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Ch.212 She was a gift (1)

Empress Wei repeatedly advised Gu Zhen: "Zhen’er, you have to listen to Uncle Ze."

"If there’s something that you’re confused about, just ask Uncle Ze."

"Yes, mother." Gu Zhen nodded, "I will definitely learn much from Uncle Ze."

Whatever the Empress said, Gu Zhen would agree.

The more Qin Jiu looked at Gu Zhen, the cuter he seemed, and she could only dream of exchanging Qin Zeyu, that little rascal, for him.

She enthusiastically fed Gu Zhen with a snack, "Cousin, try this custard pastry, it's delicious!"

Gu Yu obediently picked up a piece of custard pastry from the plate.

The smile on Empress Wei's graceful face seemed even softer, and her thoughts were clear: No one helps another for no reason.

Gu Zezhi should be helping Zhen’er only because of Jiu.

Empress Wei patted Qin Jiu's head gently, with a touch of kindness.

At this moment, You Bai reported: "Your majesty, Concubine Zhuang wishes to see you."

Prince Zhuang is the emperor's uncle, and even if Empress Wei was the empress, it was difficult for her to shut the elders of the clan like Concubine Zhuang out.

Empress Wei raised her eyebrows, as she wondered why Concubine Zhuang was here, and said lightly: "Another one here to persuade me…..."

Qin Jiu asked curiously in a casual manner: "Aunt, are there that many people who are on the second prince’s side"

Empress Wei explained with a smile: "Concubine Zhuang's surname is Zhang, she comes from the Pingyang Manor, and her mother, Lady Pingyang’s surname is Liu, she is the Emperor’s mother’s cousin."

Because of this level of relationship, Prince Zhuang and his wife, Concubine Zhuang, have always favored the second prince, Gu Jing, a little more.

"Moreover, Gu Jing gets along with people pretty well."

Empress Wei was calm, her expression relaxed, as she smiled jokingly: "It's a good thing, those imperial envoys who are clever talkers and tend to cause chaos every now and then are all in the capital, these people in the hunting palace won’t be able to come out with any tricks."

Qin Jiu was amused by her words.

"Jiu, bring Zhen’er out to play." Empress Wei then said, she didn't want to make the two children stay here and listen to how Concubine Zhuang nags at her.

Gu Zhen smiled happily and said: "Mother, I invited cousin Yu to play, I’ll leave with her now."

As he said this, he ordered the servant to bring along the custard pastry, saying that he wanted to bring it for Qin Zeyu to have a bite.

Just as the cousin pair walked out, they happened to meet face-to-face with the oncoming Concubine Zhuang.

Concubine Zhuang was about fifty years old, she had on an autumn coloured gourd aquarius printed sleeved over-dress, her hair was tied up with silver threads in a round bun, along with a pair of mutton fat white jade hairpins, her round face gave off a hint of arrogance.

"Sixth Prince." Concubine Zhuang slightly nodded at Gu Zhen, as a form of greeting, and took Qin Jiu’s figure in with a judgmental gaze.

"Grandaunt." Gu Zhen lifted his hands at Concubine Zhuang.

Concubine Zhuang stroked her sleeves and said in an admonishing tone: "Sixth prince, although you are still young, you should know how things work by now, matter in the imperial court…..."

"Cousin, we should go now." Qin Jiu directly interrupted her, and said to Gu Zhen with a smile, "Your cousin Yu is waiting for us."

Concubine Zhuang: ""

Concubine Zhuang watched as Qin Jiu left along with him, with a dazed expression on her face, she didn't expect a dignified concubine like her would be ignored in such a way.

When she came back to her senses, Qin Jiu and Gu Zhen had already gone far, and it was impossible for Concubine Zhuang to get off her high horse and yell at them, she still had to keep her image intact!

Princess Zhuang gave her sleeves a flick and could only continue to head inside, she planned to look for Empress Wei and talk about her unruly niece.

Qin Jiu brought Gu Zhen along and went to look for Qin Zeyu, who was near the hunting platform.

"Third sister…..."

The moment Qin Zeyu saw Qin Jiu, he almost blurted out the words, why was she here, but gritted his teeth and swallowed the rest of his words in the end.


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