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Chapter 222 (Imperial Decree)


Following Madam Cheng’s words, Madam Su praised Scholar Cheng for his high learning ability, good character, and filial piety.

With these words, Madam Su looked at Matriarch Qin again and said.

“Mother, our Jiu’er is also filial.” Madam Su reminds Matriarch Qin that it’s time to call Qin Jiu.

Matriarch Qin gave an order: ” Ning momo, go and invite third young miss.”

Thinking that by inviting Qin Jiu, she could have a look and then make a decision.

Scholar Cheng’s eyes brightened, and he could not help imagining what the daughter of the Marquis was like.

Anyway, he heard that there were at least seven or eight servant girls around the girls in Marquis mansion…

Scholar Cheng couldn’t help but look at the servant girl in green who served tea just now that made the pit of his stomach hot: just look at the pretty appearance of the servant girl in Matriarch Qin’s room.

I think Third Miss Qin’s servant girls is no worse!

When Third Young Miss Qin marries into his family, if she was kind and reasonable, she should choose a few dowry maids to be his maids.

After taking the order, Ning momo withdrew from the room.

Ning momo went straight to Qin Jiu’s Wanxiang Garden and simply said.

“Third Young Miss, the Matriarch wants you to go to Ronghe Hall.”

Qin Jiu was idle and had nothing to do, she was passing her time flipping through a book.

Hearing this, she was a little puzzled it was not time yet to pay her respect, also there were still two hours before evening, but she didn’t say anything and got up.

Du Ruo prepared a cloak and a hand stove for Qin Jiu as quickly as possible, and then followed Ning momo with two servants on their way.

The cold wind of the twelfth lunar month was so piercing that Qin Jiu huddled her whole body in a large cloak inlaid with mink fur, and borrowed the heat from the hand stove to make her body warmer.

“Ning momo,” Du Ruo smiled and went to get close to Ning momo, using her sleeve as a cover, and slipped her a silver ingot.

“Doesn’t the Matriarch take a nap every day at this hour”

Ning momo didn’t look at the silver ingot, but only padded the weight, and felt very satisfied.

Anyway, there’s nothing hard to say about this matter.

Even if she doesn’t say it now, the third young miss would naturally understand once she arrived at the Ronghe hall.

Ning momo didn’t lower her voice either, so naturally, Qin Jiu heard it and raised her eyebrows speechlessly.

She naturally remembered this surnamed Scholar Cheng was mentioned by Matriarch Qin last time.

But she already said no, so why were they still playing this game

Ning momo didn’t notice Qin Jiu’s strange appearance at all and said with a smile on her face.

“This slave servant congratulates the third young miss.

Scholar Cheng is so elegant and talented, he is truly one in a hundred… no, one in a thousand!”

Ning momo said these kind words, not only because she received Du Ruo’s silver but also because she wanted Qin Jiu to receive the goodwill of Matriarch Qin.

Who wants to miss—

Qin Jiu stopped and looked at Ning momo with a smile, “Ning momo, my feet hurt, so I won’t go.”

She didn’t wait for Ning momo to react and immediately turned around.

The plum red cloak on her body drew a beautiful arc with her turning, and one corner of the cloak flew like a butterfly.

Ning momo‘s eyes open wide as the third young miss made her way back, looking at her extremely stable walk she couldn’t help but inwardly said.

Didn’t your feet hurt!!

Waking up from the shock Ning momo hurriedly tried to chase after her, but Du Ruo blocked the way.

Ning momo could probably guess that Qin Jiu was not satisfied with the marriage, so she could only speak kindly to Qin Jiu’s back and say.

“Third young miss, Matriarch is only thinking of your own good.”

“Third young miss, the matriarch is waiting for you!”

“Third Young Miss…”

Ning momo shouted louder and louder, but Qin Jiu continued walking away, not to mention turning back, even the pace did not slow down and there was no hesitation in her steps.

The cold wind howled, scraping Ning momo‘s face.

Ning momo has served beside Matriarch Qin for more than ten years, which of the girls in this house were not respectful, obedient, and pleased Matriarch Qin, who dares to step on Matriarch Qin’s face like this!

Ning momo could only helplessly watch Qin Jiu’s figure disappear at the corner in front of her.

Du Ruo shook her handkerchief and left.

Ning momo looked at Du Ruo’s back and stamped her feet with hatred.

She felt that the silver ingot hidden in her sleeve was heavier than its weight.

She was so regretful that her intestines were blue.

If she had known it, she would have closed her mouth and said nothing.

If she had known, she wouldn’t receive the money but it has already come to this point so Ning momo could only go back to Ronghe Hall with her tail between her legs and politely said.

“Matriarch Qin, the third young miss is not feeling well ……”

Madam Cheng frowned slightly, thinking that this young miss Qin was too delicate.

In the future, after she marries into their family, she would have to train her.

As a woman, how could she feel unwell at every turn!

Seeing that Ning momo came back alone, Matriarch Qin guessed something and felt helpless.

Alas, she knew that Jiu’er was a feisty girl and meant what she said to them yesterday.

Look, she’s unwilling to even meet them.

Madam Su’s lips pursed into a straight line, her eyes as deep as a pool, and secretly said.

This bitchy girl, Qin Jiu, really is so unruly, unruly!

She also secretly ridiculed.

It’s a pity that it doesn’t matter whether Qin Jiu meets them or not.

She has no father or mother, so it’s only natural for her grandmother to decide on her marriage.

If it’s spread, no one will be able to pick out the fault, even Empress Wei’s objection is useless!

As long as she could coax the madam to agree, the marriage could be fixed.


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