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Ch.213 She was a gift (2)

Qin Zeyu originally wanted to take Gu Zhen to walk the horses, but now that Qin Jiu was here, he wouldn't dare to do so even if he had been given much courage.

"Cousin," Qin Zeyu could only ask faintly, "what do you want to play with"

Qin Zeyu just threw the handle after the blade, he couldn't enter the hunting ground anyways, nor could he take the horses for a walk, whatever they decided to play with would be the same.

Gu Zhen took his precious compound bow from the servant, then raised the bow enthusiastically and suggested, "Cousin Yu, let's go for a few rounds of archery."

"Master Wang praised that my archery skills had improved tremendously in recent times.

Seven out of ten arrows that I shot out would be able to hit the target!"

As soon as Qin Zeyu saw the compound bow, he was also hyped up, he said without shame: "Let’s go, we’ll have a competition.

I won’t take advantage of you.

I’ll stand on the hundred step mark, and you stand on the fifty step mark, I’ll show you what a sharpshooter looks like!"

The two ordered the attendant to set up a target and went over to play.

Qin Jiu looked at the two of them by the side.

The servant immediately prepared a small red clay stove, and started to boil some tea for his masters, and also prepared some snacks.

Qin Jiu drank the hot tea, and her whole body warmed up all at once.

At this moment, Qin Zening sat down on her right.

Qin Jiu warmly greeted Qin Zening and offered him some tea and snacks.

Qin Zening picked up a piece of the egg yolk pastry, but then placed it down again when it was by his mouth, then he looked at Gu Zhen with a complex expression, and asked: "Jiu, is there really going to be a blizzard"

Qin Zening heard that Qin Zeyu was going to take Gu Zhen out to play, so he came over to take a look as he was worried, in fear that his bold brother would do something out of the ordinary with the Sixth Prince, but he didn't expect Qin Jiu to be here.

Qin Jiu took another sip of tea and said, “You’ll know in a few days."

Qin Jiu knew in her heart that Qin Xin was given a chance to be reborn, and that she was capable of such a thing.

If Qin Xin said that there was going to be a blizzard, it was 90% likely to be true!

Qin Zening was silent, and his gaze passed through Qin Jiu as he looked at Qin Zeyu and Gu Zhen who were giggling around in front of him.


Qin Zeyu let go of the bowstring and shot an arrow, the shot was sharp and clean, which hit the bullseye.

Qin Zening slightly curled his lips and said, "I feel that there’s something off with Qin Xin…..."

Before he could finish his words, he was interrupted by Qin Zeyu's cheers: "Cousin, look, I hit the bullseye!"

"Am I not gifted!!"

Gu Zhen clapped for him cooperatively, and they two ​​cheered along together.

The corners of Qin Zening’s eyes twitched, he covered his forehead, and murmured with a headache: "Yu is five years older than Zhen, but he acts just like Zhen…...

This little rascal has to be taught well."

Qin Zening wondered which academy in the capital would be suitable for him, that was when he heard Qin Jiu say: "Brother, Yu loves martial arts, let him go in that direction."

Qin Zening: "…..."

Qin Zening raised her eyebrows, stared at the feather arrow that hit the bullseye for a moment, and then shouted at Qin Zeyu: "Yu, your third sister said that she’ll find you a master to teach you martial arts when we get back."

Qin Zeyu looked in the direction of Qin Zening and Qin Gui in disbelief, he raised his compound bow and cheered: "Good, good, good!"

"My third sister is the best!"

Qin Jiu: "…..."

Had it not been known that Qin Zeyu had told all his friends that she was a tigress, Qin Jiu would have truly believed him.

This little rascal had learned how to speak in different situations and to different people.

In the next two days, Qin Zeyu was extremely law-abiding, and he served Qin Jiu as if she was Buddha.


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