gone wrong, just like before, this time round, it would not be an exception.

With Qin Xin's help, he will surely be even more outstanding, and his father will completely change his view of himself and acknowledge his capabilities.

Compared with the Six Prince, who was still breastfeeding, he was more suitable to ascend the throne!

The Emperor suddenly looked at Gu Zezhi who was standing aside, and asked, "Zezhi, what do you think"

Gu Jing's gaze flashed, he curled his lips mockingly, and pursed in a calm manner.

Gu Zezhi was a narrow-minded person and would definitely refute his proposal.

Unfortunately, this time Gu Zezhi’s words would just backfire on him.

Gu Jing was looking forward to what was about to unfold all of a sudden, and this could perhaps make the Emperor grow unfond of Gu Zezhi…...

He was thinking about this, and that was when he heard Gu Zezhi’s gentle voice sound in his ear: "Your highness, since the second prince has investigated this matter thoroughly, there might really be a blizzard incoming.

As the saying goes, it’s always wise to play safe.

To be cautious, it is better to leave for the capital as soon as possible."

Gu Jing: ""

Gu Jing couldn't help but look at Gu Zezhi, his expression couldn’t hide the sense of surprise he felt.

Gu Zezhi didn't even bat a glance at Gu Jing, and suggested to the emperor: "Emperor, you should summon Zhen."

The emperor raised his eyebrows in surprise, thought for a while, and let the servant head out to summon Gu Zhen.

Gu Jing was even more surprised.

He looked at Gu Zezhi with confusion, not knowing what plan did he have in mind, what could he possibly do by summoning a five-year-old child.

Gu Jing felt that Gu Zezhi was quite a hard character to deal with, his gaze was dark and he planned to first observe the situation for the time being.

The emperor gave a seat to both of them, and an in-house attendant served tea to Gu Zezhi and Gu Jing.


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