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Magistrate Zhang understood and hurriedly said, “Then I will ask the officials to investigate in secret.”

Dong Shun left immediately after finishing his errands.

The county magistrate hurriedly summoned the team leader to give one or two instructions before ordering the officials to go and investigate.

The clues given by Dong Shun were very limited.

Except for the fact that the thief who stole the jade pendant wasnt local and was very young, the public security officers had no other clues, not even a portrait.

This gave the security officers a headache.

In the end, they decided to focus on the inns and check all the residents, one by one.

Not long after, many rampant government officials appeared on the streets and alleys of Qingyun County.

In the Fragrant Tea House facing the street, Qin Guis expression turned ugly watching the officials running to and fro on the street.

She called the passing tea boy and asked with a smile, “Whats going on Why is it so noisy out there”

“The public security officials are investigating foreigners.” Judging by how smooth the tea boy answered, it was quite apparent that the tea boy had been asked this very same question by several guests already.

“The royal carriage is at the Jianglin Palace at this moment, they cant make any mistakes.”

In the tea boys opinion, the government officials were just trying to deal with the thieves and gangsters to ensure public order, which was of course a good thing.

Qin Gui curiously asked, “Did they check like this a few days ago too”

“They investigated before the arrival of the royal carriage,” the tea boy answered all the questions.

“Miss, do you need anything else”

Qin Gui ordered another plate of fried melon seeds and gave the tea boy two copper coins before sending him away.

She got one important piece of news from the tea boy, that an investigation like this was not part of the normal routine.

They generally checked once before the arrival of the royal carriage.

Therefore, todays interrogation was different.

But it was so coincidental that it happened just after she met Qin Xin by chance today.

This is mostly for me, I guess!

When Qin Gui was in Wine and Dine Restaurant, she noticed that Qin Xin was looking over her from time to time.

As such, she never went back to the inn after leaving the restaurant.

Rather she took Xiao Ze to this teahouse and sat down to see what happens next.

Why does all the bad premonition come true but not the good stuff!

I had only shown my face to Empress Wei.

Its not the right time to let the mistress discover me.

What if I keep running for the whole night Well, first I have to think of how to leave Qingyun County first.

She thought about it for a while but gave up this notion.

Obviously, Qin Xin still hasnt determined my identity.

Otherwise, just officials wont be investigating.

If I run away, I will have to be passive completely.

Qin Gui, resting her cheek on her left hand, fumbled through the seeds with her right.

The more she thought about it, the more worried she grew.

Before she knew it, she had eaten the entire plate of seeds.

She raised her hand to order the tea boy for another plate.

At this time, Xiao Ze, who was enjoying his tea, said warmly, “Would you like me to help you”

His calm and relaxed look gave the impression that he knew clearly that Qin Gui was in trouble.

Qin Gui lazily glanced at him.

“Will you be so kind”

Xiao Ze gave a smile and said, his smile gave the impression as if a gentle spring breeze was blowing across the Earth, “Mutual benefits.”

He changed the seats and sat next to Qin Gui before signaling her to come closer.

His black jade-like eyes were exceptionally clear and bright.Qin Gui immediately leaned closer.

Very soon, Qin Guis eyes lit up.

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