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Ch.215 She was a gift (4)

In her eyes, Qin Xin had always been an innocent and caring child, she did not expect Qin Xin to make so many mistakes over and over again.

However, a few days ago, she suddenly felt unwell, she vomited and had diarrhea, and was extremely weak.

It was Qin Xin who was by her side to treat her every night, serving her tea, feeding her the medicine and also cleaning her body.

She did this all on her own, and had slimmed down quite a lot after a few days.

Gradually, Madam Qin’s anger subsided.

No matter how wrong Qin Xin was, she was still the granddaughter she had raised by her own hands, and her filial piety towards herself was genuine.

"Grandma, don't worry," Qin Xin got up and walked to Madam Qin's side, as she sat herself affectionately against her, and said softly, "I will own up to my mistakes with the third sister, and I will not fight with her again…...I will not you worry about us ever again."

Sister Xin was ultimately still the one who cares for her! Madam Qin was extremely appreciative that she took Qin Xin's hand and patted, "Good child, I'm so sorry that you have to go through all this."

"You and Sister Jiu are both at the right age for marriage.

If you both can support and help each other, it will be good for you both when you’re at your husband's in the future."

"It’s normal for sisters to fight and to have an argument.

You will know after you marry someone that you will become someone else’s daughter-in-law, and you won’t be as carefree as compared to living in your own home."

Madam Qin nagged on, she couldn't help but think of the family that her daughter-in-law Su had mentioned to her before.

Although that successful candidate’s family was slightly poor, the twenty-year-old boy could be deemed as a young talent.

If he focused on his studies for two years, he would definitely become a scholar.

She heard that he comes from a farmer’s background, and from a decent family, his family members only consisted of his mother who was a widow and younger sister.

The structure of his family couldn't be any simpler, and it saves her from complicated relationships.

People like this most probably wouldn’t complain that Sister Jiu grew up in the countryside.

The more Madam Qin thought about it, the more she felt that this marriage was a good arrangement.

Her parents were not by her side so as her grandmother, she could decide on Sister Jiu’s marriage.

She would look for a chance to talk to Sister Jiu about this, and let them meet as soon as possible.

Sister Jiu was about to reach that age, and this marriage should be settled earlier, so she could feel at ease.

"Ah choo!"

Qin Jiu, who had just walked out of the place, sneezed into the oncoming cold wind, her nose felt itchy.

Du Ruo was worried that she would catch a cold, so she quickly put a cloak on her, and placed a hand warmer into her hand.

Qin Zeyu, who was two steps behind her, craned his neck and walked over quietly.

While a round-faced maid placed a cloak on him, he carefully observed her facial expression, as he wanted to see if she was unhappy.

As soon as Qin Jiu turned around, Qin Zeyu immediately looked away, as if nothing had happened, he reached his hand out to the round-faced maid cockily and asked for the hand warmer.

"…..." The round-faced maid looked at Qin Zeyu with an embarrassed look.

He always said that only girls would use hand warmers, so she didn't prepare it for him.

Qin Zeyu: ".….."

Qin Jiu let out a chuckle, and gave Qin Zeyu the pumpkin-shaped warmer in her hands, then raised her hand and ruffled his hair, deliberately making his hair slightly messy.

Qin Zeyu was surprised, and stunned.

Du Ruo almost burst into laughter when she saw this.

Du Ruo was originally a maid from the Fengluan Palace, and Qin Zeyu often went there to meet Empress Wei ever since he was a child.

Du Ruo has seen him many times, knowing that the young master of the Qin family was a fearless demon ever since he was a child, but he happened to meet her master, who was his nemesis.

Not long after the siblings left Ronghe Hall, they saw a familiar figure approaching them.


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